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Associations Focus: 2004 CEDIA Member Survey

CEDIA shares the results of its 2004 CEDIA Member Survey.

Associations Focus: 2004 CEDIA Member Survey

Dec 1, 2004 12:00 PM

CEDIA shares the results of its 2004 CEDIA Member Survey.

According to the 2004 CEDIA Member Survey, the custom electronics design and installation industry is growing at a rapid pace. In 2005, 74 percent of respondents plan to hire new employees; 58 percent of respondents reported that business in 2004 had improved greatly from 2003; 32 percent of the companies are less than five years old.

Because the industry is growing so much, CEDIA members are using the association’s resources, such as certification and education, to increase stature and credibility. Almost half the companies who responded report that they have CEDIA-certified employees, and more than half believe that certification increases employee efficiency and reliability. The number of companies with CEDIA-certified employees climbed by 23 percent in 2004 from 2003.

The survey also indicates that business is growing in every area of the country and in Canada. The largest growth was in the South and Canada, with 84 percent total growth reported for each region. Additionally, the Northeast, Midwest, and West reported more than 70 percent growth.

CEDIA recognizes the growth occurring in the industry and offers tools for companies to build and maintain their marketplace. The new provisional membership level will allow new companies to gain access to tools that will grow the company and establish a foundation. Once the company has met certain requirements, it can gain full CEDIA membership, increasing its credibility. By aiding new companies, CEDIA membership can strengthen both the custom electronics industry and the CEDIA brand.

For more survey information or to obtain a copy, visit the Member’s Only area at


Next year is right around the corner, so now is a great time to update your information on the CEDIA website. To update or check your company’s information visit the Member’s Only area at and click “Update Your Information.”

CEDIA uses online information in the annual Worldwide Resource & Membership Directory, a publication sent to every CEDIA member and upon request to non-members. CEDIA members and non-members can purchase additional directories, and the information is also available online. The directory is a frequently used resource, so make sure companies have your most up-to-date and accurate information.

CEDIA also uses online information for its Finder Service, a search engine that provides consumers with contact information for electronic systems contractors in their area.

While you’re updating your information, go ahead and renew your CEDIA membership. All memberships are yearly and must be renewed by January. Visit and click “Renew Membership” at the top of the website.

Not a CEDIA member? Visit to see the benefits offered as part of CEDIA membership. For more information, please contact Tabatha O’Connor at (800) 669-5329 Ext. 145.


CEDIA members will spend millions of dollars on products and services, but will they spend any on yours? That might depend on whether you can get your advertisement into 2005’s hottest ticket — the 2005 CEDIA Worldwide Resource & Membership Directory.

There is no better audience in the world for your advertising than the members of CEDIA. Our members purchase millions of dollars in products and services every year and set the trends in the Electronic Lifestyles design and installation. Win them over, and you’ve got a head start on the whole industry. That’s why the CEDIA Worldwide Resource & Membership Directory is your ticket to success in the custom electronics design and installation industry.

There’s just one problem: This ticket is hot. That means the directory sells out of prime advertising space very quickly every year, so act now. All open positions are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, so contact Jessica Shepherd at [email protected] to express your interest.


The CEDIA Idea Bank holds the products of the industry’s finest thinking. It contains proven business plans, detailed employee manuals, first-rate system design guides, and great ideas for every aspect of your business, including administration, engineering, operations, human resources, installation, inventory control, marketing, project management, sales, and service.

Every document in the CEDIA Idea Bank has been donated by fellow CEDIA members, making the CEDIA Idea Bank a shining example of the power of CEDIA membership. Together, CEDIA members can make our companies and industry stronger and more profitable. Visit to swap ideas with the industry’s finest members. Not a CEDIA member? Become one today and take advantage of the Idea Bank and other great member benefits. Visit to apply online.


For more information on CEDIA, visit or call (800) 669-5329.

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