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Associations Focus: Education Foundation is Making the Grade

Industry members find that passion for education is contagious.

Associations Focus: Education Foundation is Making the Grade

Jul 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Industry members find that passion for education is contagious.

The programs and initiatives of the NSCA Education Foundation have been gaining momentum as members of the industry join in a quest for success through education. The primary focus of the Foundation is to place emphasis on programs that make individuals, companies and, ultimately the commercial electronic systems industry more successful.

“Our dealers frequently cry out their need to find qualified installation technicians,” says Mathias von Heydekampf, president, Telex Pro Audio Group. “This is a serious condition in our industry, and it is an equal concern for Telex. But, none of this is important if our products are installed incorrectly or improperly tuned by installers who are not properly trained. Our reputation is equally at risk with the dealer. The NSCA Education Foundation initiatives such as EST training are critical in raising the level of knowledge, competency, and professionalism in our industry. This is why we strongly support this effort.”

Programs supported by the NSCA Education Foundation include student memberships, scholarships, funding assistance for certification, and job placement for the incoming workforce. The Foundation also provides tuition assistance for EST training, education coupons to offset the costs of classes, and funding for the development of critical industry training programs. This includes EST training and certification, plus the popular project management courses.

Over the past year, participation in Foundation-supported programs has increased by 26 percent, while the financial support for the Foundation and its programs has seen a 53 percent rise. As part of this growing support, the Foundation has recently received two significant contributions to assist in its efforts toward industry advancement. These gifts include $25,000 from Communications Specialists of Va. and $50,000 from Rauland-Borg.

“The commitment and leadership that Communications Specialists of Va. and Rauland-Borg have shown to the NSCA Education Foundation and the industry is invaluable,” says Tony Price, president of the NSCA Education Foundation. “It is through the vision and support of companies like this that we evaluate the knowledge, excellence, and continued profitability of our industry.”

Communications Specialists of Va.’s gift of $25,000 to the NSCA Education Foundation was its second gift of that magnitude since 2002, leading the contributions of contractor industry members. The company prides itself on having been a longtime supporter of the Foundation and its initiatives.

“Contributing to the NSCA Education Foundation was an easy decision for us. To meet the growing demand of our clients, we knew we had to provide higher caliber and better-educated installers and technicians,” states Ron Pusey, CEO, Communications Specialists of Va. “The Foundation further provides a vital service for cultivating the next generation of installers, technicians, engineers, and business owners for our industry. In terms of our industry’s growth and the elevation of its next-generation leadership, the NSCA Education Foundation is one of the most worthwhile causes we have ever had the pleasure of being associated with.”

In line with his quest to advance the quality of people in the industry, Pusey also plans to have the entire field staff of Communications Specialists of Va., including project managers, C-SI, and C-EST, certified by year-end 2006.

Rauland-Borg, another longtime supporter of NSCA and industry education initiatives, joins the NSCA Education Foundation’s Presidents Club with its contribution of $50,000.

“Rauland is a strong advocate for the power of a good distributor channel and the importance of industry education.” says Norm Kidder, president, Rauland Borg. “The programs that the NSCA Education Foundation support are in line with the belief Rauland has in the importance and value of continuing education.”

Rauland is known for its company viewpoint that learning is essential. It actively promotes and supports continuing education to the dealers and its own employees. Its contribution will be used toward making the current and incoming workforce more efficient through industry programs such as EST training and certification. Rauland encourages the field staff of its dealer network to obtain the appropriate certifications required to do their jobs effectively. These include manufacturer product certifications, NSCA C-SI and C-EST certifications, along with other certifications within the industry.

The NSCA Education Foundation is a charitable organization that exists to support educational initiatives that help make the current and incoming workforce more efficient. Additionally, it aims to reduce costs of doing business, promote a standard level of technical knowledge, and bring trained professionals into the workforce.

If you are interested in contributing or becoming more involved with the NSCA Education Foundation and its initiatives, contact Melissa Henderson, managing director, at (800) 446-6722 or [email protected]. Other information on the Foundation, its programs and events can be found at

For more information about NSCA, visit or call (800) 446-6722.

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