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Associations Focus: InfoComm Urges Members to Maintain the CTS Advantage

RUS AND YOU If you are a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS), you need to have 30 hours of renewal unit (RU) credits every three years to keep your

Associations Focus: InfoComm Urges Members to Maintain the CTS Advantage

Nov 1, 2008 12:00 PM


If you are a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS), you need to have 30 hours of renewal unit (RU) credits every three years to keep your credentials renewed and in good standing.

Each designation (CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I) has specific renewal requirements. Visit
for details.

Look for the RU listings throughout InfoComm’s Education Catalog. Keep records of your renewal units so that when the time comes to renew, you’re ready.

Some ways to earn renewal units: courses, InfoComm 09 IPDs, seminars, workshops, tech tours, councils, roadshows, business conferences, volunteer opportunities, roundtables, and webinars.

Your transcript of InfoComm Academy training helps you keep track of your RUs, but it is limited to courses you take that are registered through InfoComm. These include classroom courses, online courses, InfoComm Academy courses, classes, sessions, workshops, and tech tours that are offered annually at InfoComm tradeshows. Refer to for more information.


Does your company provide AV-related training? Join the companies that provide their education for renewal units. Become an InfoComm Renewal Unit Provider.

Why you should provide RUs:

  • By participating in this program, your organization reflects its support of the CTS message of quality and professionalism.
  • Align yourself with InfoComm’s marketing efforts establishing the ANSI accredited CTS program as the preeminent measure of professional stature for audiovisual professionals.
  • Once your courses are approved, feel free to display the InfoComm RU Provider logo on your website as affirmation to the AV industry that you support continuing education and are making it available to all industry professionals.
  • InfoComm will include the names of your company’s training programs in the monthly CTS enewsletter and on its website.
  • Your website will be hyperlinked with your course listings, posted monthly in the CTS enewsletter.
  • Exhibiting at a tradeshow? We encourage you to highlight the RU Provider logo at your booth.

To learn more and become and RU provider, contact Brian Trump at (800) 659-7469.


If you need a copy mailed to you, please contact [email protected].


Free to InfoComm members, the Regional Roundtables are designed to bring AV professionals together to learn more about the industry, while facilitating peer networking and obtaining feedback on ways InfoComm can better serve the industry. Plan to attend one near you in 2009. For more information, visit


The Videoconferencing Lighting Performance Standard Task Group is now forming, and it is looking for interested volunteer writers. The group will be made up of members of both InfoComm International and the Illuminating Engineering Society. The standard will use existing guidelines and best practices from both organizations. It will present unified design criteria for audiovisual and lighting designers, architects, and electrical engineers. Contact Joe Bocchiaro at [email protected] if you are interested in participating.


The Audio Coverage Performance Standard Task Group is making progress on the first-ever audiovisual system standard. The group held an intensive writing session in conjunction with the Audio Engineering Society conference in San Francisco. The document will be made available for public review before it is submitted to ANSI for adoption. The group is composed of:

  • Frederick J. Ampel, Technology Visions (Chair)
  • Norm Cleary, independent designer
  • Eric Cronwall, CTS-D, Teecom Design Group
  • Chris Maione, CTS-D, CMS Innovative Consultants
  • Steve Mills, CTS-D, CTSI
  • Ray Rayburn, K2 Audio
  • Peter Swanson, Lincolne Scott (Sydney Office).

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