Analyzer Gold The CeRTA provides PDAs running Microsoft CE with professional-level real-time analysis. The program has been optimized
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May 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Gold Line

The CeRTA provides PDAs running Microsoft CE with professional-level real-time analysis. The program has been optimized for the Compaq iPaq-brand PDA but can be run on other platforms. The CeRTA provides digital functions such as a 4,096-point fast Fourier transform analyzer, high-resolution low/midfrequency analysis, weighted sound-pressure level, and waterfall-type displays of decay. Other features include an internal sine wave and synchronized pulse tone generator that replaces traditional pink noise sources.
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Audio Bridge


The CAB 4n is the new CobraNet audio bridge. The CAB 4n features scalable I/O architecture, with support for I/O modules (as many as four modules configurable for 16-by-0, 0-by-16, 12-by-4, 4-by-12, or 8-by-8 operation, I-by-O). All inputs can be configured in groups of four channels for microphone or line level in any of the available configurations. In addition, the CAB 4n supports the new MM AEC4 acoustic echo cancellation card in any of the configurations.
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Speaker Column


The Clarity 11 is a high-directivity speaker column, designed and built for accurate speech reproduction in environments with high reverb levels, such as places of worship and when acoustics are critical for speech intelligibility. The loudspeakers are fitted in a box that, as well as using suitable absorption material, gives the loudspeaker system installed a determinate acoustic resistance, which conditions its operation for the reproduction of speech's frequency range. This design gives a continuous gradual attenuation to the system's frequency response — a progressive acoustic “short circuit” of the low frequencies instead of the immediate steep drop below the resonance frequency. The Clarity 11 also offers the possibility of adjusting the Q factor by fitting or removing (optional) magnetic straps in order to change the acoustic load at low frequencies in the range reproduced, achieving a certain emphasis when it's necessary and acoustic conditions permit.
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The DA-X1000 integrated power amplifier and mixing controller features multiple inputs and both analog and digital inputs. The DA-X1000 offers eight line inputs and a phono input (both with RCA connectors) and a ¼-inch mic input, all controlled by smooth input faders for control over the mix. The analog master and record line outputs (RCA) are complemented by an optical digital S/PDIF connector, and the main outputs of the DA-X1000 will drive two sets of speakers up to 100W into 6ž. The DA-X1000 includes a range of dynamic recording output options and record select assign settings, along with advanced master and monitor features.
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I/O Solutions


The TerraTec Producer line includes innovations such as a new multi-I/O audio-MIDI PCI-bus interface, the successor to the EWS88 MT, a professional external multi-I/O USB audio-MIDI interface, and the MIC2/MIC8 FireWire with MLan chip technology in 24-bit/96 kHz.
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Sunfire Corp.

The Cinema Seven produces 200W of amplification to each of its seven channels, whereas the Cinema Seven Signature is rated at 400W per channel. Both amplifiers incorporate Bob Carver's new digital tracking technology, which can anticipate subtle to dramatic changes and automatically adjust the amount of amplification needed for improved dynamics. Another characteristic of the Tracking Downconverter is the ability to make the amplifier run more efficiently by generating less heat.
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Outlaw Audio

The Model 200 M-Block single-channel amplifier has a power rating of 200W into 8ž. The Model 200, which is sold only on the Internet, presents a way to add extra channels to a home theater, power multiple remote-zone speakers, biamp premium audiophile speakers, or create a high-performance 2-channel music system. The Model 200 M-Block uses a proprietary hybrid Class A/B/Class G amplifier design that is conservatively rated at 200W into an 8ž load, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, <0.05 percent THD, or 300W into 4ž. The short-term dynamic power rating is 300W into 8ž.
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Sound Physics Labs

The SPL-td1/Sub is a compact, high-output subwoofer designed to fit in the same cabinet as the td1, making the system easily arrayable. Endowed with the same shape, size, and flying hardware as its predecessor, the td1/Sub extends the low end of the series and is for situations requiring low-frequency directivity with a small speaker array. The cabinet houses two high-performance, Tom Danley — designed long excursion 12-inch low-frequency drivers in a proprietary vented box alignment. The enclosure is made of Baltic birch on a 30-degree trapezoid angle and can be ordered with 2-by-2s or ATM AMFS recessed track hardware or without hardware or with handles.
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Mixing Console

Cadac Electronics

The S-Type live-performance mixing console is highly specified — facilities include a high-quality mic input and full 4-band parametric EQ. The S-Type incorporates a fully balanced direct output with level control; eight switchable post- and prefade auxiliary sends, two of which are stereo; a custom-designed stereo input channel with line inputs; and comprehensive metering. The S-Type also uses full-size 100 mm Penny and Giles faders. The S-Type can be expanded through optional bus connectors, enabling you to link a number of frames to configure a considerably larger mixer.
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The LX Series power amplifiers have received THX Ultra certification. The LX amplifiers offer high-power output that can be configured for any type of home system. The LX-7 is a 7-channel power amplifier, and the LX-5 is a 5-channel power amplifier, each producing 200W per channel. Channel pairs on both amplifiers can be bridged to provide as many as two 400W channels (at 8ž), in addition to the remaining 200W channels for greater flexibility.
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AKG Acoustics

The SR 40/DIV stationary UHF diversity receiver is an addition to the WMS 40 wireless microphone system series. The receiver is rugged and more reliable in environments hostile to RF transmission in order to meet the needs of professionals. The SR 40/DIV comes with an all-metal case, and an optional professional rackmounting kit allows the receiver to be installed in any 19-inch rack. The front panel is finished in soft-touch enamel. All readouts are protected by an impact- and scratch-resistant clear Lexan window.
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Ivie Technologies

The IE-33 is a virtual acoustics laboratory in the palm of the hand. It leverages the capabilities of its portable predecessors, the IE-30A and the PC-40, with added functionality and a sleeker new look in a more compact size. The IE-33 can fit in the palm of a hand or be stored in a briefcase compartment, an accessory belt pouch, or a shirt pocket.
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Sound Reinforcement System

KV2 Audio

The five-component ES System is for venues up to 2,000 listeners. EPAK System speakers consist of the ES 1.0 three-way mid/high module and three subwoofers, the ES 1.5, ES 1.8, and ES 2.5. All are driven by the EPAK 2500, 2,500W dedicated, outboard multiamplifier/controller. It incorporates electronic crossovers, time correction, phase alignment, parametric equalization speaker protection, and several new bass management features.
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Self-Powered Sound System

Magnetic Audio Devices

The Music Box provides a concert-quality sound system that can be set up in less than a minute. The self-powered Music Box uses advanced planar magnetic technology combined with conventional technology to provide sound-pressure levels in excess of 130 dB from 50 Hz to 18 kHz. The Music Box can be set up quickly by removing the top of the case, raising the hydraulic speaker assembly, and plugging signal and power in to the box. Each of the four rows of drivers can be adjusted to cover the required vertical coverage from 5 to 40 degrees. Horizontal coverage is 60 degrees.
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Digital Cinema Audio Network Solution

JBL Professional and Crown International

The Digital B-Chain system is a digital-audio control, distribution, and monitoring network for cinema applications. The industry-standard B-Chain system is a group of analog signals distributed from the cinema processor to the amplifiers and loudspeakers. The new JBL/Crown system keeps the chain completely in the digital domain, therefore maintaining digital audio throughout the B-Chain and optimizing original audio production intentions. Included in the same network cable used to distribute multiple channels of uncompressed digital audio is a systemwide control and monitoring layer.
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Software Extension


RT-Speaker, version 2.20, for automated transducer and loudspeaker production testing includes the measurement of Thiele/Small parameter and a comprehensive online statistical overview of the test results. The speaker test turnkey solution provides fast and reliable automated quality control for production lines and for speaker assembly manufacturers. Full speaker maintenance and performance control are easier with the solution. The typical cycle test time is less than three seconds for a complete test, including Rub and Buzz analysis, with a 100 percent correlation to the Golden Ear. RT-Speaker supports the measurement of Thiele/Small parameters at the production line without prolonging test cycle time.
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Loudspeaker Enclosure


The TQ-308SP is the smallest in the QLight Series of portable loudspeaker systems. The rotatable 100-degrees-horizontal-by-60-degrees-vertical Converging Elliptical Waveguide (CEW) design allows for both vertical and horizontal loudspeaker installations. The QLight TQ-308SP delivers self-powered, 2-channel performance from a compact two-way speaker with one 8-inch LF driver and one 1-inch high-frequency compression driver. Providing 300W/350 max program low frequency and 50W/65 max power output into the compression driver, the TQ-308SP provides 126 dB maximum SPL peak handling and 68 Hz to 20 kHz ±4 dB frequency response.
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