Transmitters Azden Azden's 51BT body-pack transmitter comes housed in a sleek, modern case with a metal belt clip. It features
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Azden Corp.

Azden's 51BT body-pack transmitter comes housed in a sleek, modern case with a metal belt clip. It features a brand-new antenna design for improved transmission as well as new circuitry for lower noise levels. A compact 63-channel frequency-agile plug-in transmitter, the 51XT converts low-impedance microphones to wireless. Using a special lock-down XLR connector for a secure grip, the transmitter is powered for more than eight hours by a single 9V alkaline battery.
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Proficient Audio Systems

The S10 has a front-firing, 10-inch long-excursion treated paper cone woofer. The driver and dual-vents are positioned to fire forward to better couple the system to the room. The S8 (pictured) offers all the elements of the S10 but is more space-conscious. Also, the driver, amplifier, and crossover network in the S8 are optimized for its smaller cabinet.
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Testing Products

En Technology Corp.

The AES/EBU Genie is a handheld digital-audio test signal generator that provides all of the precision test signals needed to evaluate, install, calibrate, and troubleshoot digital audio systems and equipment. The AES/EBU Wizard is a handheld digital audio monitor that receives AES/EBU audio at any sampling rate from 32 kHz to 96 kHz and displays the received sampling rate, lock status, and five different error conditions. It includes a headphone jack with volume control for monitoring digital audio sources. Both products are battery powered and feature an internal battery charger and an AC adapter for benchtop operation.
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Wireless System

Telex Communications

The RadioCom TR-825 stereo wireless belt pack is an addition to the RadioCom wireless intercom family. The TR-825 offers the standard features provided on the TR-800 belt pack with the addition of Dual Listen operation. Dual volume controls, one for each intercom channel, allow for individual level control and can be used in either Stereo (split feed) or Mono mode. The TR-825 is available in A4M/A5M and A4F/A5F headset connector configurations.
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Wireless Mic System


The 2.4 GHz True Mobility SWM7000 Series incorporates the patent-pending Smart Spectrum technology, which allows as many as 70 simultaneous wireless systems to operate with maximum fidelity. SWM7000 receivers are available in single- and dual-channel models and come with built-in Targeted Input Processing that includes the FBX Feedback Exterminator, a compressor/limiter, an adaptive de-esser, and parametric filters.
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Communications Specialties

The Pure Digital Fiberlink 4160 and 4320 Series uses all digital processing techniques to transmit over single mode or multimode fiber. The 4160 Series supports 16 audio channels, whereas the 4320 Series supports 32 audio channels. An optional optical redundancy feature allows for continuous operation should a fault occur. Both systems feature 20 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth, a 24-bit sampling rate of 96 kHz, and a maximum audio level greater than +20 dBm.
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Sennheiser USA

The MD 421 Special Edition utilizes the large-diaphragm, dynamic element of the original microphone, which was known for its handling of high sound-pressure levels in voice broadcasting as well as other vocal and drum applications. The new commemorative edition recaptures the performance of the original 1960s design. Each limited-edition microphone features gold-plated hardware, comes with a velour-lined wood jewelers box and a desk stand, and includes a numbered certificate of authentication personally signed by Professor Dr. Jörg Sennheiser. Like the original, the MD 421 Special Edition offers a highly directional cardioid pickup pattern for effective feedback rejection.
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All Climate loudspeakers are for patios, gardens, and pools. They sound clear and open and exhibit little sign of strain at high-output levels. Particularly at high-output levels, the greater precision of the Magnetic Fluid Centering System reduces nonlinearities and also permits longer cone excursion for greater output. The proprietary anodizing method strengthens the aluminum cone and also damps it to minimize vibration.
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MP3 Maker Diamond 2004 is a complete software solution for ripping, converting, and organizing all of your music files. MP3 Maker Diamond 2004 rips, copies, and burns CDs, and it encodes, decodes, edits, enhances, plays, records, and organizes music files. You can customize the sound of your music, add professional-quality effects, create playlists, record and play Internet radio, add graphics, and print CD labels for personalizing your own best-of CD collections. MP3 Maker Diamond 2004 is a music manager that combines robust MP3 performance with a powerful music editor to ensure the best listening experience.
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Software and Firmware

Biamp Systems

Audia v. 3.0 software and v. 4.105 firmware are being released coincident with the start of the shipment of AudiaFlex. One of the most significant enhancements in this release is the ability for you to select the desired latency of CobraNet. The standard latency is 5.33 ms, but the company was able to integrate two lower options: 2.67 ms and 1.33 ms. In addition, the release offers added support for AudiaFlex IP2 and OP2 cards, added support for the creation and use of Custom DSP blocks, added DSP Resource Usage indicator, and an expanded version of the Transfer Function that now includes propagation delay, frequency response, and phase response of a selected signal path.
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Audio Manager is an updated set of software tools for local and remote supervision of multizone networked audio. Previously called NCX Suite, the package provides easy configuration and management of audio installations using NCX Ethernet audio terminals. Audio Manager rolls up all the functions of NCX Suite and adds sound-card management using the same, user-friendly interface. Automated and live events can be managed from anywhere over IP networks.
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Sherlock Audio

The SpeakerMate series of multispeaker-to-amp interface units has a circuit design that allows the connection and operation of multiple speaker cabinets from any amp while maintaining a safe operating load. Model Four, for combo and tube amps up to 150W, allows operation of as many as four separate speaker cabinets from an amp's single speaker output. Model Six, for higher power tube and solid-state amps, allows operation of as many as six separate speaker cabinets from an amp's single speaker output. Model Eight allows operation of as many as eight separate cabinets off a dual-output (stereo) amp.
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