Preamp/Processor/Tuner The THX Ultra2-certified DTC-9.4 is a high-performance 7.1-channel preamplifier/processor/tuner
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Jul 1, 2003 12:00 PM



The THX Ultra2-certified DTC-9.4 is a high-performance 7.1-channel preamplifier/processor/tuner that provides optimum performance and control flexibility. It features decoding of every major surround-sound format currently in use, connectivity with balanced XLR outputs for all channels, a CHAD touch-screen LCD remote, and Net-Tune Ethernet client capability, which gives it the ability to play back digital music files over a home computer network. An original-design low-jitter clock circuit, dual 32-bit digital signal processors, and linear PCM 192 kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters deliver clear audio performance.
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Apogee Sound International

The CA-8000 Contractor Series power amplifier provides 940W RMS per channel into 4ž (both channels driven) and 550W RMS per channel into 8ž (both channels driven). The CA-8000 is for use with the larger products in the AFI Series fixed installation loudspeakers. The CA-Series also includes the CA-4000 and CA-2000. The CA-4000 delivers 635W per channel into 4ž and 395W per channel into 8ž. The CA-2000 is rated at 275W per channel into 4ž and 180W per channel into 8ž.
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Blue Microphones

A phantom-powered proprietary active balancing circuit is incorporated in the Ball's output stage. This circuit maintains a constant pure-resistive 50ž load across the useable frequency spectrum, yielding a smooth and open sound. Additionally, as a dynamic mic, the Ball is capable of handling extremely high sound-pressure levels without distortion. It delivers a frequency response and acoustic balance associated with large-diaphragm condensers yet performs with the setup ease of a dynamic mic.
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Encoders, Video Player, and Receiver

Adtec Digital

The edje-2000 is a contribution quality encoder capable of converting analog video and audio into an MPEG-2 transport or program stream. The edje-2100 is a DTV encoder for satellite, cable, terrestrial, and IP distribution systems. The edje-3000 is a transport stream multiplexer designed for DTV systems. The edje-L digital video player and network appliance supports MPEG-2 video and audio, receiving schedules, and commands through satellite that can be directly utilized or stored on the local hard drive.
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Line Array

Eastern Acoustic Works

The SLAM (Small Line Array Module) KF730 is a compact line array system that combines pattern control and concert-level sound-pressure level with smoothness and transient response. Ideal for venues where short- to long-throw distance ratios are small, the SLAM loudspeaker system features the KF730, a horn-loaded three-way biamplified box that is capable of great output, and the companion SB730 subwoofer. The modular SLAM system can be configured for venues as small as 100 seats to as large as several thousand seats. The mid- and high-frequency sections share a horn mouth that fills the face of the enclosure.
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Mackie Designs

The TAPCO 6306 six-channel mixer is designed to make high-quality professional audio gear accessible to everyone. The TAPCO 6306 features two low-noise mic preamps, two instrument inputs, a stereo aux return to monitor, two aux sends, eight-segment LED metering, as well as separate phones and control room level controls.
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The Ultragain Pro-8 Digital ADA8000 is for any digital recording and mixing environment. Combining analog circuits with digital technology, the ADA8000 features eight studio-grade IMP “invisible” mic preamps and its high-end 24-bit A/D and D/A converters for signal purity. The unit is the expansion for the Danalog DDX3216 digital mixing console featuring an ADAT interface. Sampling-rate processing of 44.1 and 48 kHz and extensive connections turn the ADA8000 into a flexible recording system control center for any studio: eight analog inputs and outputs and an optical ADAT in/out interface that can be routed to all line outputs guarantee professional flexibility.
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Speaker Systems

Altec Lansing Professional

The DS912-8A 12-inch Duplex full-range speaker is installed in a five-sided wooden enclosure with internal flyware. The system is rated at 125W AES/500W peak power handling. The model LF115-8A single 15-inch features an internal crossover network. The compact, wide-dispersion floor monitor, the model FM912-8A, uses a 12-inch Duplex component and is for houses of worship, auditoriums, or corporate use.
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Matrix Mixer

Intelix LLC

The M Series matrix mixer has several new features, including the addition of control and networking utilities and digital signal processing. Ideal for integrated audiovisual, meeting facility systems, the M Series offers the flexibility of true matrix mixing (an individual bus for each destination), as many as 128 inputs by 128 outputs, and nonlinear modular growth capabilities. Included M Series Designer software offers control in a comprehensive package, and a control messaging protocol accommodates extensive programming requirement. The M Series control is enhanced with the addition of a new Flash ROM-based CPU card.
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Wireless System

AKG Acoustics

The BP 4000 battery pack and the CU 4000 charging unit are part of the WMS 4000 wireless system. The CU 4000 features two charging bays that are designed to hold two separate HT 4000 handheld or PT 4000 body-pack transmitters or BP 4000 battery packs. The CU 4000 can charge two battery packs simultaneously in one hour if the battery packs are installed in either the HT 4000 or PT 4000 transmitters. The BP 4000 battery pack is controlled by microprocessor intelligence. This feature allows for coordination of a permanent data stream between the CU 4000 charging unit and the BP 4000 battery pack.
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The Solar System speakers feature high output and high performance with dynamic 360 degrees of sound. The design complements open, high-ceiling applications, such as sports bars, indoor patios, retail stores, restaurants, conference rooms, museums, shopping centers, or malls. The speakers are available in 8ž and 70V.
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Matrix Switcher


The MT4400MX is a VGA-UXGA computer video and audio matrix switcher. It can be configured as a 2-by-6, 3-by-5, 4-by-4, 5-by-3, or 6-by-2 computer video matrix switch, with an accompanying 8-by-4 stereo balanced audio matrix switch. The compact unit is a half-rack wide and 2U high, is rack- or tablemountable, and is based on the MultiTasker four-slot card cage. It features a 25-button front panel and RS-232 control ports.
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P.A. System


The Movie LE 125 home-theater system consists of four identical two-way satellite speakers for front and surround L/R channels, a matching horizontal center-channel speaker, and a 150W active subwoofer. All six speakers in the system feature a beech finish with a perforated silver face metal grille. The Movie LE 125 satellites boast a broad dynamic range, delivering clear and accurate reproduction from 43 Hz to 26 kHz. The front and surround speakers each feature a 5-inch polypropylene woofer and 1-inch fabric tweeter.
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