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Active Balancer The DI8A converts an unbalanced line signal to a balanced line signal, minimizing its susceptibility to electronic
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Dec 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Active Balancer


The DI8A converts an unbalanced line signal to a balanced line signal, minimizing its susceptibility to electronic interference and maximizing its sonic performance. The DI8A's compact rackmount design allows it to be installed in a standard equipment rack or on a shelf near the signal source. That ensures that unbalanced lines from the source to the DI8A are as short as possible to minimize noise at the beginning of the chain. From this point, the longer cable runs from the DI8A to the speakers are made with balanced cables and XLR connectors to further reduce the introduction of additional noise.
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Software Upgrade


A new version of the system software for the MC-12 and the MC-12 balanced digital controllers is available. New listening modes in the version 2.0 software include the latest version of Logic7 contained in the Signature Series units (version 1.5 firmware); L7 Music Surround, Nightclub, Concert Hall, Church, and Cathedral modes; and Dolby Digital EX decoding. New remote-control commands are also included. The Zone 2 and Record zone volume controls can be adjusted from the front panel by holding the associated input selection key and turning the volume knob.
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Knöll Systems

The MVP64 features six digital volume-controlled stereo amplifiers with individual four-source selection, with a feature package based on the 50W-per-channel MR1250 amplifier. The MVP64 is designed to meet the amplifier needs of custom-installed multizone systems. Extras include an external voltage trigger that can turn source equipment on and off and individual volume, mute, bass, treble, and balance controls for homes and large-complex systems. All controls are rearmounted.
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Cone Drivers

P. Audio

The Challenger Series ranges in size from 12 inches to as much as 18 inches. Among the Challenger Series highlights are die-cast (field-replaceable) aluminum baskets, high-temperature edge-wound aluminum coils with inside/outside winding, and copper shorting rings that are built in to the motor structure.
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Loudspeaker System

Radian Audio Engineering

The Micro line has been expanded with the two-way, asymmetrical, trapezoidal, and multiarrayable RMF-1122 MicroFill. The MicroFill is an ultracompact, defined-coverage, multipurpose loudspeaker system developed for touring, corporate, and installed-sound applications. The RMF-1122 MicroFill, rated at 500W RMS, incorporates defined high-frequency pattern control, a 2-inch compression driver, and a 12-inch high-power woofer, with built-in biamp or passive operation. The multiprofile MicroFill enclosure is for sight line-friendly monitor side fills, rear fill, lip fill, down fill, or corporate truss systems.
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DSP Audio System

Allen and Heath

The iDR is a digital signal-processing audio system for fixed installation and live-audio systems. The series encompasses a range of hardware units and software, complemented by the PL series of wallplates and remote controllers. The installer selects the right combination of hardware and configures the system using iDR System Manager software, and it can then disconnect the PC if desired, leaving the operator with the appropriate level and method of control for day-to-day use.
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Headphone/Monitor Mixing System

Hear Technologies

The Hear Back consists of a hub and a mixer and is for headphones, wired and wireless in-ear monitors, and conventional floor monitors. It is designed for the home, studios, onstage, and auditoriums. Mixers connect to the hub through standard Cat-5 cable, which supplies eight channels of audio and power. Large systems are possible by daisy-chaining hubs.
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The 400W JC 1 monoblock power amplifier is the flagship amplifier for the Halo line of audio components. The amplifier delivers 800W into 4ž and 1,200W into 2ž loads. The component was developed by the company in collaboration with designer John Curl's CTC Builders. The heart of the JC 1 power supply is a large toroid transformer rated at 10 Amperes continuous, backed up with four 33,000-microFarad Nichicon Gold Tune electrolytic filter capacitors.
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Wireless Mic System


The ACT-707S has an automatic channel-targeting function. The system's features include a color LCD panel for clear, concise reporting of the receiver status and 100 preset UHF frequencies in 24 MHz band allowing for 16 noninterfering systems per group. An LCD displays the user's name, group/channel, frequency, TV channel, squelch level, transmitter battery status, RF/AF metering, mute on/off, and address. Maximum input sound-pressure level is achieved using the proprietary Photo-Cell Coupling high dynamic range modulation circuitry.
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DSP Card

Innovative Electronic Designs

A new addition to the 8000 Series is the 8044 DSP card. The card expands the 8000 Series Totally Integrated Processing System. The 8044 DSP is a 4-channel audio input/output card that has digital signal-processing capabilities on each channel, which include parametric EQ, compression, and limiting, all of which can be configured through the company's 8000 Navigator software. In addition, the 8044 DSP card provides bus access and audio routing capabilities similar to the 8044AIO card.
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Digital Automatic Mic Mixer

Dan Dugan Sound Design

The Model D-2 does everything that the company's flagship Model D does, but with digital signal processing. New features include a separate control panel and three processing groups for multichannel mixing. The control panel of the Model D-2 is almost identical to the Model D's, with the addition of group assigns for each channel. Three control groups allow the creation of left/center/right-panned mixes without the ambience shifting around.
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The CAV6.6 distributes six A/V sources in as many as six listening zones simultaneously with four A-BUS subzones, as well. The CAV6.6 offers paging and doorbell support, built-in IR learning, and a preprogrammed library of IR codes. Complementing the CAV6.6 is the Uno S2, a double-gang, intuitive user interface offering backlit display and buttons with selectable colors. The Uno IR2 is similar to the Uno S2, except it has the addition of an in-wall programmable IR keypad that is customizable to your application needs.
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The new in-wall speaker line includes back-box enclosures. The enclosure not only provides for consistent sound quality but also protects the speaker components from dust, dirt, and debris common to preconstruction and in-wall installations. The in-wall speaker line is offered in three sizes: 5½-inch (SP-525BB), 6½-inch (SP-625BB), and 8-inch (SP-825BB) fiberglass air suspension woofers. All models have titanium swivel-dome tweeters, high-level frequency response, and ample wattage handling.
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Wireless Receiver System


Designed for professional touring applications and other end-users who require frequency-agile wireless operation, the CDR-1000, a full-rack-width dual receiver with integrated internal power supply, is the latest addition to the RE-1 UHF wireless microphone system. The CDR-1000 includes Advanced ClearScan, Auto Channel Select, Sound Check Screen, and 950-channel frequency agility. The CDR-1000 includes real-time PC monitoring and control through the USB port. Additional features include a headphone jack with volume control on the front panel. The CDR-1000's antenna output jacks allow the use of six receivers on two antennas without a separate splitter, and 24 receivers may be integrated to operate from two antennas and one APD4 antenna distribution splitter.
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Digital-Audio-Processing System


MediaMatrix introduces the redesigned Miniframe. The Miniframe comes with all the features of the original but in a two-rackspace design. The Miniframe features an Intel CPU, SD RAM Memory, an ATAPI CD-ROM drive, a 3.5-inch floppy-disk drive, and Windows 2000 Professional. This system is also bundled with MWare 3.2 software, the industry-standard system-design software that provides the tools needed to configure, control, and interface MediaMatrix digital-audio hardware.
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IntelliNet Controls

The AM-2 is a six-source/six-zone preamplifier that is used to switch the audio signals to the designated zones. The AM-2 is also responsible for creating the doorbell chimes and routing the proper source signals to the amplifier and speakers for a particular zone. Among the refinements are improved reliability from shorter signal paths and higher tolerance components. A discrete paging input has been added so that the installer does not have to share or sacrifice an input.
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The MKE Platinum is an unobtrusive yet rugged subminiature microphone with a clean, clear sound. The successor to the MKE 2 subminiature clip-on lavalier microphone family, the MKE Platinum has been designed to meet the requirements of live-sound engineers, theater, and broadcast. Insensitive to handling noise and moisture, it features electrical and acoustical properties. The MKE Platinum uses low-capacitance, ultrathin, and flexible yet rugged damage-resistant cable.
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Listen Technologies Corp.

The LA-276 collar microphone is for use with the LT-700 portable transmitter. This lightweight, fully adjustable microphone fits around the back of the neck under an individual's collar. It is handsfree for teachers and instructors but doesn't go over the head. The LA-276 uses a directional microphone with a cardioid pattern, which helps to reduce ambient noise from the sides and rear of the mic.
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