Speaker and Enclosure The KR-S/ST and KR-WP are designed for use in cafs and restaurants, retail establishments, hotels, houses
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Aug 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Speaker and Enclosure


The KR-S/ST and KR-WP are designed for use in cafés and restaurants, retail establishments, hotels, houses of worship, transportation terminals, and public venues. The KR-S/ST wallmount speaker is a two-way system that uses a 4-inch low-frequency aluminum-coated polymer driver coupled with a ¾-inch high-frequency aluminum dome tweeter, which is able to deliver high-quality music or program material. The two-way KR-WP all-weather speaker enclosure features a 5¼-inch bass driver and a 1-inch soft-dome high-frequency tweeter.
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XTA Electronics

The DP6i audio installation controller is geared for the setup and control of audio quality throughout any venue. The unit features two inputs and six outputs. Both inputs have an 8-band parametric equalizer, base delay, and gain control. All outputs feature crossover filters, a 5-band parametric equalizer, high- and low-shelving filters, a limiter, and delay.
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TOA Electronics

The BG-M Series of mixer/amplifiers combines the rugged utility of the BG Series with the flexibility of the modular 900 Series. Four compact models make up the series: the BG-1015, the BG-1030, the BG-1060, and the BG-1120. All have five input channels and 15W to 120W in power output. The BG-M Series is for a variety of installed sound applications such as paging, music distribution, and messaging-on-hold.
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Expansion Units


The latest additions to Audia are the AudiaExpi and AudiaExpo, remote expansion units that provide analog (mic or line) to CobraNet input (AudiaExpi) and CobraNet-to-analog output (AudiaExpo) for the next-generation AudiaFlex line. The AudiaExpi and AudiaExpo offer a solution to expanding an existing Audia setup without purchasing additional Audia units.
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Conference Phone

ClearOne Communications

The Max Wireless is a high-performance, wireless conference phone that provides clear, full-duplex audio. Completely portable, the Max Wireless provides a clean look and eliminates the restrictions imposed by wires. You simply plug in the base unit and use the phone in any room within signal range (150 feet). The unit features six hours of continuous talk time per charge; digital spread spectrum technology for secure, interference-free conferencing; four-hour charging time to quickly prepare the phone for the next conference; and a dual-function power supply/charger that enables you to continue your conference while recharging the telephone.
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Amplified Design International

The professional-series 6600B is a 6-channel amplifier in a 4 RU chassis. The 6600B produces 400W per channel into 8ž, 600W per channel into 4ž, and 750W per channel into 2ž. Frequency bandwidth is 20 Hz to 20kHz, ±25dB. Horizontal VU and soft-clip LEDs give visual indication of power output for each of the six channels. Other features of the 6600B include front-panel level controls, rearmounted bridge switches, and a built-in 80 Hz lowpass crossover (switch enabled) on channel 6.
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The SC-160 is a high-quality ANSI Type 2 sound-level meter and real-time octave band analyzer with frequency range from 31.5 Hz to 16 kHz. With a single 100 dB dynamic range and a memory of almost 90 hours of 1-second measurements, it allows complete check of all HVAC equipment with no need for range switching. Also, it gives a real-time reading of NC rating. The SC-160 comes with software and all that is necessary to make measurements.
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Web Communications System

Sonic Foundry

MediaSite Live combines a media encoder with automation and media processing software in one package that works transparently during a presentation. MediaSite Live gives nontechnical users in the enterprise, government, and education markets a way to generate and distribute high-impact, visually-centric Web communications without any special training, technical assistance, or complicated software downloads. It addresses a range of live and on-demand communication needs, including corporate Webcasts, e-learning, online lectures, employee orientation and other HR applications, sales and marketing presentations, public safety and emergency management, as well as community outreach. MediaSite works with any media source, presentation device, or document type, taking all of those disparate media and creating a cohesive, easy-to-manage rich-media file.
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Matrix Mixer

Intelix LLC

The M Series E provides multiple connectivity options for easy remote control and diagnostics in situations where control is often problematic, such as through network firewall connections. A comprehensive real-time Event Scheduler allows handsfree audio programming and control in rapidly changing environments, such as malls and large retail spaces. The M Series E includes an advanced dual com port Flash ROM-based CPU card that serves both contractors and facility managers, providing remote system access and monitoring capabilities over a variety of connectivity options: serial command messaging through RS232, TCP/IP LAN, and Internet. Flash upgrades through TCP ensure each M Series E system remains flexible without a costly labor commitment.
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Allen and Heath

A valve board has been released as an option for the Xone:V6 DJ/club mixer. The Xone:V6 valve board consists of a high-quality, double-sided fiberglass PCB carrying six premium-grade double triode valves in cathode-follower configuration. Each valve becomes an integral part of its corresponding channel's preamplifier, adding the classic valve sound and warmth to any signals that run through it. Careful circuit design ensures that noise and headroom aren't compromised, though distortion rises to the typical level, reflecting the even harmonics associated with thermionic valve technology.
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Mic Preamps

SPL Electronics

Available as a compact, free-standing single-channel unit or a 19-inch, 2-unit 8-channel device, the GainStation Series employs two separately controllable preamp stages: a transistor stage offering as much as 56 dB and a tube preamp stage providing 26 dB of gain. Advantages of that design are optimal gain points can be determined for each stage and combined at will, providing perfect level settings with minimal noise and easy sound tailoring, and flexible tube sound variations are available during recording. The GainStations are designed for the high-end recording sector. Specs are 60V operating voltage, fully discrete Class A circuitry throughout, and +34 dB output level.
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