Plug-Ins Denon Electronics A second set of eplug-in software has been released for the DN-D9000 dual CD player. Six plug-ins and
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Apr 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Denon Electronics

A second set of eplug-in software has been released for the DN-D9000 dual CD player. Six plug-ins and software support for MP3 playback have been released, and they're available free to registered users. This second round of plug-ins provides new playback and sound-enhancing functions to further expand the capabilities of the DN-D9000. In addition to supporting MP3 track playback from compact disc, the new DN-D9000 plug-ins include features such as Hot Pause Scratching (in STR mode) and a Scratch Standby mode, which help people make on-the-fly moves and allow for more natural interactivity with the unit.
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Stereo Monitoring System


The Triple Play full-range stereo monitoring system consists of two 1029A two-way, biamplified active monitors and a 7050A LSE active subwoofer. The 7050A subwoofer was designed to complement the 1029A active monitor. When combined they deliver a smoothness of frequency response comparable to larger monitors. The subwoofer also lets the Triple Play offer flexibility of placement.
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The Contractor Series modular condenser microphone system is for conference, broadcast, and house of worship applications. The series encompasses three capsules and two slim-line goosenecks. The capsules are the ME 34 cardioid, the ME 35 supercardioid, and the lobar-patterned ME 36 minishotgun. The capsules can interface with the two different-size goosenecks of the series, the 5.91-inch MZH 3015 and the 15.75-inch MZH 3040.
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Mission Loudspeakers

The special-edition 780SE compact monitor and 782SE floor-standing tower incorporate a host of upgraded features and technologies. For the SE models, a selected version of the microfiber treble unit is fitted, and audiophile grade crossover components have been selected. The models are clothed in finely grained alder real-wood veneer.
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Broadcast Studio Equipment

Audioarts Engineering

The DX-16 digital on-air radio board features a compact footprint and a built-in router that assigns any source to any input or monitor. The R-55 analog, on-air radio countertop console is designed for small- to midsize markets. The R-90 flagship analog mixing console is made for multistudio installations. The ACS-1 digital radio on-air console with rackmount engine and separate compact, modular control surface is available in configurations from 4 to 20 input faders. The rackmount ADR-32 (shown) compact digital-audio router features front-panel x-y control and a built-in monitor speaker.
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Surround-Sound Solution

Blueroom Loudspeakers

The cinepod features twin bass/mid drivers to give 6 dB more headroom in the speech frequencies. Locating the tweeter above the twin bass/mids allows them to be closely spaced to maintain a wide and symmetrical horizontal dispersion pattern while still having a low profile to allow placement on top of typical TV monitors. Features include tweeter loading and a rounded cabinet for smooth, interference-free highs; a symmetrically flared bass port for extended lows; and kevlar cones for the midrange to allow smooth vocal reproduction. The high-tech ABS cabinet is braced from front to back, featuring eight supporting pillars that stretch from the rear walls to the driver mounting ring, providing a firm foundation for the drivers and creating a single rigid structure and achieving stiffness of the cabinet.
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Stereo Mixer

Formula Sound

The 8-channel FSM8 stereo mixer offers a flexible solution for many applications. Compact, versatile, and easy to operate, the FSM8 is for use in clubs, pubs and bars, conference centers, hotels, cruise ships, and theme parks. The eight channels of the single-zone FSM8 are configured as a microphone section with four mono input channels (all with optional phantom power) and a music section with four stereo input channels. Each section has its own tone controls, every input has a preset gain control, and all are adjustable through holes in the rear panel.
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TOA Electronics

The WA-1822 and WA-1822C portable wireless meeting amplifiers are versatile, self-contained P.A. systems, are battery or AC powered, set up in seconds, and are suitable for applications requiring speech or music reinforcement such as classrooms or meeting halls. The WA-1822C also features a high-quality autoreverse cassette player/recorder with autosearch. Wireless features include capacity for as many as two frequency-agile, UHF diversity receiver modules with a choice of handheld, lapel, or headset microphones. The lightweight, rugged enclosure has a retractable handle, easy-to-use controls, and a storage compartment.
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AKG Acoustics

The PR 40, a UHF portable miniature four-level diversity receiver, has been added to the WMS 40 wireless microphone system series. Applications include use in public-speaking situations with the MP 40 wireless transmitter, camera-mount applications for broadcast use, or use with headsets and headphones used in tour guide systems and small conference or interpretation systems. A belt clip allows the PR 40 to be attached to your clothes. A strip of Velcro fastener is supplied, which allows you to mount the receiver on a mixer, a pedalboard, or a video camera.
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Line Array

Martin Audio

The W8LC compact three-way, all-horn line array is a midsize system that offers the same audio, consistent coverage, high efficiency, and rapid setup time of its predecessor, the W8L, to small concert venues, theaters, clubs, ballrooms, and A/V rental installations. The asymmetrical design allows mid and HF horns to function as separate devices for truly consistent horizontal pattern control. Combining the efficiency of horn loading with the extended low-frequency response of a reflex enclosure, the W8LC's horn-loaded 12-inch/3-inch (300 mm/75 mm) coil neodymium driver extends the LF output below the horn's natural cutoff point. Also designed for maximum coverage and efficiency, the W8LC's twin 6.5-inch midrange Hybrid horns can produce up to106 dB at 1W/1m.
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Meridian America

The DSP420 is an architectural in-wall speaker that applies the company's Digital Loudspeaker concepts to the singular problems of built-in designs. A nonresonant, fully enclosed in-wall aluminum back box and baffle control driver behavior and eliminate structural vibrations as a source of coloration. The enclosure also is fully shielded, permitting installation in close proximity to video displays. Working from this foundation is a driver complement of dual 5-inch bass/midrange units and a single 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeter.
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Architectural Acoustics

Digitool Utility, v. 1.32, is for use with the Digitool MX configurable audio-processing system. This version of the Digitool software is a revision to Digitool configuration, control, and interface functionality. New features include support for D Series flushmount controllers and improved serial control configuration tools. Version 1.32 also adds automatic mixing to the device complement, creating a whole new dimension of system design for Digitool users.
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