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Speakers The EurEave- speaker series is a weatherproof eave speaker that reproduces rich sound and maximizes audio coverage
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Sep 1, 2002 12:00 PM



The EurEave-Á speaker series is a weatherproof eave speaker that reproduces rich sound and maximizes audio coverage and quality in backyard, pool, and patio locations. The EurEave-Á surfacemount speakers are available in three sizes and contain two low-frequency drivers set at a ten-degree splay and a titanium dome tweeter centermounted in Electro-Voice's waveguide aperture. The EurEave-Á subwoofer can be incorporated into an existing eave-speaker installation or added to Rockustics matched subwoofer and satellite speaker configurations.
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The A-50 model, part of the Applause-series speakers, features response over full bandwidth from 50 Hz to 16 kHz, spatial uniformity for broad coverage, and an invisible speaker that blends into the ceiling. It has a 2-by-2-foot panel design and adapts to various facilities with switchable transformer and bypass capability. Maximum SPL is 98 dB at 1 meter. Frequency response is ±6 dB at 1W at 1 meter.
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Digital-Audio Processor

Architectural Acoustics

The first in the new Digitool line, the Digitool MX is a DSP audio-processing system designed for standalone operation. Featuring eight microphone or line-level inputs and eight line-level outputs, the Digitool MX includes 24-bit converters and dual-DSP engines. Configured with new and advanced processing algorithms, the MX includes an extensive set of capabilities for building integrated audio systems. It includes full matrix mixing, dynamics processing, and delay and full-blown EQ.
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Custom Audio Manufacturing of Maine has a new line of Terra all-climate series loudspeakers, the AC series, which includes the AC.15, AC.15XT, AC.16, and AC.16XT. The XT models have a Conxall marine-grade watertight connector. The AC.15 models feature a frequency response of 85 Hz to 20 kHz, ±3 dB, and the AC.16 models have a frequency response of 75 Hz to 21 kHz, ±3 dB. The Terra AC grilles are constructed of dent-resistant plastics and are screwed on.
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Mic Receiver


The PSU 10 central power supply is designed to deliver power to as many as ten AKG WMS-series wireless microphone systems. Ten rear DC outlets correspond to respective front-panel displays that indicate power is present at each position. When operating WMS 61 or WMS 81 systems, the PSU 10 can be used with a power splitter to power as many as four receivers from one outlet. The units come in a metal housing that fits in a 19-inch rackmount.
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Atlantic Technology

Atlantic Technology has introduced the IWTS-6 CMS and 8 CM ceiling speakers for multiroom audio systems and home theater. In addition to conventional mono or point-source stereo modes, the 6- and 8-inch, respectively, two-way speakers are designed for use in situations calling for diffuse surround speakers. When set to TriVector mode, Atlantic's dual-voice coil woofer produces mono bass while the two tweeters are driven out of phase with each other; the result is limited localization of lower midrange frequencies with a diffuse upper mid-to-high frequency response. The 8 CMS uses 1-inch silk domes, whereas the 6 CMS includes ¾-inch Mylar dome units.
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Portable Radio

Midland Radio Corp.

The 70-112B is a 16-channel VHF two-way portable radio that offers more than 43,000 minutes per month. The radio is 4-by-2-by-2 inches and is made of polycarbonate. It has a 1350 mAH nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery and weighs 12 ounces. Features include an adjustable transmitter output power (5W or 1W) by channel.
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Loudspeaker System

OAP Audio Products

The NF-241HP loudspeaker system is the latest addition to OAP's near-field series. It has been designed to mount in stair risers in houses of worship, auditoriums, classrooms, or any venue where “hideable” near-field coverage is necessary and a small and efficient full-range loudspeaker is required. The NF-241 is 14⅜-by-5¼-by-8¾ inches. The enclosure has a power handling rating of 150W peak program power, 90 dB sensitivity measured at 1W at 1 meter, and a frequency response of 128 Hz to 15 kHz. The 16ž system comes with an epoxy-coated black or white 16-gallon steel grille and steel mounting brackets.
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Power Regulators/Conditioners

Furman Sound

The IT-Reference Discrete Symmetrical AC Power Source, the RA-1210 and 1220 Stable Power AC Line Voltage Regulator, and the RI-1210 and 1220 Isolated Symmetrical AC Power Conditioner are designed to manage home electrical problems and deliver noise-free AC power to consumer systems. The IT-Reference Discrete Symmetrical AC Power Source delivers transparent, ultralow-noise AC power. The Reference Series Stable Power AC Line Voltage Regulator delivers a stable 120 VAC (±1.5V) with incoming voltage between 114V and 126V. The RI series enhances system performance by typically reducing common mode and transverse line noise up to 24 dB per total system.
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The SWM-5000 series wireless microphones have 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum technology, which let as many as 50 units operate in one location. The mics are available in 1- and 2-channel models and include Sabine's built-in Targeted Input Processing: the FBX Feedback Exterminator, a compressor and limiter, and a de-esser. Another feature, Mic SuperModeling, means touching the front panel brings up several dynamic or condenser mic elements. Also, the mic series lets users save and recall as many as ten presets per channel on the receiver.
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Ulysses Viewer, a room acoustics and sound-design software tool, can be used to calculate or simulate acoustics and sound-system behavior in 3-D models. Ulysses Viewer lets you look at 3-D models and results of the calculations and simulations, and then you can print the results that are on the screen. The program runs on Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, and XP platforms.
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Floor Monitors


The new MVP series features the wedge-shaped models MVP28 and MVP38. The MVP28 has a single 12-inch low-frequency driver and a horn-loaded high-frequency section that incorporates Community's new LM20 nonmetallic, ferro fluid-cooled compression driver. The MVP38 has a 15-inch low-frequency driver and uses the same high-frequency section as the MVP28. Both monitors have perforated 16-gauge steel grilles and rear panels with ¼-inch connectors.
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The compact M-Flex series of active, molded speakers provides digital flexibility. The design includes built-in digital signal-processing circuitry and switch-mode biamplifier technology. The speakers are intended for live-sound reinforcement, A/V work, stage monitoring, or spoken-word performances. They also have high output-to-frontal-area and output-to-weight ratios.
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