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Network System Crown The IQ Network, previously known as the IQ System, has been redesigned. The IQ System was originally
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Feb 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Network System

Crown International

The IQ Network, previously known as the IQ System, has been redesigned. The IQ System was originally introduced in 1988 as a means of enabling professional audio equipment, particularly amplifiers, to be controlled and monitored through a remote computer. This second generation is based on the Ethernet structure. Communication travels through 100 Mb Ethernet between components utilizing the company's TCP/IQ protocol, which affords a significant increase in communication speed (100 Mbps rate versus 38.4 kbps) and the ability to add more components to a network.
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Line Array System

Martin Audio

The Wavefront W8L's design combines horn-loading techniques with line array technology to produce maximum dynamic impact. The W8L is a three-way, full-range system, which may be used without subwoofers for many applications. The Wavefront W8L system combines patentable driver-loading techniques with vertically coupled waveguides and true constant directivity horns. The W8L horns develop low curvature wave fronts for smooth, comb filter free horizontal coupling.
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The RE510 is a supercardioid handheld condenser microphone with the flexibility to adapt to different applications. Features include a low-frequency boost switch, which makes it possible to configure the mic as a classic-sounding live vocal microphone or as a high-performance studio microphone. In the rolloff configuration, the low end of the RE510 is tailored to compensate for proximity effect while the upper-mid frequencies offer a clear and natural response.
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Speaker System

Atlantic Technology

The System 8200 speaker system provides flexible acoustic and aesthetic loudspeaker customization options. When fully configured, the System 8200 carries the THX Ultra2 certification. An array of available sonic adjustments impart acoustic control and allow each speaker to be adjusted according to its placement in the listening environment. The System 8200's modular speaker components are delivered in duraBlac, the company's matte black “speckled” lacquer finish, for installation inside cabinets or behind a screen or curtains.
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Carver Professional

The entry-level PXM Series offers adjustable high- and lowpass filters, improved clip limiting, Neutrik Speakon and binding post terminations, and true 2ž stability. Four high-powered models are available: the PXM850, PXM1100, PXM1800, and PXM2300.
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Prism Sound

The dScope Series III analyzer has been upgraded. The dScope offers analog and digital-audio signal generation and analysis in a portable, PC-based package. The dScope features automatic I/O switching for channels in a multichannel device, enabling comprehensive testing and measurement without repatching and resetting. Using Visual Basic Scripting, you can program custom test sequences and other functions of the dScope according to each device.
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Amplifier Technologies

Designed for installations requiring fidelity, flexibility, and expandability, the surround-sound ATP7500 can process digital and analog processes. Its features include a wide-bandwidth, low-distortion design; two component video inputs, six composite video inputs, six SVHS inputs, one component video out, and two each composite and SVHS video outputs (one with onscreen display and one without); 7.1 audio inputs for DVD audio; two zone operation for video and audio; and a heavy-gauge steel chassis, stainless-steel fasteners, and powder-coat finishes.
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The V Series is designed as a versatile range of point-source sound-reinforcement loudspeakers and replaces the T and I Series. The compact V Series includes four models: the V8, V12, V15, and V300. The V8 and V12 are based on high-power Dual Concentric drive units, the V15 is based on a 15-inch Power Dual drive unit, and the V300 is based on a 12-inch Super Dual drive unit. Integrated proprietary Secure-ET mounting hardware is available for a variety of installations.
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Control Software


Audia software, version 2.0, and firmware, version 3.107, interface with the new controls, and they also introduce a room combining system, improved preset interface, a transfer function processing block, and a suite of logic gating functions. The room combining allows for logical and intuitive control of complex room configurations. The new Audia software and firmware can be downloaded at the company's Web site.
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Amplifier Cards


The MT113-100 and MT113-101 audio power amplifier cards accept two stereo or mono line-level inputs and a microphone level input with switchable phantom power. They feature software-programmable input mixing, output volume, bass, and treble control and deliver 30W RMS power output. Both cards offer a stereo line-level output; additionally, the MT113-100 has a mono main output designed for 70V systems, whereas the MT113-101 has a stereo main output providing 15W per channel.
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Architectural Acoustics

The 4-channel MCA 4200 is designed for permanent installation and features four independent 200W amp channels in a compact, fan-cooled two-rackspace package. The MCA 4200 can supply maximum output power to low-impedance (4ž and 8ž) and high-impedance (70V) loads simultaneously in 2-channel configurations. Rear-panel switches allow you to place channels A and B or channels C and D into low- or high-impedance operation. To facilitate installations in which larger power output requirements exist, the MCA 4200 can be configured for bridged operation.
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Personal Monitor Systems


The PSM 200 personal monitor systems deliver the ability to upgrade the receiver from wired to wireless, a transmitter that is also a mixer, and a high-fidelity earphone. For users who can't initially afford wireless, the P2R hybrid receiver protects their investment by allowing them to upgrade at a later date. The hybrid receiver starts as a wired body pack and, with the addition of the TransMixer component, operates fully as a wireless receiver. By combining frequency-agile wireless transmitter functionality and a 2-channel mixer, the PSM 200 TransMixer offers the end-user complete control of the in-ear mix onstage. The E2 is the professional in-ear monitor earphone for the stage and your CD player.
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Audio Analyzer

Phonic Corp.

The PAA2 handheld tool for sound engineers has a 31-band real-time spectrum analysis, a sound-pressure level (SPL) and dBu/dBV/VAC level meter, one internal generator, an EQ setting program, an SPL meter calibration, and phase-checking abilities. Each of the 31 bands can be individually checked for SPL, and the peak hold option will allow users to keep their readings in recallable memory locations. The PAA2 comes with a large high-resolution graphic LCD that provides for a high-definition spectrum analysis from pull-down menus. An XLR connector enables measurement of line levels, displayed in a choice of dBu, dBV, or volts.
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Loudspeaker Controller

Xilica Audio Design

The digital DLP4080 multifunction loudspeaker controller is a four-in, eight-out device that offers abundant channels. The DLP4080 includes features such as crossover filter type (Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, and Bessel) and slope (up to 48 dB/octave), compressor/limiter, parametric EQ, channel delay (up to 1 second per channel), precision level control, and individual input selection or mixing. Sixty-four user programs can be recalled and stored. Interfaces include RS232 and MIDI for remote control, data download, and firmware upgrade purposes.
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The Pro-XL Series — the Autocom Pro-XL1600, the Composer Pro-XL2600, and the Multicom Pro-XL4600 — features several circuit designs that place it at home in the studio and under live conditions. All three processors have an interactive dynamic enhancer, which makes up for the compression-induced loss of treble energy, as well as the interactive knee adaptation, which combines the hard-knee and soft-knee characteristics. Additionally, all three models share the interactive ratio control expander, which automatically adjusts the ratio setting for virtual inaudible noise suppression, and the interactive gain control, a feature with dual-stage peak-limiting circuitry that combines a clipper and a program limiter. The Autocom Pro-XL and the Composer Pro-XL have a switchable voice adaptive de-esser, and the Multicom Pro-XL has been upgraded with an enhancer and an expander/noise gate.
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Elan Home Systems

The System6 distributed audio system is an entry-level multizone controller with an integrated amplifier. With an integrated 12-channel power amplifier rated at 40W per channel, the System6 is able to distribute six audio sources into six zones. All Elan keypads can control the product.
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Control System


The SoundStation's design allows each listener to have local sources accessible in every room. The SoundStation is a combination of a CD player, an AM/FM tuner, volume control, 35W high-power stereo amplification, and a preamplifier, all packaged into one compact flushmount unit. The SoundStation also features stereo speaker output jacks, preprogrammed IR remote capabilities, optional learning remote capabilities for auxiliary source components, and an IR receiver and transmitter for component control. In addition, SoundSource offers an optional FM modulator, enabling quick and wireless connection of other audio sources, such as MP3 players, video games, and DVD players.
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Monitor Audio

The Bronze series is available in black ash and beech vinyl finishes and is biwireable or biampable. The Bronze B1 Bookshelf has a 5-inch MMP midbass driver with a 1-inch gold dome tweeter. The Bronze B2 Bookshelf features a 6-inch MMP Mk2 midbass driver and an internal-8 bracing within a larger cabinet yielding more bass output. The Bronze B4 is a 2½-way floor stander with multiple internal bracing, dual 6-inch MMP Mk2 woofers, and a gold dome tweeter. The Bronze Center Channel features dual 5-inch MMP Mk2 midbass drivers and a 1-foot gold dome tweeter and is voice matched to the Bronze series. The ASW100 subwoofer features a 10-inch-long throw woofer and a 120W MOS FET amplifier.
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