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Transformers Inter-M The OT Series output transformer units convert the 4 output of a low-impedance amplifier to 70/100V high-impedance


Nov 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Inter-M Americas

The OT Series output transformer units convert the 4ž output of a low-impedance amplifier to 70/100V high-impedance levels. Outfitted with four outputs providing as many as four independent mono channels or two separate sets of stereo channels, each OT Series model (OT-4240, OT-4480, and OT-4960) offers a quick, simple way to add 70/100V line transformer capabilities to a low-impedance amplifier. Although these output transformer units were originally designed to be used with the Quad Series power amplifiers, they may be used with any other professional low-impedance amp. The Quad Series power amplifiers each offer four channels of amplification, as well as features such as fan cooling, fail-safe protective circuitry, an operable range extending from 20 kHz to 50 kHz, balanced inputs, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 105 dB.
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Avlex Corp.

The 6-channel SMX-600 and the 8-channel SMX-800 small-format consoles have XLR and line inputs, inserts, 3-band EQ, and peak LED indicators and provide main, aux, control room/headphone, and mono buses. The compact mixers include accurate segment metering, 45 mm fader controls on all channels, and low noise preamp circuitry and supply 48V of phantom power. Both boards come with two professional dynamic microphones.
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Mic/Preamp Package

PreSonus Audio Electronics

A package incorporates the TubePre and a Studio Projects B1 condenser microphone. The bundle also includes accessories including a gig bag, an XLR cable, and a microphone shockmount. The TubePre is a single-channel preamp based on a 12AX7 vacuum tube circuit that provides a stable, transformer-free signal path. The unit can be used as the first stage of a live or studio system, as a direct box, or in a side effects chain.
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Digital Snake Products


The AN-16/i input module, the AN-16/o output module, and the A-16SB system bridge are designed to work together to create a powerful digital-audio snake, capable of digitally transferring high-quality 24-bit audio over Cat-5 cables. The proprietary A-Net Protocol ensures that there is less than 1 ms of latency from analog input to analog output. The A-16SB, AN-16/i, and AN-16/o are compatible with the company’s existing product line, which includes the modular A-16 personal monitor mixing system. The digital snake is a flexible modular system that allows you to build unidirectional or bidirectional configurations to suit most audio distribution needs.
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Recording Media

HHB Communications USA

A comprehensive range of pro-audio optimized CD-R recording media has been developed and tested for use with standalone audio CD recorders and duplicators. The Professional Recording Media line includes a range of 74 minute, 80 minute, printable, and bulk packaged silver-type discs, all rated 1x to 24x, and a gold-type 1x to 8x disc.
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Mic Preamp


The ASP008 is a compact, 1U rackmount unit, featuring eight high-quality mic preamplifiers developed from the mic-pre design used in the ASP8024 recording console and the Aztec Live Performance console. All channels include XLR input, 48V phantom power, switchable input impedance, 25 to 250 Hz highpass filter, phase reverse, as well as line input selection. Channels one and two also feature a -20 dB attenuator and a high-impedance instrument/DI input on a jack on the front panel. LEDs indicate signal presence and overload.
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Mackie Designs

The Digital 8Bus (D8B) plug-in, Pro Audio Lab, is available for download. Pro Audio Lab is an audio measurement plug-in for the D8B that offers a cross-section of metering tools, including a series of accurate gauging devices. Pro Audio Lab provides finely calibrated stereo and mono level metering that simultaneously displays peak, power, peak RMS, correlation, sum and difference, loudness, and VU meters. A stereo X/Y phase meter and a phase scope offer simplified and easy-to-read display graphs that help to distinguish complex phase information.
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Mic Stand

Network Pro Marketing

The AiRR mic stand includes a traditional three-wheel tripod base, and the wheels are removable, allowing adaptability for any location recording, indoor or outdoor. In addition, telescopic adjustable locking legs can conform to uneven surfaces, with rubber feet fitted to each for additional stability. Each AiRR stand includes a sandbag to add extra weight to the center of gravity of the tripod. It also features fast locking and unlocking of the boom angle.
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