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Loudspeaker This 15-inch, two-way, self-contained sound system has mixable mic and line inputs, 2-band EQ, line output and
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audio products

Mar 1, 2002 12:00 PM



This 15-inch, two-way, self-contained sound system has mixable mic and line inputs, 2-band EQ, line output and separate 350-watt dynamic LF amp and 150-watt dynamic HF amp. The SxA250 powered loudspeaker also has a built-in stand mount adapter, can be used as a floor monitor, and can also be hung safely using an optional SxAkit.
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Distributed Music System


The first product in Escient's Physital line, the FireBall multizone distributed music system, blends a user's physical CD collection with digital technology. With the capabilities of a CD music player, server, controller and MP3 and Internet radio player, FireBall allows direct access to music recognition services, software upgrades and enhanced entertainment services via an ISP.
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Instrument Microphone


Designed to securely mount to almost any instrument as a self-contained system, the Beta 98H/C uses a clip-on clamp that allows for quick changes between instruments. It can handle high SPL and has high gain-before-feedback performance. Features include a flexible gooseneck, locking windscreen for outdoor use, and an integrated isolation shock mount. It is available in wireless and wired versions.
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Interpretation System

Interkom Electronic

The Digital Multimedia Congress System is a multifunctional station: an audio-video conference, electronic voting and simultaneous interpretation system all in one. It works for up to 1400 terminals (cascadable) like conference technology, microphone channels, interpreter channels, management, command channels, video, networks, telephone and security systems — all on 50 channels without disturbances.
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Wireless Microphone


Auto channel select, 950-channel frequency agility and a 3-year warranty are just a few of the features of the FMR-1000 UHF wireless microphone. The FMR-1000 provides programmability in 25kHz steps across a 24MHz operating bandwidth. Channels are set up in optimized groups to allow simultaneous operation of up to 24 systems by combining channels from A and B frequency bands, or up to 16 within one band. And the receiver's backlit LCD display shows the sound engineer the group/channel, transmitter battery status, diversity operation, RF, and audio level meters — and allows space for a custom label.
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VX Series amplifiers have power ranges from 150 to 300 watts per channel at 4 ohms. The dual-channel series ranges from 700 to 1600 watts. VX108, VX208, VX440, VX660 and VX880 each come with a 3-year warranty, variable-speed fan and turn-on surge limiter.
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Distribution Amplifier


Besides strengthening a weak DVI signal, the DA1001DV DVI-D distribution amp allows a local loop for multimedia panel connectivity, with the other output to be sent to another DVI device.
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DSP Products


The RPM 88 is the first in a family of 100% drag-and-drop configurable DSP-based devices, set up and controlled using Rane's Drag Net software. Industry-standard 10-Base-T Ethernet is used to communicate between Drag Net devices and any PC running Microsoft Windows. Drag Net software offers numerous filters, as well as add/remove PEQ filters, a preset overlay and easy project management features. The RPM 88 has eight balanced studio-grade analog inputs and eight balanced analog outputs. A 2-channel AES3 digital input and 2-channel AES3 digital output are also provided.
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Line Array Column

SLS Loudspeakers

The LS8695 true line source, line array column for long-throw applications presents a cylindrical waveform that is 2° in the vertical plane and 100° in the horizontal plane, with a loss of only 3 dB output at each doubling of distance. Frequency response is 80 Hz to 20 kHz ±3 dB. Power handling is 400 watts RMS. Sensitivity is 104 dB at 1 meter; nominal impedance is 4 ohms.
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Loudspeaker Amplifier Connection


The Speakon SPX series delivers 50-amp currents on all contacts for audio applications. The NL4FX connector can carry the current load from amplifiers of over 1000 watts. Available also in a right-angle version (NL4FRX), the NL4FX is streamlined and allows fast, easy termination with screw terminals or by soldering. The NL4FX can be ordered with boots in black, red, yellow, green or white.
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Wharfedale Professional

Cosmetic improvements to Wharfedale's LiX range inspired the LiX-C Series, offering six focused models available in a black carpet finish only. The LiX-C12x and LiX-C15 both feature a purpose-built, high-frequency compression driver using a specially formed titanium diaphragm with a 50mm voice coil. LiX-C18MB (modular bass) is available in two versions for optimum coupling to amplifier types. Also in the series are 15- and 18-inch subs.
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Stereo Amplifier

PS Audio

This new 2-channel reference standard product from PS Audio with fully balanced, dual-mono analog technology operates with 250 watts of current per channel. The Classic 250 stereo amplifier design is based on dividing the amp into two separate stages. The power output stage is a closed-loop gain of one system that is completely isolated from the input stage and runs independently. The input voltage gain stage is a zero-feedback, fully balanced, class-A topology featuring common mode performance that tops 70 dB.
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Lavalier Microphones

Countryman Associates

The B6 omnidirectional lavalier microphone is 2.5 mm in diameter, with a frequency response of 30 Hz to 20 kHz ±3 dB. Supplied accessories are a carrying case, tie clip, windscreen and set of three protective caps. The B3 electret mic is also omnidirectional, with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±3 dB (comes with carrying case, tie clip and windscreen). CAI's small EMW comes with a choice of frequency response, is moisture-resistant, and has a wide assortment of clips.
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Mixing Console


Representing a new generation of semi-modular, multi-application mixing consoles, the Legend 3000 was designed to be reliable on the road and easy to service. It includes XL4 preamps, XL3 EQ and 12 auxiliary sends. And it is semi-modular, constructed of blocks of eight and split into three sections. Legend has two sets of controls, so every input channel has two lots of EQ, as well as two faders for complete control over each mix.
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Crest Audio

The versatile ST and LT Series amplifiers are full Class-D amps for use in fixed installations, nightclubs, mobile DJ units and A/V rentals. Made unique by its switch mode power supply, the ST Series ranges from 250 watts per channel at 4 ohms to 1000 watts per channel at 4 ohms. The LT Series uses Crest's Linear Power Supply combined with a Class-D amp to deliver high output in a compact package. It also ranges from 250 to 1000 watts per channel at 4 ohms.
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Digital Telephone Hybrid


Lectrosonics' fourth-generation digital telephone hybrid, TH3A, features a digital acoustic echo canceller, digital line echo canceller, an anti-echo mixing process and adaptive echo suppression. It has built-in DTMF dialing, automatic telephone answer and disconnect, and a privacy mode to mute transmit or receive or both. It fits in a single 19-inch rack space.
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At 36 inches tall and weighing in at 38 pounds, the CS1.6 two-way floor-standing loudspeaker provides 90dB efficiency and a bandwidth of 48 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB). Amplitude response is 50 Hz to 20 kHz (±2 dB), and phase response is minimum ±10°. Impedance is 4 ohms, 3 ohms minimum. The woofer has a centrally located neodymium magnet inside the driver's pole piece, rather than outside, to prevent picture distortion when placed near video displays.
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Eminence Speaker LLC

Magnum woofers incorporate the heat sink design and core periphery ventilation system used in the Kilomax series. These units address the destructive phase conditions that can occur in other low-frequency woofers, and they provide high power handling, low distortion, improved transient response and lower power compression.
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Distribution Amplifiers


Built-in cable equalization marks FSR's new distribution amplifiers. The CVD-2EQA is a 1-in, 2-out composite video and stereo audio distribution amplifier with cable EQ on each output and 300 MHz of video bandwidth. The SVD-2EQA is a 1-in, 2-out S-video and stereo DA also with cable EQ and the same bandwidth. The RGB-HV2 is a 1-in, 2-out RGBHV DA, same cable EQ and bandwidth; AC adapter included.
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Soundcraft's latest live performance mixer, the modular MH4, is designed for the live performance console market, with features specified for easy configuration for FOH, stage monitor or mixed FOH/monitor duties. The MH4 has 20 auxiliary busses, new mic amp and EQ designs, eight VCA and eight mute groups with snapshot automation, true LCR panning and outputs, and an integral 20×8 matrix.
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