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Software Upgrade SymNet Designer 2.0 is the third software upgrade to SymNet, which is a modular audio-routing and digital
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Jan 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Software Upgrade


SymNet Designer 2.0 is the third software upgrade to SymNet, which is a modular audio-routing and digital signal-processing system. The newest version of the Windows-based software builds on earlier updates, adding more functionality and further expanding the capabilities of the SymNet Audio Matrix system. The CAD-style drag-and-drop software lets audio professionals and their clients design and configure a system. The latest version supports two new hardware add-ons to the SymNet line: BreakIn12 and BreakOut12.
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For onstage or in church, the E6 EarSet is for voice pickup without bulk. Light and springy, the EarSet clips around the ear so it won't interfere with hair, headphones, or a hat. It has a wide 50 Hz to 20 kHz response. Cardioid and hypercardioid patterns are available.
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Mixing System


The A-16 personal monitor mixing system lets the performer create a custom monitor mix tailored to his or her needs. The A-16 gives each performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, and master volume. Each A-16 in the system can create a distinct monitor mix for a performer. Users can save and recall as many as 16 custom mixes saved as presets in their personal mixers.
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Portable Sound System

Anchor Audio

The Xtreme 6000 can support as many as six UHF wireless mics. The Xtreme 6000 delivers full-range music and intelligible speech from one self-contained portable sound system that is designed for users with no technical knowledge. The Xtreme 6000 is designed for giving speeches in auditoriums, making sports announcements in gyms, giving instructions to the marching band on the athletic field, or putting on a play in a small theater. Because the UHF is selectable, a flip of a dial on the microphone and receiver eliminates any chance of interference from local broadcasting sources.
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Sound Advance Systems

The 3D SpeakerTile Series was designed for the architectural and interior-design community. The ceiling-tile loudspeakers match many drop-ceiling patterns and offer a minimum of 140-degree dispersion, allowing the SpeakerTiles to be spaced farther apart. Because of its patented Planar Diaphragm Technology, the speaker radiates in a smooth, even-coverage hemispherical pattern. The SpeakerTile loudspeakers are available in a variety of configurations, surface finishes, and mounting options.
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Elkay Industries

The pew-back speakers feature SurfaceSound flat-panel technology from NXT. Benefits include a 180-degree arc dispersion across audio frequencies for clarity, regardless of the listening angle. The dispersion characteristic provides more uniform sound-pressure-level coverage of the listening area.
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Loudspeaker Management System


The ultra-high-precision digital 24-bit/96 kHz Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 satisfies system requirements for live and studio applications. Digital technology and digital signal-processing algorithms were employed. With its three analog inputs and six analog outputs for maximum flexibility, one DCX2496 can drive a true three-way system or three biamp outputs for monitors while one of the inputs can be used as a digital stereo AES/EBU input. A link option through an RS-485 network interface enables cascading multiple Ultra-Drive Pros for larger four-, five-, and six-way systems.
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Acoustic Treatment


This line of acoustic treatment is based on wood-panel-membrane absorbers. The centerpiece is a pair of broadband bass traps that greatly reduce low-frequency standing waves. Models LB7 and HB7 are 2 feet wide by 7½ feet high, and together they absorb the entire bass range starting below 20 Hz. Models LB6 and HB6 are six feet high and operate down to 24 Hz.
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Mackie Designs

The SWA1801 is a high-output 18-inch active subwoofer. The 900W SWA1801 is designed for portable and live sound applications as well as fixed-installation venues in nightclubs, churches, and corporate facilities. The SWA1801 uses an RCF Precision transducer that features a 4-inch inside/outside wound voice coil with composite polyamide former construction that provides power-handling capabilities. The magnetic assembly uses advancements in coil venting and structural cooling that offer lower temperature rise and improved power compression characteristics. The horn-loaded port design's benefits include constantly changing impedance at every section.
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Remote Controls

Biamp Systems

A group of three remote panels serves to expand the company's Digital Audio Platform. The three remote-control panels include Volume 8, which allows as many as eight individual or group levels with Audia. Select 8 provides the selection and control of as many as eight actions from within Audia. Volume/Select 8 combines the functionality of the Volume 8 and Select 8 on one two-gang panel.
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Powered Mixers

Peavey Electronics Corp.

The XR 684F (400W program into 4ž), XR 696F (1,200W RMS program into 4ž), and XR 800F+ (500W RMS per channel into 4ž) offer built-in exclusive technology. Designed for clubs, schools, rehearsal rooms, and churches, the XR 684F and XR 696F offer eight channels outfitted for ¼-inch and XLR jacks, insert points on channels 1 and 2, 9-band stereo main graphic EQ, and 9-band mono graphic EQ assignable to the monitors or channel 3. The XR 800F+ features eight low-noise, low-Z preamps, 3-band EQ, and EFX send on channels 1 through 8, as well as ¼-inch and XLR inputs on channels 1 through 8 and stereo line inputs on channels 7 through 9. For clearer sound, all XR Series powered mixers feature Distortion Detection Technique, which minimizes power amp distortion.
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The RPM 26z programmable multiprocessor offers 100 percent drag-and-drop configuration, Ethernet control, two analog line-level inputs, a 2-channel AES3 digital input, and six balanced line-level outputs. Access to the full collection of Drag Net processing blocks lets the user draw the needed comprehensive system. The RPM 26z supports contact-closure preset recall or 0V to 5V “pot on a wall” volume control of all internal levels in the Processing Map. The RPM 26z also offers 15 factory digital signal-processing templates for editing and saving.
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Audio Control System


The ML-800 is the newest member of the ML family of multiroom audio control systems that are used in the hospitality market. The ML-800 is designed to control audio in as many as eight rooms in a variety of configurations using wall plates. Each wall plate provides background music selection, volume, and mute as well as foreground audio volume and mute. When rooms are combined, the wall plates track each other to allow changes to be made at any wall plate within the combined group.
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Digital Player/Recorder/Editor

Network Pro Marketing/Digital Music Systems

The DigiSam is touch-screen controlled and features seamless touch-screen waveform editing and instant play of full-bandwidth, noncompressed audio from its large storage system. The system is a self-contained, portable package consisting of a single-space rack unit and a flat-panel touch screen. Audio is loaded through a high-speed CD reader, balanced analog in and out, S/PDIF in and out, or AES in and out, and it can import any standard Windows audio file or any computer-based audio file. Features include a standard 80 GB hard drive, just under 7,000 configurable buttons to organize your audio, unlimited playlist storage, zero-latency transitions, and macro buttons that are able to store an unlimited number of audio clips that can be saved to one button.
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Proficient Audio

The AW500TT is the flagship line of indoor and outdoor speakers, including the AW525 and AW650. Built to be attractive yet durable, the AW series is weather-resistant, with gold-plated binding posts, powder-coated aluminum grilles, zinc-coated mounting brackets, and fade-resistant inhibitors in speaker enclosures. Left and right channels are combined into a dingle speaker, so you achieve uniform dispersion throughout the listening area. Exceptional bass is delivered, even at low listening levels, because of its dual-voice-coil woofer configuration, which combines the left- and right-channel midrange and low-frequency information for deep and smooth output.
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Speaker System

SLS Loudspeakers

The RLA/2 is designed for small- and medium-size venues that can't accommodate large cabinet arrays yet still require a high-performance, smooth-response speaker cabinet to provide even coverage. The RLA/2 ribbon line array system incorporates proprietary ribbon driver technology with a space-efficient cabinet design. Each cabinet houses two 8-inch high-powered cone drivers to deliver a bass response down to 70 Hz and features the company's PRD1000 proprietary Push-Pull Neodymium Ribbon Driver for accurate, high-frequency response out to 20 kHz. The planar ribbon element provides high output evenly distributed over the radiating surface.
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