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Digital Signal Processor QSC The DSP-4 digital signal processing module offers two channels of independent DSP and connects to the back
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Jul 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Digital Signal Processor

QSC Audio

The DSP-4 digital signal processing module offers two channels of independent DSP and connects to the back of most 2-channel DataPort-equipped QSC amplifiers — without the need for additional rackspace. The unit, which builds on its forebear, the DSP-3, has A/D and D/A converters for improved signal-to-noise performance as well as upgraded software. Each channel includes crossover filtering, multiple parametric EQs, shelf filtering, tone and noise generation and so on.
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MacPherson Inc.

The SCHOLAR Series Model 118 subwoofer from MacPherson uses a bandpass design with critically damped tuning. The cabinet was designed to trap cone distortion and unwanted content. No signal processing is required with the unit, and the Model 118 requires standard highpass and lowpass functions provided by an electronic crossover. The Model 118 is slightly more than 23 inches high and comes in the Road version and the Install version.
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Power Amplifier

PS Audio

PS Audio's two-channel, Class A PS Hybrid (HCA-2) power amplifier employs an input voltage gain stage and uses hybrid analog/digital technology. It has zero-feedback and a fully differential/balanced analog input stage; the output stage relies on Super Digital Amplifier Technology (SDAT) in order to combat varying load response. The HC-2 delivers 150W per channel into an 8ž load and 250W per channel into a 4ž load.
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Wharfedale Systems

Wharfedale's Programme Corner Speakers are two-way, ported systems designed to provide a wide frequency range and high power performance in an acoustically efficient enclosure. The speakers come in 70.7V or 100V transformer versions with a painted finish of black or white. Each speaker boasts a 125 mm Kevlar woofer and 25 mm titanium Neodynium driver. The speakers can be mounted flush to a wall or corner, and a compact array of four speakers will provide a 360-degree sphere of coverage.
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Turbosound Ltd.

The first two models of Turbosound's TQ-300 series — the TQ-310 and TQ-315 — were designed for mobile or fixed-installation duties. The TQ-310 is a passive two-way, full-range loudspeaker with a 10-inch low-frequency driver and a 1.75-inch diaphragm high-frequency compression driver on a 100-by-60-degree waveguide. The TQ-315 switchable biamped loudspeaker features a two-way full-range design, a 15-inch low-frequency driver and a 3-inch high-frequency driver on an 80-by-50-degree waveguide. Both models come in trapezoidal enclosures and use Turbosound's Converging Elliptical Waveguide technology.
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JBL Professional has introduced two new subwoofers: the VT4880 and the SF22SP. The VT4880 is a dual 18-inch subwoofer in the VERTEC line that is designed as a purpose-built arrayable subwoofer. It can be flown with the VT4889 line arrays, ground stacked or suspended as standalone VLF line arrays. The subwoofer weighs 129 pounds, delivers maximum peak output of 138 dB (at one meter) and has a 1200W AES system power rating. The VT4880 features two JBL 2258H 18-inch dual voice coil, direct cooled cone transducers with Neodymium Differential Drives. The SF22SP, which is designed for dance music and live reinforcement of drums and bass, has dual 12-inch woofers in a bandpass enclosure and an internal 500W (300W continuous) power amplifier.
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Audio Router


The OptiPatch matrix audio router handles multiple sets of ADAT Lightpipe — format digital inputs and outputs. It allows as many as 99 I/O routing patterns to be stored and recalled; users can connect devices such as digital mixers, multitrack recorders, workstations and some outboard converters, and the signal flow can be changed by pressing a button. The rear panel has eight Lightpipe inputs and eight Lightpipe outputs for a total I/O capacity of 64 digital audio sources and 64 destination channels.
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Mixing Consoles

Allen and Heath

Allen and Heath has upgraded its ML Series of live sound VCA consoles with the ML4000-24, the ML5000-C variant and the Syslink II Option for the ML3000. The ML4000-24 is a 24-channel version of the ML4000 and can be connected to two 24-channel sidecar units. The ML5000-C offers eight dual stereo channels in each frame size, allowing as many as 16 stereo sources to be mixed. ML3000 users can now incorporate the Syslink II kit, which allows two units to be linked together. Syslink II also lets users link a ML3000 to a ML4000 or ML5000 console.
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Meyer Sound

The M1D ultracompact is designed for P.A. applications in small venues and single-cabinet applications that require tight vertical pattern control. The M2D compact is for mid-sized venues that require tight pattern control with long throw. With trapezoidal cabinets, they both enable flexibility by varying the number and splay of cabinets in an array. Both are self-powered and are available in weather-protected versions.
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Distribution Amplifier

Sherbourn Technologies

The 12/900 12-channel distribution amplifier uses MOSFET integrated circuits for low output and discrete bipolar output devices for higher output. With a total output of 600 W at 8ž and 900W at 4ž, the 12/900 employs two tritap toroidal transformers and has six stereo zones, each with a low-volt trigger In and Out circuits. The amp also has audio signal sensing circuits, preset gain controls, an adjustable Auto-Off delay time control and a Bridge-to-Mono switch.
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D&B audiotechnik

The C3 was designed as a long-throw addition to D&B audiotechnik's C4 system, and it produces a 143 dB SPL. The loudspeaker has two 10-inch midrange devices and a vertical array of three 1.3-inch high-frequency drivers loaded on a cylindrical wave transformer, which achieves a nominal dispersion angle of 35-by-5 degrees. Fitted with a C3 controller module, the unit is two-way actively driven and projects mid- and high-range frequencies to the farfield.
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Power Amplifier

MC2 Audio

The T2000 power amplifier has 1000W per channel, Class A/B bipolar outputs that use the MC2 current-driven floating drive stage and monitoring of amplifier temperature and load conditions. Part of the T Line series, the T2000 features low-noise vari-speed fans, a sidechain clip limiter for preventing damage from clipped signals, audio fadeup and power-on and a proprietary Ultracool heat sink. Optional crossover cards are available, and the unit comes with a five-year warranty.
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