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Switcher/Amplifier The TN-2105 is a computer and audio distribution amplifier and switcher designed to help stabilize signals sent over
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audio products

Oct 1, 2002 12:00 PM



The TN-2105 is a computer and audio distribution amplifier and switcher designed to help stabilize signals sent over 35 feet. Designed for boardrooms, classrooms, or houses of worship where two computer and audio inputs need to be switched over longer distances, the table navigator combines an A/B auto switch, an ultra-high-bandwidth line driver, and an active audio balancer. The unit also features user-selectable cable equalization, a fully buffered local monitor output, remote switch operation through a contact closure, and greater than 400 MHz of bandwidth. The table navigator comes in a small compact package that can be mounted under a table, podium, or shelf with the included mounting kit.
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Audio-Replay System


The Trigger is a flexible system for live-television productions as well as for radio, live theater, corporate events, theme parks, and visitor attractions. Suited to game-show applications, the Trigger provides instant play facilities, letting sound effects, music segments, and voice-overs be managed from a single system. The Trigger provides the convenience of being able to record, edit, assign, and replay audio segments from within a single-screen display. Mono and stereo audio segments can be assigned across as many as four stereo outputs, with segments sequenced as four playlists or triggered individually by the 32 instant-play Trigger keys.
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Wireless Mic Systems

TOA Electronics

The Password-LO features an omnidirectional lapel microphone, a body pack, a receiver, and a rack kit. The Password-B comes with a body pack, a receiver, and a rack kit. The Scout-LO features an omnidirectional lapel microphone, a body pack, and a receiver. The Scout-B comprises a body pack and a receiver.
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OAP Audio Products

The CH1-1000 (Ceiling Hugger) is the most recent addition to the Contractor Series of loudspeakers and is designed for use in low-ceiling applications. This high-output loudspeaker system is made to perform best in situations in which the audio system designer needs to provide for point-source directivity, full-range capability that must include speech and music, system clarity and fidelity, architectural styling, and simplicity of installation. The three-way crossover network incorporates the system's design.
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In-Wall Speakers

Elan Home Systems

The M Series speakers have narrower flat profiles, sharp-radius frames, and tall aspect ratios. Balance across the full range of the musical spectrum was achieved through a selection of the right woofer cones, surrounds, tweeters, crossover components, and baffle construction for each system. Each crossover is voiced to provide ideal performance for the materials deployed. The M Series speakers can be mounted with or without baffles and feature flexible studmounting flanges.
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Altec Lansing Professional

The CD912-8A 12-inch Duplex ceiling speaker has high-fidelity performance at 2 KHz. Because it is more directive in the voice range, speech is highly intelligible, even in reverberant spaces and high-ceiling applications. The CD912-8A is rated at 125W EIA power handling, with peak performance of 500W. The frequency response is 70 Hz to 20 KHz at -3 dB.
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The Spark-series loudspeakers are composed of six two-way models: the Spark35P, Spark50P, and Spark65P with constant impedance and the Spark35T, Spark50T, and Spark65T with constant voltage or impedance. The Spark35P and Spark35T feature a 3½-inch woofer, the Spark50P and Spark50T are equipped with a 5-inch woofer, and the Spark65P and Spark65T have a 6½-inch woofer. The tweeter is electronically protected for a high reliability.
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Digital Mixing Console

Innova Son

The Compact Sy40 has 40 input channels and 27 mix buses. Housed in the same chassis as the Compact Live and Actor, the Compact Sy40 offers more mixing capabilities and more functionalities for the same number of faders: 32 (including 8 stereo) for the 40 input channels, 12 for the mix buses, 3 for the LRM/C masters, and 1 for automation control. The modular nature of the system allows the user to insert any of the electronic I/O modules.
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Digital Equalizer

Klark Teknik

The Helix DN9340 is a dual-channel digital-audio equalizer packaged in a two-rackspace, 19-inch rackmount format. Designed to be intuitive and simple to operate, the unit offers five main functions: dual 31-band graphic EQ with no less than five selectable modes of operation, dual 12-filter fully parametric EQ, dynamic or threshold-dependent EQ, four configurable filters per channel, and configurable delay of as much as one second per channel. The Helix is equipped with more than enough processing power to allow all functions to be fully operative at all times.
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Martin Audio

Additions to the MA power amplifiers are the MA1.3 (650W into 4ž stereo), MA1.6 (840W into 4ž stereo), MA2.8 (1,400W into 4ž stereo), and MA4.2 (2,100W into 4ž stereo). These amplifiers have been designed to meet the demands for live sound reinforcement and fixed installations. Among the new features in the MA Series is the Minimum Load switch. This allows the user to match the output power with the loudspeaker impedance. By utilizing the advanced switch mode power supply, the maximum power available for the output stages can be adjusted without increased heat dissipation or efficiency loss.
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Power Conditioners

Furman Sound

The Metered Six Series offers upgrades from earlier power conditioner products. The Metered Six Series comprises six models. Three are 15-amp enhanced power conditioners: the PL-PLUSD, PL-PLUSDM, and PM-8DM; and three are 20-amp professional power conditioners: the PL-PROD, PL-PRODM, and PM-PRODM. Each is designed to fit in a standard 19-inch rack occupying one rackspace. The front panels are made of black anodized aluminum. The rustproof chromate steel chassis provides positive ground connection.
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Loudspeaker System


The ultracompact, self-powered TQ-308SP is the latest addition to the high-performance QLight series. It's designed for sound-reinforcement applications ranging from industrial and corporate events to small- and medium-size fixed installs. Similar in concept to the TQ-310 and TQ-315 systems, it features the Converging Elliptical Waveguide, a rotatable high-frequency horn that provides smooth and even dispersion over an included angle of 100 degrees horizontal by 60 degrees vertical. The Waveguide can be rotated through 90 degrees within the enclosure in order to orientate the horizontal and vertical patterns to suit different installation requirements.
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