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Wireless Conferencing System Beyerdynamic's MCWD digitally controlled wireless conferencing system operates in the 2.4
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Aug 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Wireless Conferencing System


Beyerdynamic's MCWD digitally controlled wireless conferencing system operates in the 2.4 GHz range and features a two-rackspace central processor and a system controller. The system offers digital encryption, DSS operation for secure conference transmissions, and as many as 65,000 participant stations. As many as seven open mics can be used simultaneously, and stations can come with or without an integral loudspeaker. The MCWD also has chairman override control.
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NCX Suite uses NCX Ethernet audio terminals for remote management of multizone networked audio. The software employs a modular approach for scheduling audio events, live announcements, recording of audio, and networked storage of audio. NCX Suite provides utilities for system design, configuration, and monitoring. The software is designed for use in applications such as background and foreground audio in hotels and restaurants, transportation public address, and venues such as stadiums and churches.
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G-Ware 4.0 adds features to Gentner's XAP 800 and PSR1212 audio products such as improved noise cancellation, front-panel control, preset password protection, and virtual echo canceller and P.A. adapt reference. Available for download from the Gentner Web site, G-Ware 4.0 has been designed to help reduce unwanted background noise and allow users to make quick volume and muting changes when not connected to G-ware.
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Ceiling Speaker


A new high-performance, flushmounted ceiling speaker for the fixed installation market, the SP400C achieves dispersion and pattern control over conventional coaxial designs thanks to a high-frequency, exponential wave guide originally developed for Mackie's studio monitors. The wave guide combines with a 6.5-inch driver optimized for smooth frequency response and seamless crossover. The SP400C comes with an integral 70/100V-line transformer rated to a maximum of 30W.
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Audio Transmitter


The MM400 miniature transmitter from Lectrosonics is used with the UCR411 compact receiver, and it employs digital hybrid technology. The stainless steel transmitter runs on a AA battery and is designed for hostile or wet environments. It features 70 mW output with an RF circulator and isolator in the output stage. The unit's audio input is geared toward mic and modest line level signals, and the input jack is compatible with the Lectrosonics waterproof microplug, a locking microplug, and conventional 2.5 mm microplugs. Users can check battery status and audio input levels with a glance at the multicolor LEDs on the side panel. An analog model, the MM200, is also available.
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Ceiling Speaker


The KRc ceiling speaker has power handling of 100W, a full-range response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz, and two-way configuration that features a reflex-loaded, 5.25-inch bass driver and coax-mounted polymer tweeter. A steel back can provides acoustic volume for the drive unit, and the system voltage taps at 100.0V, 70.7V, and 25.0V. Transformer power taps are 30W, 15W, 8W, 4W, and 2W; the transformer can be bypassed, which lets the KRc operate as a low-impedance (4ž) loudspeaker. The speaker comes with a white grille that can be painted over and weighs less than seven pounds.
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The CA 6.4 and CA 4.4 improve the CA Series by handling four sources in six or four zones, respectively. Both come standard with gold-plated RCA inputs and RJ45 data connectors. Both models offer phone and doorbell interface features and 12V trigger output.
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Microphone Preamp

True Systems

The 2-channel P2 Analog mic preamp from True Systems has a selectable M-S decoder, active direct-injection boxes with impedance modification capability, dual gain range selection, and a multifrequency highpass filter. It also features a stereo phase correlation display for optimizing mic placement during stereo recording. Signal switching is done through gold contact relays for reducing the signal path and eliminating noise and distortion.
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The 2-channel DRA-395P AM/FM stereo receiver from Denon offers multiroom operation and a discrete power amp that supplies 80W per channel. A multisource function allows for simultaneous playback of two sources in two or more zones, thus allowing audio to be sent to one area and video to another zone. Multiroom outputs provide separate volume controls, which are accessed through an optional remote-control unit.
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Digital Signal Processors


XTA Electronics has released the Series 2 line of digital signal processors, which consists of four models: the C2 dual/stereo compressor, the D2 stereo dynamic EQ, the E2 stereo parametric EQ, and the G2 dual/stereo gate. The C2 has look-ahead attack times for instantaneous transient control, automatic time constants, and built-in chain EQ. The D2 offers stereo dynamic equalization in which the sidechains are linked. It has three bands of adjustable dynamic EQ and switchable shelving on the outer bands. The E2 provides four bands of parametric EQ, with each band being sweepable between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. The G2 is a dual-channel gating system with an adjustable envelope that includes hold time, LEDs that show attack, hold and release phases, and high- and lowpass key filters.
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Infinity has three new models in its Entra line: the Entra Three floor-stand tower, the Entra Center Two center channel loudspeaker, and the Entra Subwoofer Two powered subwoofer. The Entra Three has a C.M.M.D. tweeter with wave guide, dual 6.5-inch C.M.M.D. woofers, a contoured front baffle, and a rigid enclosure. The Entra Center Two center channel speaker uses a C.M.M.D. tweeter with wave guide and dual 5.25-inch woofers. The Entra Subwoofer Two has a built-in 250W amp, a 12-inch C.M.M.D. driver, and a low-frequency response down to 30 Hz (-3 dB).
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Conference System


The CS 2 modular conference system has five discrete Acoustics Modular Series mic capsules, the CU chair station, the DU delegate station, the BU base station, GN 30 CS and GN 50 CS goosenecks fit, and five cables. The components can be mixed and matched according to need, and the system uses a CS PS 20 or CS PS 100 power supply. The BU station occupies a single rackspace and controls as many as 200 mic stations (it can be daisy-chained to control more stations). Automatic NOM attenuation reduces system gain by 2 dB every time the number of open mics doubles. Selectable voice activation automatically opens mics when they're spoken into.
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True Audio

Version 2.0 of TrueRTA includes a collection of real-time, software-based audio instruments for testing and evaluating audio systems and material, using a PC with basic sound capability. The instruments include a low-distortion signal generator, a digital voltmeter, a decibel meter, a crest factor meter, a dual-trace oscilloscope, and a high-resolution, real-time audio spectrum analyzer. Users can calibrate the analyzer for microphone and sound-card response. Relative mode lets you use any measured response as a reference for further measurements. You can export data to use in other applications. The Quick Sweep feature automates the measurement of frequency response by generating a digital sweep and detecting and analyzing the response. TrueRTA also can track and display details of musical performances in 1/24th-octave resolution.
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