Loudspeaker Meridian The DSP7000 is derived from the company's DSP8000. The new design brings the DSP8000's enclosure materials
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Jun 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Meridian Audio

The DSP7000 is derived from the company's DSP8000. The new design brings the DSP8000's enclosure materials and digital-speaker architecture to a smaller and more accessible package. The DSP7000's design relies on digital signal processing for crossover filtering and all other signal manipulation and multiamplified active-speaker technology in which each driver is served by a dedicated amplifier channel — in this case, 100W each. Each DSP7000 accepts a digital bitstream directly from a Meridian preamp, CD, DVD player, or system controller, accommodating bitstreams up to 96 kHz/24 bits, including the proprietary Meridian High Resolution upsampled, enhanced-resolution format. This arrangement eliminates speaker cabling and its associated losses, colorations, and clutter.
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TOA Electronics

The ER-604W shoulder megaphone is compact and lightweight with a detachable microphone, 10W amplifier, and whistle tone. Other features include two inputs for optional headset and handheld microphones as well as a line input for a CD player or other sound source. The ER-604W is a tool for tour guides, product demonstrators, and sporting event announcers.
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RBH Sound

The Architectural Cinema Series is a sonically matched home-theater loudspeaker system consisting of a pair of towers (AC-5T), center (AC-525), surrounds (AC-51), and a powered subwoofer (A-10S). The AC-5T employs three 5¼-inch midbass drivers for bass extension down to 45 Hz. The AC-525 uses two of the same 5¼-inch drivers for a seamless font soundstage, and the AC-51 uses one. The A-10S subwoofer features a 10-inch Kraft Pulp driver powered by an internal 150W amplifier capable of bass down to 30 Hz.
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Speaker System

Califone International

The Deluxe PowerPro PA-750 System is a multiuse tool for schools, worship houses, and fitness centers. It functions as a comprehensive all-in-one unit on wheels with a built-in variable speed cassette recorder and CD player. Designed to facilitate presentations in large groups, the portable loudspeaker system features two adjustable tripod stands (telescoping), a handheld dynamic low-impedance microphone and floor stand, a handheld wireless UHF microphone, and a 75W RMS amplifier with built-in speakers. The PA-750 also includes a companion speaker with a 50-foot speaker cable, a UHF receiver, an AC/DC rechargeable battery, a wireless/wired microphone mixer, an audio link, and a voice priority switch.
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Loudspeaker System

OAP Audio Products

The V-3000 Series flyable loudspeaker systems is a compact yet powerful three-way system that uses a 2-inch driver coupled to a 70-degree-by-50-degree horn for high-frequency reproduction and a 10-inch transducer that is positioned in a 60-degree-by-20-degree horn flare for midrange coverage, and a 15-inch woofer (1,400W continuous) provides for the low frequency. The V-3000 is for touring applications as well as fixed installations. An optional, switchable passive crossover is available for use in full-range applications. The full-range crossover is field convertible to biamp or triamp configuration creating ideal user flexibility.
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L-Acoustics U.S.

Developed to accommodate professional-grade power handling, the 112XT and 115XT loudspeaker enclosures provide versatile solutions for a variety of applications, from distributed sound reinforcement to sound-on-sticks to floor wedges. Engineered for high-performance DJ, mobile, club, regional, touring, and installed sound reinforcement, each cabinet features advanced components and rigging accessories while also benefiting from the flexibility afforded by custom-engineered digital signal-processing presets. The 112XT is an active two-way loudspeaker system containing a 1.4-inch exit neodymium compression driver that is directly loaded by a 12-inch weather-resistant loudspeaker in a coaxial configuration. The slightly larger 115XT bears many similarities to the 112XT but employs a ceramic magnet and 15-inch loudspeaker.
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Digital-Audio System

BSS Audio

The 8-by-8 Soundweb Lite 3088 programmable digital-audio system draws on the larger networked Soundweb 9088iis and associated products but provides a less-expensive alternative for situations where the design requires a maximum of eight inputs and eight outputs. It is for houses of worship, theme bars, boardrooms, clubs, and other applications and possesses all the capabilities of the networked version — a free-design digital signal-processing layout, a large palette of processing objects, custom control panels, and more. It runs under the common Soundweb Designer platform. The 3088 employs a stable set of hardware and software. Control options for the 3088 are similar to the 9088iis and include PC control (custom control panels), simple control from the 9012, and new 9015 wall panels and control ports, or serial control from AMX, Crestron, and other serial-based control systems.
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Rotel Electronics

The RSP-1098 features a full-color LCD integrated into its front panel for system control and onscreen menu navigation, or for monitoring a video source, remote entryway, or security camera. It also incorporates a full array of digital-surround capabilities. The preamp/processor's faceplate shows only the inset LCD screen flanked by two knobs and key push-button controls. Inside the RSP-1098 are dual-toroidal power transformers and generous current reserves courtesy of a bank of low-ESR capacitators with steady voltage and current supplies segregated for each circuit family.
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MP3/CD Player

Gemini Sound Products

The MP-3000X professional dual MP3/CD player features pitch control with selectable ±4 percent, 8 percent, and 16 percent range; pitch bend buttons; and antishock buffer memory, all directly to MP3 files. You do not have to burn discs after downloading. The hundreds of MP3 files that fit on a CD can be manipulated in the same way you would do with your regular CDs. You can use the loop with real-time editing on MP3 files.
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Sound Physics Labs

The SPL-triktrap is a high-fidelity, high-output, boundary compliant sound reinforcement loudspeaker. Designed to complement the SPL-trik boxes, this trapezoidal-shaped loudspeaker rounds out the trik line in providing sound contractors and live engineers with a totally boundary compliant and flexible box with wide angle (60 by 60) coverage in a variety of acoustically arrayable situations. The SPL-triktrap is designed by acoustics engineer Tom Danley, creator of the SPL-td1 and ServoDrive BassTech 7. The SPL-triktrap provides fidelity in a compact, lightweight frame (20.0 by 35.5 by 16.0 inches) and weighs 106 pounds.
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Conference System

Sennheiser Electronic Corp.

The SDC 3000 digital conference system is designed to accommodate small corporate boardrooms to 600-seat governmental venues. The SDC 3000 conference system places microphones, speakers, translation channels, and voting options at the user's fingertips. It brings the benefits of digital technology — flexibility, high-fidelity audio, and easy, straightforward operation — into less-than-ideal acoustical environments. The modular SDC 3000 can be configured for a variety of rooms, number of participants, and conference types, including those with simultaneous language interpretation, and functions as an economical startup system or a full-blown system with easy-to-change functions.
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Speaker System

SLS Loudspeakers

The LS8695 line source, line array speaker system is designed to solve the problems created by long-throw audio applications, including live performance music and theater, traveling bands, and fixed installations. The LS8695 is a column-type speaker that conforms to the true line source theory, presenting a cylindrical waveform that is 0 degrees in the vertical plane and 120 degrees in the horizontal. The design provides for a loss of 3 dB of output for each doubling of the distance from the speaker. This efficiency uses less power to produce high sound-pressure level over a long distance.
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Speaker Protector


The SP2120 speaker protector eliminates the possibility of unauthorized excessive sound-pressure levels on speaker systems, which could result in damage to both chassis drivers and electronics. The SP2120 also gives venues the opportunity to comply with local legislation regarding noise levels. The SP2120 is intended for insertion in the sound system immediately prior to the amplifier stage and taking minutes to install. Its signal path combines a mixture of multiple time constant circuitry and automatic gain control, which allows small overloads to sound louder, even though they are not.
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Gold Line

The microprocessor-based Model 30 MP has been upgraded with new circuit boards and software. The 30 MP is a complete ⅓-octave, microprocessor-controlled, battery-operated portable audio spectrum analyzer with remote mic and six nonvolatile memories. It also functions as an accurate decibel meter and has the capability of reading sound-pressure levels in either A or C weighting. The 30 MP comes with a standard measurement microphone with specifications of ±1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
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Acoustic Specialties

The 5.1HT Signature Reference System uses NXT flat-panel speaker technology for all five channels, combined with an active subwoofer/amplifier control center that contains Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS 5.1-channel decoding. In addition, there are five channels of amplification and 100W RMS for the sub itself and full preamp/surround-processor functions and controls. The fully integrated system is compact and requires minimal space mounted on a wall, a shelf, or the floor. The 5.1HT is designed for main or remote-room home theaters.
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