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Crossover The AC 24 four-way crossover features conventional analog controls with digital signal processing. This approach allows you
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audio products

Nov 1, 2002 12:00 PM



The AC 24 four-way crossover features conventional analog controls with digital signal processing. This approach allows you to build a crossover with features and performance not possible with conventional analog designs. Features include automatic phase compensation for crossover filters, 10 ms alignment delay for each output, an independent limiter for each output, and high-mid and high-horn EQs.
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Test Equipment


The Digital Audio Toolbox (DATB) is an all-in-one testing and measurement device for the digital domain. In much the same fashion as the original Audio Toolbox, the DATB packs a variety of test and measurement tools into one portable device. The measurement and testing software applications run the gamut of digital-audio analysis, from digital tests (such as transparency test, jitter meter, and latency test) to analysis (such as the bitstream analyzer, the digital watchdog, and the bit scope) to various tools (including a digital test signal generator, a sampling-rate converter, and digital signal-processing algorithms) to a variety of utilities, including a Sony 9-pin tester, a digital headphone monitor, and a level meter.
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The software package RT-Speaker is for automated transducer and loudspeaker production testing. The typical cycle time is as low as five seconds for a complete test, including Rub and Buzz analysis and handling. The man-machine interface allows complete parametrization within a few minutes. The RT-Speaker completes the turnkey solution by providing fast production testing in combination with the Rapid-Test RT2M audio analyzer.
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Speaker System


The AIW26 active in-wall speaker system is a self-contained speaker that is easy to install, delivers accurate sound, and can handle high sound-pressure levels with a wide dynamic range. The AIW26 can be used to augment a conventional speaker system, or it can be used as part of a complete Genelec in-wall system in a multichannel surround or a stereo configuration. The AIW26 is an alternative to a freestanding speaker system that does not fit a room's decor. The biamplified speaker features a 7-inch low-distortion bass driver in a reflex cabinet with a ¾-inch metal dome tweeter loaded with the proprietary Directivity Control Waveguide Technology and a matched remote amplifier module, the RAM1.
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The S-Type live-performance mixing console is designed as an entry-level desk, meeting the needs of smaller theaters and venues as well as P.A. companies targeting the touring and industrial sectors. The compact S-Type includes a microphone input and full 4-band parametric equalization with the ability to switch the EQ pre to the insert point. The S-Type incorporates a fully balanced direct output with level control, eight switchable post- and prefade auxiliary sends, two of which are stereo; a custom-designed stereo input channel with line inputs; and comprehensive metering. In addition, the S-Type uses full-size 100 mm Penny and Giles faders.
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Designed for professional touring applications and other end-users who need frequency-agile wireless operation, the CDR-1000 full-rack-width dual receiver with integrated internal power supply is the latest addition to the RE-1 UHF wireless microphone system. The CDR-1000 includes all the RE-1 receiver innovations, such as Advanced ClearScan, Auto Channel Select, Sound Check Screen, and 950-channel frequency agility. The CDR-1000 includes real-time PC monitoring and control through the USB port. Additional features include a headphone jack with volume control on the front panel.
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Gold Line

The one-inch thick DSPCI Black Box now supports a Palm PDA interface, allowing professional analysis in a rugged, lightweight package. The interface can also be used with the DSP30-series analyzers. Available features include Octave, ⅓, 1/6, 1/12, NC, RT60, Speaker Timing, Intelligibility Testing, Overlays, and distortion testing. It can be used with the company's 4-channel multiplexer.
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Atlantic Technology

The newest member of the In-Wall Theater System (IWTS) speakers is the System 5. This loudspeaker was designed to function equally well as a full-range stereo speaker or in surround-sound applications. The System 5 is designed for consumers who want speakers that integrate seamlessly with their interior decor without sacrificing sound quality. The System 5 can be used in conjunction with the company's subwoofers and other IWTS speakers to create a variety of stereo and multichannel surround-sound arrangements.
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ReQuest Multimedia

The ARQ-Tera stores as many as 3,600 albums at full CD quality or more than 7,000 albums at MP3-320 KBps (near CD quality). The ARQ-Tera is equipped with the proprietary NetSync technology, which combines multisource access to the collection with redundancy and multilocation capability. Netsync automatically synchronizes the entire music collection and playlists between ARQs over a network or the Internet to multiple locations, thus backing up the collection.
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Power Amplifiers


The LX-7 and LX-5 amplifiers have received THX Ultra certification. The LX Series amps offer high-power output that can be configured for any type of home system. They feature four custom-designed, hand-graded output transistors per channel. For reliability under extreme operating conditions, the LX amplifiers feature Junction Temperature Simulation advanced thermal protection.
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Control Panels

Peavey Electronics

The XControl is a line of flushmounted control panels for MediaMatrix digital-audio systems. The controllers take full advantage of MediaMatrix's external control functionality and are designed to work with all current MediaMatrix audio-processing products. The XControl line features three products that allow the system designer to control integrated audio systems. The flagship of the XControl line is the 4×4, which includes four programmable rotary controls with visual position display and four button and LED combinations. Variations include the 4S, which has only the buttons, and the 4L, with just rotary controls.
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