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Loudspeaker Management System The LMS-D4 is designed for use with the company's loudspeakers in live sound and fixed installation.
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Mar 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Loudspeaker Management System


The LMS-D4 is designed for use with the company's loudspeakers in live sound and fixed installation. Designed to provide tailored equalization and crossover functions specific to QLight, HiLight, TCS Series, and TFM Series loudspeaker systems, the LMS-D4 ships with factory-set programs for front-of-house and floor monitor applications. The LMS-D4 forms a sound reinforcement system when partnered with TQ-310 or TQ-315 loudspeakers. The main features include: FIR and IIR filters; high-performance limiters; gain, polarity, and bass trim; up to 42 ms of delay per output for precise alignment of drivers and external subwoofers; and a 100V to 240 VAC autoswitching power supply.
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Bag End

The 21-inch series of subwoofers includes the S21E-C, the D21E-C, and the BASSault, a speaker system containing four 21-inch subs. With ELF (extended low frequency) technology, the BASSault is 50 percent larger than the quad-18 Quartz enclosure. The BASSault measures 40 inches high by 36 wide by 40 deep and weighs 300 pounds. The single 21-inch enclosure, the S21E-C, contains a single EL-21 transducer, and the double-21, designated the D21E-C, has a pair of EL-21 transducers.
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Meyer Sound

An addition to the M Series of self-powered line array loudspeakers is the Milo high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker. A compact and lightweight system, the four-way Milo produces a peak output of 140 dB SPL with smooth phase and frequency response. The Milo also offers an overall frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz and extended high-frequency headroom, with three dedicated transducers for the high-frequency band (5 kHz to 18 kHz) to provide detailed resolution of transient information. The Milo comprises three transducer sections powered by four discrete amplifier channels.
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Mixer and Interface


The Vortex EF2241 is an automatic mic/line/matrix mixer with a telephone interface and a 10W power amp. It incorporates patented noise-cancellation algorithms with echo-cancellation and telephone-interfacing technologies. The Vortex EF2201 is a telephone interface for conferencing “phone add” applications. It includes the patented noise cancellation to ensure clean audio on phone calls and features one-cable connection to other conferencing products in the facility.
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Listen Technologies Corp

An upgrade program allows previous Listen owners to take advantage of the wireless audio innovation ListenSQ. Through a combination of technological enhancements, the ListenSQ delivers 80 dB signal-to-noise ratio.
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The Advantage loudspeakers are a combination of round shapes for in-ceiling applications and rectangular for use in walls that use patented design techniques. Among the features of Advantage loudspeakers is Twist and Tilt, a patented design found on all round in-ceiling Advantage models that is essentially two models in one: a standard flushmount as well as a directional speaker. The Advantage rectangular in-wall models use a design technique for reducing unwanted wall vibrations for better, clearer sound — the Iso-Mount suspension is a thermopolymer isolation gasket that physically separates the baffle from the frame to effectively absorb resonances that would normally be transmitted to the wall.
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Applied Research and Technology

The 400 Series of processors consists of precision equalizers, rackmount zone and personal mixers, power distribution systems, and a high-quality headphone amplifier. The 400 Series includes the Model 441 dual 15-band graphic equalizer; the Model 451 single 31-band graphic equalizer; the Model 455 dual 31-band graphic equalizer; the Model 442 long throw, dual 15-band equalizer with 60 mm sliders and LED meters; and the Model 452 long throw, 31-band equalizer with 60 mm sliders and LED meters. The 400 Series precision graphic equalizers feature active filter sections, which incorporate a constant-Q design. The 400 Series also includes the Model 401 digital power distribution system; the Model 402 digital power distribution system; the Model 403 digital power distribution system; the Model 405, 5-channel zone distribution mixer; the Model 406, 6-channel headphone amplifier; the Model 416, 6-channel personal mixer with EQ, FX, and direct outs; and the Model 418, 8-channel personal mixer with EQ, FX, and direct outs.
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The EuroPower PMX2000 has an ultra-low-noise (ULN) design and is a10-channel power mixer with a 2-by-250W stereo power amp with an optional bridged mono mode, studio-quality invisible mic preamps (IMPs), and a 24-bit stereo effects processor with Virtualizer technology. The PMX2000's ULN design and IMPs provide for large headroom and transparent sound while peak LEDs, — 25 dB, pad and switchable +48V phantom power, and an effective 3-band EQ and internal effects send and monitor send guarantee high flexibility. The flexible master section sports two 9-band graphic equalizers, which can be assigned to the left and right main mix or to the main mix and monitor out. The graphic EQ is augmented by a switchable low-cut filter for channels 1 through 6; both graphic EQs feature an in/out switch for quick comparisons or bypassing.
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Speaker Systems

Altec Lansing Professional

The DS912-8A 12-inch Duplex full-range speaker is installed in a five-sided wooden enclosure with internal fly ware. The speaker system is rated at 125W AES/500W peak power handling. The LF115-8A single 15-inch subwoofer features an internal crossover network. Completing the family is a compact, wide dispersion floor monitor, the FM912-8A, which uses a 12-inch Duplex component.
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Noise Suppression System

Cedar Audio USA

The Cambridge incorporates a suite of algorithms. The processes are capable of removing noise without damaging the desired audio or introducing unwanted side effects and artifacts. The Cambridge is scalable and completely modular and handles 96 kHz with ease. It also offers 64-bit floating-point processing at all times and is a real-time system.
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Coaxial Enclosures

Quad Industrial

The QPS series targets the architectural sound reinforcement market with a range of compact point-source coaxial enclosures. The lineup includes the 8-inch QPS8, the 10-inch QPS10, the 12-inch QPS12, and the 15-inch QPS15 versions, along with the 8-inch QPS8M and the 15-inch QPS15M floor monitors, built into 60-degree angled enclosures for close monitoring in confined spaces. Low-profile 12-inch and 15-inch subwoofers (designed as the QPSB12 and QPSB15, respectively) complete the series. Thought was given to targeting niche markets in its application; for example, the compact 8-inch floor monitor is for speech applications in ballrooms, banquet halls, and auditoriums, whereas the 600W 15-inch sub measures less than 10 inches high and is thus for concealing under the low stages commonly found in small auditoriums and lecture theaters.
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Formula Sound

The ZMR-243 allows remote input selection as well as remote control of output volume. The ZMR-243 is designed for use in applications in which precise control of different audio zones is required, such as theme parks, hotels, conference centers, pubs, and entertainment venues. Housed in a 19-inch 1RU casing, it allows full control through passive remote panels, so it can be located out of the way. It provides four stereo music inputs, two low-impedance balanced microphone inputs, and three stereo zone balanced outputs with preset HF and LF equalization.
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Paging Microphone

Intelix LLC

The PSM paging microphone is an accessory to the company's MZP multizone paging and program distribution matrix mixer. The PSM combines the customizable technology of MZP setup software with a quality paging microphone to allow maximum flexibility in zoned paging. The PSM was designed to be less a microphone and more a complete remote station. The PSM is not hardwired to determinate zones but instead employs programmable touch-button controls to be defined, reprogrammed, and customized through MZP Designer software.
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Tangent Array System


The GEO T tangent array system is for large venues and outdoor applications. The GEO T has been engineered as a scalable system that can handle audiences from 1,000 to 100,000 or more. It was developed in conjunction with touring sound rental companies.
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TerraLink is a software application that creates a link between the Audio Toolbox and any Mac or PC computer. TerraLink has two functions: real-time display and enhanced data analysis. Data streams from the Real Time Analyzer, the FFT Analyzer, and the Energy-Time Graph in the Audio Toolbox can be monitored dynamically as the measurements are being conducted. These can be run in a window or using the entire screen on any computer platform, allowing for visibility and readability.
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Drag Net v. 3.0 offers several additions and enhancements to the company's family of 100 percent drag-and-drop configurable, digital signal-processing (DSP) — based products. Drag Net 3.0 adds support for the new RPM 2 programmable multiprocessor, which offers a fully flexible DSP solution. The palette of signal-processing tools expands in version 3.0 to include the new Perfect-Q Graphic Equalizer, Ambient Noise Compensator, and deluxe mono or stereo Side-Chain Compressor. The RPM 2 features two analog line-level inputs and two balanced line-level outputs, all using Euro-style (Phoenix) barrier connectors for ease of installation.
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Inter-M Americas

Two graphic equalizers combine familiar analog control features with the precision and quality of digital performance. Designated as the single-channel model GEQ-1231D and the dual-channel GEQ-2231D, the two digital signal-processing — based units feature analog-style faders on their front panels. Providing you with a dynamic range greater than 100 dB, each is operable within an extended bandwidth of 10 Hz to 30.5 kHz and is equipped with premium A/D/A converters, balanced XLR connectors, 24-bit/64 kHz resolution, peak limiting, low- and high-cut filters, and a full 31 bands of graphic equalization.
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Control System

IntelliNet Controls

The RS3000 is a Web-based control system that will initially contain standard hardware/software modules for distributed audio that can be configured and controlled through Web-based devices. Beyond its audiophile performance for multiroom audio, the RS3000 also offers features such as integrated doorbells, paging, source power management, and capacity for customization. The RS3000 system is the sum of several key components: the Control 4 Web server acts as the brain for the entire system, a digital hub to control existing audio/video devices through the Ethernet network; an AM-2 audio matrix is a multizone stereo preamplifier; and six IR controllable keypads are ⅝ inches for mounting anywhere. There are also two ergonomic IR remote controls and six IR emitters. The RS3000 system distributes 6 independent sources throughout 6 zones and is then fully expandable up to 30 zones.
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Lavalier Mic


The AT899 subminiature omnidirectional condenser microphone is for high-quality, unobtrusive operation. It provides maximum intelligibility and clean, accurate reproduction for vocalists, lecturers, stage and television talent, and houses of worship. The AT899 is 5 mm in diameter, making it appropriate for applications requiring minimum visibility. It operates on battery or phantom power and includes a complete accessory kit.
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Henry Engineering

The Micromixer is a compact four-input, two-output stereo mixer for line-level audio sources. It is designed for combining two stereo sources or four mono sources to a stereo output. MicroAssign switches permit any input to be routed to the left, the right, or both outputs. The AC power supply is built in so that no wall warts are needed.
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Intelligent Audio Systems

The 643 is a self-installing and self-adjusting audio loudspeaker and applies the company's proprietary technology. The Rads technology enables a computer to hear the way the human ear does, controlling how speakers interact with each listening room. You place the system in the listening room wherever it is convenient and connect it to whatever kind of audio system you wish. The onboard X-Scale processor scans the input and output hookup and automatically adapts the system, calculating the match for your speakers, your room, and your connections.
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CD/Cassette Deck

Denon Electronics

The DN-T645 CD/cassette combination deck offers CD playback features as well as cassette record and playback functions. The unit combines flexible routing and external control options. The advanced CD mechanism can support playback of CD and CD-R/RW formats as well as MP3 file playback from a compact disc. Dolby B/C noise reduction is provided as well as the Dolby HX-Pro headroom extension system for audio clarity in playback and recording situations.
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Audio Switcher

Extron Electronics

The MediaLink Switcher MLS 100 A is a compact, four-input, one-output active audio switcher using 3.5 mm captive screw connectors. Inputs one through four provide balanced or unbalanced audio while an additional input is an active auxiliary line-level mono audio input that can be mixed with any of the other four selectable inputs. The MLS 100 A also includes preamp volume control. When used with a MediaLink Controller MLC 206, input switching and volume are achieved through the MLC 206's user interface.
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A/V Controller


The Halo C1 allows audiophiles to control their acoustic environment. The reference-grade component is a THX Ultra2 — certified multichannel A/V controller that uses a digital signal-processing engine to deliver levels of performance and control while remaining easy to set up and operate. It also has four programmable output channels that take surround sound beyond the boundaries of conventional 7.1-channel systems. For the creative audiophile, these four additional channels provide opportunities to fine-tune the sound of the system.
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Audio Systems

TerraTec Electronic

The EWS MIC8(2) audio system features eight balanced high-quality line and microphone inputs and eight balanced outputs. The AudioSystem calls a 48V phantom powering and a low-cut filter per channel its own. Based on the MIC8, 19-inch module, the EWS MIC2 offers all of the features of its older sibling, also including eight balanced analog inputs and outputs but with two rather than eight independent microphone preamps. Features include a 19-inch rackmounted external module for the EWS88 PCI card interface (since hardware version 2.0) or any ADAT interface card.
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