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August 1997

August 1997


Wireless technology and security systems: Technology and miniaturizationallow wireless systems to function as reliably as wired systems without allthat drilling, snaking, pulling and connecting.

Howard E. Friedman

The basics and principles of hardwired security systems were recently discussed in both the February and April issues of S&VC. This month, as we continue…

All things invisible: At L.A.’s IdeaHouse, advanced multimedia capabilitiesare enclosed within wall, hidden in cabinets and lurking behind secretpanels.

Gregory A. DeTogne

Meet Sarah and Philip, and welcome to their country cottage. Sarah is a landscape architect who works at home (lives at work is probably more like it)….

CCTV in the real world: designing systems for people who use them:Sometimes experts get so caught up in the features and buzzwords that theyforget an important element in any CCTV system: the people who use them.

Robert D. Grossman

We all live in the real world, but few of us actually work there. Think of that the next time you push a door that you should have pulled to open, try…

A window to the stars: Details count in this home theater, where lighting,storage and ease of use were as carefully thought out as the sound andvideo.

Bob Heil

Home theater is so much more than a multichannel sound system and a large television screen. Most home theater systems in place today are simply loud…

Computer Automation in sound-reinforcement consoles: Computer automationand livesound shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Newtechnology can minimizeuncertainty and savetime and costs.

Nick Franks, Geoff Muizr and Dave Lewty

It is often said that in live sound, there is no rehearsal and no second chance; each performance is considered to be a unique and unpredictable event….

NICET Certification taking the place you have earned: NICET certificationwill bridge the gap between unstructured on-the-job instruction and theprofessionalism we all desire.

Gary Schmitt

I am a professional audio technician holding the key to a bright future for me, for my company and for our installation industry. That key is NICET certification,…

Time Control systems: We all take that clock on the wall for granted. Butfor schools, transit facilities and industrial plants, knowing the correcttime is crucial.

R. David Read

Tempus fugit, as the Romans coined it – time flies. How can we control itWe can’t. However, we can measure it.The first use of clocks (or chronometers)…

How to make it easy: When a control system is really easy to operate, howdid it get that way?

Dave Hill

Ease of use. Customers demand it. Contractors profit from it. Contractors save money when operator errors are reduced or eliminated. If there’s a security…

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