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August 2000

August 2000


THE ROAD to cash-flow management

Alan Kruglak

One of my favorite commercials of the 20th century was Wendy’s Hamburger’s “Where’s the beef?” For those unfamiliar with this classic commercial, an old…


Minerva Systems and Panja deliver conferencing solution

Cindy Holst

Minerva Systems and Panja have joined forces to deliver a videoconferencing solution for broadband IP networks. Panja’s web-based client server application…

Panasonic announces website

Cindy Holst

The Panasonic DA7 User Group, located at, allows users to chat with other DA7 users, download new product information and software, post messages,…

Richardson Electronics joins NIBESA

Cindy Holst

Richarson Electronics Security Systems division, Houston, joined NIBESA, the National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association. NIBESA is a national…

Orad opens Midwest office

Cindy Holst

Orad has opened a regional office in Arlington, TX, to provide sales and technical support to Orad’s customer base in the Midwest. This is Orad’s third…

THAT Corporation acquires Sipex facility

Cindy Holst

THAT Corporation has acquired Sipex Corporation’s 4 inch (102 mm) wafer fabrication facility in Milpitas, CA. The facility gives THAT control over the…

Escient moves

Cindy Holst

Escient has relocated to Intech Park, at 6325 Digital Way, Indianapolis, IN 46728. Call Escient at 800372-4368 or 317-616-6789 or fax at 317-616-6790….

Sweetwater launches online store

Cindy Holst

Sweetwater announces the opening of its store on the Internet at Products from Sweetwater’s stock of music technology equipment…

Soundtracs redesigns web site

Cindy Holst

Soundtracs has redesigned its web site at Users can download high resolution images and receive the latest news from the press office….

ACT Teleconferencing acquires internet service provider

Cindy Holst

ACT Teleconferencing has acquired the Internet service provider (ISP) division of Mueller Telecommunications, Inc. (MTI), a service provider that will…

Philips updates website

Cindy Holst

Philips Communication & Security Systems has updated its website at to include data sheets, software updates, demos, technical tips,…

MTX products honored

Cindy Holst

MTX Audio has been recognized by consumer electronics retailers, who honored MTX with three product of the year awards in the 1999 Hi-Fi Grand Prix competition….

Ednet redesigns website

Cindy Holst

Ednet has launched a redesigned website featuring technical and strategic information on digital audio and video networks for professional media and corporate…

Sigma Designs and Acer team up

Cindy Holst

Sigma Designs and Acer developed set-top boxes to offer residential customers worldwide broadband multimedia services, including video-on-demand and interactive…

Bag End completes website overhaul

Cindy Holst

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems has launched its updated website at, which now contains a complete catalog with a separate specification page…

Security Associates acquires central stations

Cindy Holst

Security Associates International acquired two UL listed central stations: Alarm Monitoring Services, Seattle, and Total Electronic Alarm Monitoring,…

ConnectSound launches website

Cindy Holst

ConnectSound provides e-commerce solutions by focusing on an Internet retail website,, including a technical data warehouse. Users…

Imeron expands distribution

Cindy Holst

Imeron has expanded its distribution to include the European market. Imeron now ships its immersive audio products to European customers within 48 hours…

Video Projections

DISTRIBUTION of digital television signals

Peter H. Putman

In last month’s column, I covered the problems inherent in trying to receive dependable 8VSB DTV signals and mentioned the significant problems presented…

Clean Signals

NEVER ASSUME anything about the wiring of power outlets

Bill Whitlock

You have probably heard the saying that to assume makes an ass of you and me. When trying to track down and correct A-V system noise or interference problems,…



Orrin Charm

A hybrid of commercial and residential installation, working successfully in the lucrative multi-family dwelling market requires a delicate combination…

Words of Wisdom

Gary Eskow

Four industry professionals share their strategies for and experiences in selling to the residential installation market.Home-theater systems are becoming…

A Constant State of Change

Rosanne Soifer

For the A-V systems integrator, what technically qualifies as a residential installation is constantly under revision, as are its technological needs.According…

Full Coverage

Dean Rivera

Proper surround loudspeaker selection and placement is essential to capturing the level of audio realism that the end user expects from a home theater…

Cinema Sanctuary

Gegory A. DeTogne

It was, at one point in time, a rather bleak interior landscape. A place, by all appearances, best suited for storing outdated kitchen appliances, forgotten…

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