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August 2007

August 2007


InfoComm Audio Roundup

Jack Kontney

The audio pavilion at this year’s InfoComm was bigger than ever. While the recent trend toward convergence products continued, the overriding theme was firmly toward application-specific design…

InfoComm Pick Hits 2007

At InfoComm 07, Sound & Video Contractor’s editorial team patrolled the show floor at the Anaheim Convention Center hunting for new products deserving…

Technology Showcase: In-ceiling Hi-fi Loudspeakers

By Bruce Borgerson

Once upon a time a few decades back a studio monitor was a studio monitor and a ceiling loudspeaker was a ceiling loudspeaker. There was no way a competent…

Technology Showcase: Home Theater Projectors

By Jay Ankeney

There is a mania among home theater fans to quest after the biggest screens possible, regardless of whether they fit into a domicile’s dcor or provide…

Installation Profile:
Designer Home Theater

By Dan Daley

One-button simplicity was the goal in the Electronics Design Group’s installation of a 22-seat theater in a 20,000-square-foot new home in northern New Jersey…


Yamaha LS9 Series

By John McJunkin

In the course of my career, I have reviewed a couple of Yamaha Commercial Audio mixers specifically the DM-1000 and M7CL and I’ve also had my paws on…

NEC Multeos M40-AV

By Jeff Sauer

More often than not, flatpanel display manufacturers (as well as projector and camcorder makers, for that matter) release multiple versions of virtually…


Expert Column: Developing a Sound Home Theater

By Sean Bowman

The most important thing to remember when building a home theater is that even with high-end equipment, sound quality will suffer from poor acoustics…

AV and Architects

By Michael Goldman

Just in time for CEDIA, we examine a high-end home theater installation this issue in Dan Daley’s cover story on p. 62. Reading between the lines in the piece…

Picture This: Short Throws

By Jeff Sauer

One of the most intriguing announcements at InfoComm 07, at least to me, revolved around Sanyo’s LP-XL50 — an extreme-short-throw projector that can generate 80in.-diagonal images while positioned just 3in. from the screen….

Associations Focus: Back to School

Association membership offers AV professionals
plenty of educational opportunities this summer…

POV: We Are All AV Historians

By Duffy Wilbert, CTS

During InfoComm 07, I had the pleasure of interviewing several members about the AV industry as part of InfoComm’s AV Historians…


The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Reynolds Home, Dawnsonville, Ga.

By Trevor Boyer

Interior designer Kathy Reynolds worked closely with electronic architect HomeWaves to integrate design a home automation system that included sophisticated lighting, state-of-the-art home control, a subtle audio infrastructure, and video technology delicately built into walls or strategically mounted throughout the home…

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Barefield Home, Duluth, Ga.

By Jessaca Gutierrez

An InFocus SP777 projector helped transform a walkout basement with an unusual shape and high ambient-light levels into a classic, intimate home theater…

What’s New

What’s New: Residential Technology

Cutting-edge residential products on display at CEDIA, Sept. 5-9, 2007…

Focus on Digital Signage

Focus on Digital Signage: Dynamic Digital Signage

By Jay Ankeney

Digital signage is infusing all aspects of our lives. Consider the fact that on many college campuses, if there is an emergency, the administration no longer relies on radio or TV to alert their students. …

Focus on Digital Signage: New Products

A sampling of the latest digital signage tools — from displays, to software, to turnkey digital signage systems…

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