Automation, Networking and Control

Look no further than these home automation products featured in the Residential Contractor's Guide.
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Automation, Networking and Control

Sep 28, 2001 12:00 PM, Editors

Automation, Networking and Control Products

Remote Control
Interlink Electronics

Interlink’s Interactive Remote Controls™ allowmultiple-service operators and content provides to offer subscribers anintuitive, single-handed remote that serves as the user’s maininterface to the entire range of digital TV services. RemoteLink™wireless communication enables remote gesture control of homeelectronic devices, keyboard-less text entry and wireless telephony.Finger swipes and writing with the fingertip on the pad allow users toswitch sources, designate channels and control as many as 25 functionswithout the numerous tiny push-buttons that complicate many remotecontrols.

A/V Control Receiver

The sound of Advanced Super A design goes to five channels inJVC’s RX-9000VBK, a multiroom/multisource audio-video controlreceiver. The receiver has built-in Dolby Digital and DTS recording, iscompatible with multichannel audio and has a 5.1-channel analog inputand five separate amps. Its fully discrete 120WX2 (100X5) amplifiersection is FTC-rated into 8 ohms or 4 ohms. Multiroom/multisourcecapabilities are controlled by an RF/IR multibrand A/V-CATV DBS remoteunit. Other features are ease of use, numerous video switchingcapabilities, banana plug speaker terminals with five-way bindingplugs, and a 1-bit P.E.M. D.D. converter for all six channels.

Home Control System
Millennium Enterprises

The Xanboo™ provides remote video monitoring, home automationcontrol and sensors to notify users of events at home via cell phone,pager, wireless PDA or e-mail. Users can be at work and receive a pagewhen someone is at their front door at home. Logging, the user can see who it is via the front-door camera.The Xanboo system can control multiple video cameras; motion,temperature, moisture and audio sensors; appliance control; andgarage-door controls.

Learning Remote
Millennium Enterprises

The Home Logic™ HL-UR362 universal learning remote controlincludes 10 device banks for home theater components. The HL-UR362 canlearn up to 47 commands for each component and can store key functions.Users can edit function names as they see fit (up to eight characters)and can also program 20 macros, each with up to 20 steps. A slidingcover hides the sub-function keys along with five special multicodekeys that store up to five rotating commands per key. The LCD displayand main keypad show time and date and are back-lit in green with anautomatic illumination when the room is dark. A timer is also built into activate devices on cue.

Satellite Dish Multiswitches
Millennium Enterprises

Millennium’s SAT-A84 satellite multiswitch integrates multiplereceivers with 22kHz switching digital satellite systems. It iscompatible with 22kHz DBS switching systems and can integrate fiveinputs (4 LNB/1 terrestrial) into four receiver outputs.

Universal Smart Remote Control

Proton presents the SRC-2000 touchscreen smart remote control andSDS-2000 optional docking station. This remote can operate television,VCR, AMP, DVD, SAT, VCD, CD, tuner, LD, AUX 1 and AUX 2. It has up to12 fully configurable macro functions; each of these can hold up to 25individual commands. The remote’s simple design and its back-lit128x64-resolution LCD screen with adjustable light-level sensor allowfor easy operation. The optional SDS-2000 docking station helps ensurethe batteries are always charged and the remote is hard to misplace.The station has a universal power adapter and a data link cable toconnect to PCs.

Controller and DVD Changer

Used together, the Runco SAR-Controller and SAR-200 DVD changer allowthe user to daisy-chain up to six changers together for access to atotal of 1200 DVD movie and CD audio discs. The SAR-Controller usesEscient IntelligentLink technology to automatically distinguish thetype and identity of each disc. At 35 pounds, 6.6 inches high, 7.5inches wide and 17.25 inches deep, the controller features onscreengraphics, a preview function, MPEG-2 decoder chip, RS-232 control andintegration, S-video output, RGB outputs, RS-232 port, and 640x480graphical user interface. The SAR-200 has a frequency response of 20 Hzto 20 kHz ±0.5 dB, signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB and dynamicrange of 98 dB.

Connecting Blocks

The IRB-6 and IRB-1 are in-wall connecting blocks for infraredremote-controlled components. The IRB-6 handles up to 12 infraredreceivers or IR learning keypads in any combination. It allows controlof up to eight separate IR controlled components. The product has a"confirm" LED screen for troubleshooting, a front power jack for powersupply connection, and a status jack for a second power supply. TheIRB-1 has a 1/8-inch, 3-conductor jack on the front plate to directlyconnect to a tabletop IR receiver. Like the IRB-6, it also has a"confirm" LED.

Family Entertainment

Yamaha added the VS-10 to its CinemaStation line of home entertainmentproducts. The VS-10 includes a control center with a 5.1-channelamplifier and surround processor that can decode Dolby Digital and DTSsignals; four Yamaha DSP programs; a virtual surround program that canbe used with one pair of speakers; five speakers and a subwoofer. Thecontrol center provides 25 watts to each of five channels and 50 wattsto the subwoofer output. The system was designed to match the SonyPlayStation 2, which is both a DVD and CD player in addition to a gamecontrol.




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