Plasma Mount Premier Mountswww.premiermounts.com The Swivel Stand (PSD-SVL) is designed to support a large-screen plasma or LCD display horizontally on
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May 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Plasma Mount

Premier Mounts

The Swivel Stand (PSD-SVL) is designed to support a large-screen plasma or LCD display horizontally on a tabletop or on another flat, horizontal surface. Its unobtrusive mounting pedestal can then be bolted to the mounting surface. The stand swivels up to 45 degrees left or right of center, depending on screen size, and offers more than 12 degrees of tilt. The tilt feature is provided by the company's Clevis Mount, which is included with the stand.
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Magenta Research

The MultiView 1500 Cat-5 receiver is a high-performance, long-distance, high-resolution video/full-modem serial/audio-over-Cat-5 distribution product. The MultiView 1500 is rated at 1,024 by 768 at 1,500 feet and 1,600 by 1,280 at 1,000 feet. The MultiView 1500 receiver features optional, adjustable delay-line skew compensation technology incorporated into its design, enabling you to compensate for the time delays created between separate RGB channels over long distances of Cat-5/5e/6 cable. A single control allows for complete and infinite adjustability of compensation for the attenuation associated with long runs of untwisted pair (Cat-5/5e/6) cable.
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Test Tool Accessories

Fluke Corp.

SureGrip professional test equipment accessories are designed to improve gripping ability and reduce the chance of probes slipping from your hand or off the component. The SureGrip accessory line includes a full array of clips and test leads with rubber overmolded surfaces and finger-hugging curves for ergonomic comfort and operational ease. From the angle of the teeth in each alligator clip to the improved strength and insulation in the accessories' silicone wire coatings, SureGrip accessories are built from the ground up with the advice of professional users who require durability, comfort, accuracy, and safety in their tools. All 11 new SureGrip accessories carry 1,000V Cat-3/600V Cat-4 safety ratings.
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The Max A/V Component family has been enhanced with the release of optional front silver replacement bezels for the line. The Max A/V Components offer enhanced control combined with protection for home entertainment or home-theater systems. The Max Audio/Video Series Components provide EMI/RFI filtration for audio/video and home-theater systems. The optional front silver replacement bezels will be available for the following Max A/V models: the M5510, M5500, M5300, M4400, and M4310.
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LCD Tablet

Alliance International

The Digital Class is a 15-inch electromagnetic LCD tablet that allows you to control computer functions by touching an electronic pen directly to the LCD screen. When used with a projector, the Digital Class, which comes bundled with presentation software, offers an alternative to traditional electronic white boards. The benefits of using the Digital Class with a projector are no projector beam hitting you in the eye, no shadows on the board, and no calibration. With the Digital Class, it's not necessary to turn your back on the audience to write on the board.
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Intelix LLC

The RB3 and RB6 rackmount baluns are used to transmit video and audio signals over a single run of unshielded twisted pair wire, using an existing building's structured wiring system without the tangle of multiple bulky coaxial video and twisted pair audio cords. Rackmount baluns feature Phoenix connections and are customizable depending upon the installation. Each rackmount unit can facilitate three, six, or three-and-three V1A2 (one composite baseband video; stereo audio) or V2A2 (2-channel video; stereo audio) balun circuits and can be used in pairs or with single baluns of the same variety. This modular approach makes customizing a rack for maximum efficiency easy.
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Equipto Electronics

Custom-made card cages and subrack chassis guarantee fit while meeting nearly any board standard. Cages can be any length, width, depth, or spacing. Special front panels, finishes, labeling, or silk-screened logos and other copy can be applied during manufacturing. Industry standards such as EIA, VME, VXI, and compact PCI can be accommodated while creating enclosures tailored to particular needs. Cages can be created from drawings, rough sketches, and conversations.
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Winsted Corp.

A technological process called TruForm is being manufactured into rack console work surfaces. It is offered as standard on the Slim-Line Prestige command center consoles, but it is available as an option on work shelves used in the standard System/85 rack console line and for custom rack console shelves specified by the customer. The material is PVC and is easy to maintain; advantages are the seamless smooth edges and rounded corners achieved by the manufacturing process. The company can form the material permanently to almost any custom-shaped surface that has cutouts, recessed areas, or severe angles with no seams or overlapping edges.
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Using a 2×1 Switcher, you can add a second computer to your system and not have to invest in a second monitor, keyboard, and mouse. If you want to connect a third or a fourth computer to your system, the 4×1 DVI Switcher connects four computers to one digital monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and a pair of speakers. Designed for Apple Cinema Display users is the ADC Switcher, a 2-by-1 switch that switches between two computers or laptops using one Apple Cinema Display. These switchers are cross-platform in capability; the DVI switcher works with most digital visual interface displays and projectors with the exception of the ADC Switcher, which works with Apple's proprietary ADC technology.
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Fiber-Optic Transmission System

Communications Specialties

The Pure Digital Fiberlink 7130 Series provides transmission of 15 MHz wideband composite video using 10-bit video processing and four independent audio channels over a single fiber. Designed for broadcast and video environments, the 7130 Series is for long cable runs, either in a field or studio environment. The system is compatible with all video formats, including NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. The audio channels may be used for two channels of stereo or four independent channels.
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Touch Panel

Crestron Electronics

The Isys TPS-4500V touch panel offers video as a standard feature with the addition of the TPS-VID-1 video card. With video as standard, this panel offers an increase in the overall quality of onscreen video for composite or S-video sources. Options include TPS-4500V Isys touch panel, 12-inch multimedia tilt model with video card, black case and includes TPS-4500IMC; TPS-4500LVB Isys touch panel, 12-inch multimedia lectern/wall model with video card and black faceplate; and TPS-4500LVW Isys touch panel, 12-inch multimedia lectern/wall model with video card and white faceplate.
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Fan Control

Middle Atlantic Products

The UL-listed FC-4 fan control lets contractors incorporate effective thermal management into the rack enclosure systems they design. If you select one of three temperature range settings, the FC-4 will trigger fan operation only when a rack's internal temperature reaches the preset level. Additionally, the FC-4 controls fan speed proportionally to the temperature, extending fan life to reduce maintenance while protecting the equipment mounted within. Available to mount within the MPR Modular Power Raceway or as a standalone unit, the FC-4 allows control of as many as four 120V fans.
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