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Security Cage Chief Manufacturingwww.chiefmfg.com The PG-1 Projector Guard security/safety cage is designed to protect projectors from theft and can also
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Mar 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Security Cage

Chief Manufacturing

The PG-1 Projector Guard security/safety cage is designed to protect projectors from theft and can also be used in gymnasium environments to guard against recreational damage. The Projector Guard fully covers LCD/DLP projectors in an all-steel cage that is lockable with security screws and padlocks. The design allows the cage to be easily added to preexisting installations. The cage is slipped over the projector, attached to a 1½-inch NPT extension column, and secured with security hardware and optional padlocks.
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Hard-Drive Source Component


The Kivor Index music library offers audio performance, storage capacity, and software management. The Index stereo music library is a simple-to-install, high-performance, eight-zone hard-drive source component designed for high-fidelity distributed audio applications in multiroom systems. Available in two fixed configurations, the Index music library provides 250 hours or 500 hours of full-bandwidth, pitch-accurate audio storage on reliable hard drives, increasing tenfold with compressed audio. Features include the integrated analog PCI Musik Machine card providing eight simultaneous analog audio sources through eight stereo pairs of analog outputs.
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Network Document Camera

Yokogawa MAT Corp.

The MC-20Web allows presenters to show images in real time over a computer network or the Internet. The product provides a remote conferencing capability for schools and businesses. The MC-20Web has a built-in IP address and connects to any network with a standard Cat-5 cable. It converts video images from the camera into streaming JPEG files so viewers in remote locations can see real-time images taken by the camera on their computer screen with a standard Web browser at 5 frames per second or 15 frames per second.
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Control System Designer


QuickCue is an automated control system design and quotation software tool that allows salespeople, designers, and engineers to instantly generate an accurate control system quotation. Specifically designed for Cue remote control systems, quickCue was developed by using Cue's touch-panel interface development software, Design Director. QuickCue is intuitive and allows you to build “what if” scenarios for control system applications in less than five minutes.
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Surveillance Camera

JVC Professional Products Company

The VN-C10U video camera works in a network environment and delivers still or motion JPEG or MPEG-4 format video streams for delivery over a LAN, a WAN, or the Internet. A compact, all-in-one design, the VN-C10U includes built-in Web and FTP servers for direct connections to a network. The camera provides MPEG-4 video in two resolutions, 160-by-120 or 320-by-240 pixels, and motion JPEG video in three resolutions, from 160-by-120 to 640-by-480 pixels, enabling you to view the video, in full size, from anywhere in the world. With internal memory, pre-and postalarm recording is possible.
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Power Cords


The Pinnacle high-performance AC power supply cord family features 12 AWG stranded oxygen-free copper current conductors, double-jacketed current conductors, twisted conductor architecture, and gold connectors and is available in a black jacket. The power supply cord family includes a 10-foot extension cord as well as IEC detachable cords. The Pinnacle power cords are designed to minimize noise contamination. The cords are made with 12-gauge, processed stranded-copper line, neutral, and ground wires to ensure no current clipping and all the power a system component needs at all times.
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Security System

GE Interlogix

The Simon security system is for the lifestyle and needs of the visually impaired with its braille keypad overlay. The Simon provides home security, fire alarm, and environmental monitoring in a low-profile unit. The system delivers voice prompts and status messages to the user and describes the location and nature of an alarm. The Simon assures users when it is armed properly and notifies them if it isn't.
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A/V Controller


The SuperHub is a single-rack-unit programmable controller, which interfaces with the Intelliplate range of programmable wall panels and paging stations through a dedicated RJ-45 connector. The SuperHub features a real-time clock and calendar for automation of control functions and will also integrate with touch panels and other control interfaces. The SuperHub features RS232, RS485, and Ethernet ports as standard, with other options being available on request. The SuperHub is programmed using any computing device with a text editor, including PCs, Macs, and PDAs.
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Fiber Cable Holder


The optical fiber bracket-blind hole (OFB-BH-6-19) holds as many as six 2 mm jacketed fiber cables for routing. The OFB-BH mounts into a 7.92 mm — diameter hole in a 6.35 mm — minimum — thick panel. The OFB-BH will mount securely into a blind hole in wood, threaded metal, particleboard, and rubber holes.
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Cable Runway Protectors


Cable Runway Protectors protect your cables from the crowd and the crowd from your cables. They weigh 19 pounds, so they won't slide around, and are available in bright yellow and orange for safety or black and orange. Each section measures 36 inches by 17.5 inches by 1.95 inches. Each contains five separate 1.3-inch-by-1.3-inch cable slots under a hinged top panel.
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Equipto Electronics

EMI/RFI shielded enclosures provide a high 80 dB of attenuation from 200 MHz to 1 GHz and 60 dB from 1 GHz to 10 GHz. Originally designed for a new defense systems program, the enclosures continue to meet the high EMI/RFI attenuation even after completing a NEBS Zone 4 earthquake simulation. The company achieved the new level of performance using its Heavy Duty line of electronic cabinets. The Heavy Duty product is designed to meet a variety of stringent shock and vibration requirements, including Mil-Spec 810 and Mil-Spec 901.
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Portable Cable Reel

Hannay Reels

The AVC 20-14-16 portable cable reel is for storing higher capacities of cable and for applications with long cable runs or large diameter cable. The versatile reel is equipped with direct crank rewind to provide fast and easy pickup. An adjustable friction brake is standard, and a spring drag device to brake the reel is optional. It is small and lightweight, which makes for easy transport.
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Balanced Power System


The rackmounted balanced power system reduces background noise. Eight models — the ET1R, ET1.5R, ET2R, ET3R, ET4R, ET5R, ET7.5R, and ET10R — are available with an output capacity range of 1,000 to 10,000 VA. Inside of each system is a toroidal isolation transformer wound with a patented design. In addition to having a balanced output voltage, impedance is balanced, which provides a wide bandwidth of noise cancellation.
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The design of the Caddy MCS bracket properly spaces MC/AC cable to eliminate bundling and NEC derating issues. This multifunctional, modular bracket isolates, supports, and secures cables while maintaining access and flexibility. The versatile MCS100 allows support of multiple runs of MC/AC cable. One support bracket handles as many as eight MC/AC cables and a range of sizes, including 14-3, 1404, 12-2, 12-3, 12-4, and 10-2.
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Power Conditioners

Furman Sound

The RVC-7 Series is engineered for plasma screens and video projectors for all commercial and residential applications. The RVC Series's RVC-7 and RVC-7W models both partner Symmetrically Balanced Power with Plitron Transformer's Narrow Bandwidth Technology. One isolation transformer reduces both common and transverse mode noise from the AC line and aids in the elimination of hum bars. The RVC Series's video-optimized technology increases picture quality while simultaneously ensuring the highest level of performance possible, regardless of the viewing hour or location.
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Cable System

Interkom electronic US

The DMC offers a conferencing and distance learning solution. It combines speaking, listening, 10-response buttons, and camera control by microphone activation in a single-cable custom design system. With a high scale of technology, sound, and broadcast quality, the system comprises the central unit DCU with a modular power supply, terminals DCT, and cabling by a NetRateBus system using 50 fully digital channels. The system features two-way built-in high-quality loudspeakers in every seat, which delivers audibility without using any additional P.A. system. Audio inputs and outputs are also available in the DCU central unit for any playback or recording device.
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Touch-Panel Control Cable

Belden Electronics Division

A new addition to the Brilliance line is the Multimedia Touch-Panel Control cable. These composite data/power cables are appropriate for analog or digital system controllers and are recommended for all aspects of building management, including PC, A/V, and Internet integration; remote monitoring and control of building systems and security surveillance; equipment self-monitoring and maintenance alert; A/V system preprogramming; home theater and entertainment systems; ambient lighting/window shade automation; lighting system controllers; and energy, environmental, and climate control programming. The 1502R and 1502P two-pair composite cables are designed for maximum flexibility. The data pairs offer noise immunity and are engineered and tested for 100ž impedance.
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Multicore Cable


The Polystar PS14P has a versatile design and can handle outdoor or stage use, heat or cold, and rain or snow. The cable is available with 8 to 48 pairs in 8 types. One feature is its compact structure — the PS14P is 20 percent smaller in diameter than conventional multicores, yet each wire pair is individually jacketed. The flexible, durable construction of the Polystar PS14P is continued in the spiral-wound copper screening that insulates each wire pair.
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Point-to-Point System

Multiplex Technology

The ChannelPlus SVC-10 Cat-5 point-to-point system is designed to deliver video and audio from a local source to a remote room using Cat-5 UTP. The SVC-10 is a two-box system that can be integrated into any home with existing wire. It provides you the option of choosing between S-video, composite video, and analog and digital audio outputs. By plugging the sending unit in to any unused RJ-45 jack and the receiver in to the corresponding RJ-45 in another room, the SVC-10 transmits the same high-quality sound to any room in the house.
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L-Acoustics US

Developed to complement loudspeaker systems — including the dV-DOSC, MTD, and XT — the SB118 features a single 18-inch transducer loaded in a dual-chamber, vented bandpass configuration. Boasting a power handling capacity of 600W RMS (2,400W peak) and response down to 32 Hz, the subwoofer is for applications requiring exceptional low-end impact from a highly compact, lowprofile enclosure. Design criteria in the development of the SB118 were maximum sound-pressure-level output combined with extended low-frequency response from an enclosure as compact as possible. Dual-vented, bandpass loading provided the answer.
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Entry Panels

Viscount Systems

The Mesh family of telephone entry panels come with full-color keypad or touch-screen displays for entry to commercial or multiresidential buildings. Graphics can be customized per application. The units can be interfaced with a range of RF or proximity access control products. All traditional telephone entry functions can be performed by a Mesh panel as well as features such as digital video storage.
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