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A/V Adapters A Designswww.adesignsaudio.com A Designs has a new line of low-profile, solderless audio and video adapters. The LPV-1 is designed to transfer
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a/v accessories

Sep 1, 2002 12:00 PM

A/V Adapters

A Designs

A Designs has a new line of low-profile, solderless audio and video adapters. The LPV-1 is designed to transfer data for video using the HD-15 connector. The LPA-1 and LPA-1R are designed for audio installations utilizing the DB-25. The LP-9 is used for transfer of data with RS-232 applications using the DB-9 connector. Each adapter can be installed with faceplate mounting or as a direct connection, giving the installer the freedom of placing A/V equipment anywhere.
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Video Transmitter

Communications Specialties

The Pure Digital Fiberlink 3400 Series transmits single-channel, one-way composite video over one single mode or multimode fiber. The system's all-digital processing provides uniform performance over the entire transmission path and no crosstalk or drifting, and it requires no adjustments. The 3400 series features 8 MHz bandwidth and is compatible with NTSC, PAL, or SECAM video standards. It operates over a wide temperature range using 9 to 24 VAC or VDC power.
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Time Servers


Network Time Protocol (NTP) Time Servers provide a method of putting accurate time information onto a network. The ES-104 employs an internal GPS receiver as its time reference, providing the user with a source of Stratum 1 accuracy. The ES-289, ES-299, and ES-911/NTP receive their time reference from external sources of time code. The ES-289 accepts SMPTE/EBU time code or ESE Time Code, whereas the ES-299 references IRIG (A,B, or E), NASA 36, XR3, or 2137 time code (AM or TTL). The ES-911/NTP is designed to accept ASCII time code in any of these formats: NENA (Format 0, 1, or 2), ESE (Format A), or NMEA 0183.
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Extron Electronics

The AAP 301 is a one-rackspace metal panel that provides system integration of Extron's AAP options to create custom pass-through connections and control-module solutions for any rack. The AAP 301 has four AAP openings that you can fill with as many as eight single-space or four double-space AAPs. Blank AAP panels are included to fill unused openings.
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Analog Way

The Graphic Switcher II is a seamless switcher that cuts, fades, dissolves, mixes and makes picture-in-picture, wipes, and title insertions. The unit's 16 computer/video inputs are up/down scaled to programmable outputs that can be VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, D-ILA, and HDTV (480p, 720p, and 1,080p). One main and one preview output are available, and the Graphic Switcher II also has a pattern generator and four selectable tally outputs. An optional keyboard can control as many as three units simultaneously, and the Show Manager software can also drive events.
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Wharfedale Pro

A new line of trapezoidal enclosures is designed to meet the requirements of high-output, near-field reproduction. The two-way ported, compact Programme 50, 52, and 60 foreground and background systems provide a wide frequency range, coupled with high power handling in an acoustically efficient enclosure. The series offers four versions, with 70V/100V line transformer versions. The Programme 50 features a 5½-inch woofer and ¾-inch titanium driver, the Programme 52 features a pair of woofers and ¾-inch titanium driver, and the Programme 60 features two 6½-inch woofers and a 1-inch titanium compression driver and horn, with 60-by-60-degree coverage.
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The VideoEase Audio-Video Hub is for streamlining analog A/V distribution cabling. The Audio-Video Hub allows as many as two video and as many as two audio signals to be distributed to as many as eight destinations through a Cat-5 twisted pair. The product combines four A/V signals under one Cat-5 cable jacket, reducing by as many as three cables that need to be connected between the A/V source and A/V display. Also, the Audio-Video Hub may be cascaded to support as many as 64 display screens from one A/V source.
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The newest member of the Intelliplate range is the SuperHub. It provides general A/V control by providing control ports, a proprietary scripting language, processing power, and Ethernet capability. You can access the control system remotely by using a standard Web browser, and you can control multiple devices with one processor. The SuperHub is a one-rackspace device and has two RS232 ports, two RS485 ports, an Ethernet port, and an Intelliplate port.
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Wireless Home Control


The TotalTouch system is a wireless solution for the company's GrafikTouch Home Control System. It uses the Honeywell Web Pad along with new GrafikTouch software to allow wireless control of A/V, security, lights, temperature, CCTV, and other functions using GrafikTouch's custom floor plan of the user's home. All the features of the GrafikTouch Home Control System can be accessed remotely, including video and security cameras. The TotalTouch wireless solution can be retrofitted to most existing GrafikTouch systems.
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Installation Products


InstallEdge.com now offers an array of installation accessories for new and existing home audio, security, and video applications. Its nearly 100 products include boxes, wall plates, screws, and connectors for home electronic installation professionals. There are also tools necessary to install audio, video, and security accessories, such as a 54-inch flex bit for retrofitting existing in-wall wiring systems.
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Scan Converter


The MCP-601 is, in functionality, the high-end member of the company's scan converter product line. It is a Serial Digital 601-based scan converter with full SDI 601 input and output and digital key capability. It also addresses analog NTSC and PAL and offers the highest quality overlay scan conversion with the new DVI graphics standard. The MCP-601 accommodates digital and analog television environments while providing scan conversion, sizing, positioning, overlay, and keying capabilities.
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Interconnect Box


The PNP402 Pop 'N Plug tabletop interconnect box provides access to multimedia input connections on two sides when needed and hides them when not needed. This unit comes standard with both sides filled with the most commonly used connections for presentation and computer connectivity. It can also be customized with a variety of data or A/V connectors before shipment. Using a tower-type construction with pneumatic suspension and a mechanical latching mechanism, the PNP402 can pop up into a raised position to provide access to input plates, or it can be lowered flush into the table when not in use.
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Surveillance Cameras

Channel Vision

The 6007 digital color camera measures 1.5-by-1.5 inches and has a 3.6 mm lens at f20. Designed for indoor surveillance, the camera includes a 2× digital zoom and the ability to view normal or mirror images. The 5025 minicamera has a 3.6 mm lens, a power supply, and a mounting bracket and measures 45-by-45 mm. It offers 450 lines of high resolution.
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ReQuest Multimedia

The ARQ-OS 1.7.0 firmware has new features for integration with leading control systems, advanced network features for multilocation syncing, and remote access from anywhere through the Internet. The Quick-Play feature lets users access customized playlists using direct and next-playlist commands. It emulates scrolling through radio station presets, which can be done from a single button. With the Audio Access keypad, clients can scan their customized playlists.
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Network Electronics

A range of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, embedders, de-embedders, frame synchronizers, and deglitcher products is designed to complement and support the company's router range and optical transport platform. The modules fit into the flashlink frame and are controllable through GYDA, the Network Management and Monitoring System.
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