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Universal Interface Kit Extron Electronicswww.extron.com The RGB 192 Kit features an RGB 192V universal, analog computer-video interface with audio. It
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a/v accessories

Dec 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Universal Interface Kit

Extron Electronics

The RGB 192 Kit features an RGB 192V universal, analog computer-video interface with audio. It includes VGA/XGA, Mac, and 13W3 adapter cables with audio as well as a 25-foot (7.5 meters) BNC-5 high-resolution RGB output cable for connection to any presentation system. It also comes with a hard-plastic carrying case with foam cutouts for protecting the RGB 192 and adapter cables. The 192 Kit is for applications that use interfacing with many different computers and workstations.
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Telephone System

OnQ Technologies

The 2 × 10 KSU/PBX telephone system provides homeowners the convenience of having a residential telephone system with business-oriented features in their homes, including autoattendant, internal calling, music on-hold, and door-intercom functionality. The KSU/PBX telephone system is a standard module, designed to mount in any standard service center enclosure. The KSU/PBX telephone system uses standard telephones. Each telephone line can carry as many as ten extensions, each with two outlet locations. The telephone system manages calls through an auto (voice) attendant and gives homeowners their own voice-mail system to record callers' messages.
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NHC Communications

The MuxLab VideoEase VGA Balun is being specified into new school designs to provide a point-to-point VGA video connection between the instructor's PC and the projector through Cat-5 twisted pair in each classroom. Because distances between the PC and the projector are typically less than 100 feet and the display resolution is usually around 800 by 600, the VGA Balun is an option because of its passive design. Once the projector, cabling, and VGA Baluns are installed, the laptop or PC is plugged in to the designated modular Cat-5 outlet. Used in pairs, the VGA Balun supports as much as 450 feet through Cat-5 twisted pair.
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The EtherCon's RJ-45-style connectors were designed with audio and video stage technology, DMX systems, and harsh-environment applications in mind. The EtherCon cable carrier has been created with a die-cast shell and a chuck-type strain relief in order to reinforce the cable and protect the plug. The NE8MC series accepts all standard RJ-45 plugs. The NE8FA series of chassis-type connectors is based upon the construction of the XLR A/B and D Series.
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West Penn Wire/CDT

A line of composite media control cables has been introduced for ease of installation for many control systems. Part No. C2415 features one Cat-5 enhanced cable and one media control cable with an overall PVC jacket. Part No. C2425 features two Cat-5 enhanced cables and one media control cable with an overall PVC jacket. Part No. E1854 features a one-pair 18 Awg. unshielded cable, one RG59/U security-type coaxial cable, and one Cat-5 enhanced cable with an overall PVC jacket.
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Audio/Web Conferencing Platform


The ConferenceManager provides an audio and Web platform that allows employees to be more productive, foster stronger business relationships, and make decisions through a rich-media conferencing solution. The integrated ConferenceManager removes corporate dependency on outsourced services, eliminating the need to pay per-minute audio usage or monthly Web subscription fees. Designed to be more accessible and intuitive to all internal and external groups, the ConferenceManager includes scheduling and notification services; PSTN, PBX, IP-PBX, and VoIP connectivity; spontaneous or scheduled conferences; Microsoft Outlook integration for scheduling and contact management; wireless integration with SMS or Blackberry clients; security measures ensuring conference access is controlled; call detail reporting; full duplex, all-digital voice quality; and integration features that allow users to maximize the benefits of conferencing enterprise-wide.
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Total Structures

New wave is constructed using a series of perforated plates that are bonded to the main chords that pass through them. That, in turn, allows a variety of materials to be used — all aluminum, Plexiglas, and a carbon fiber/aluminum hybrid. Added to this is a variation of the Omni connector. The rotating fork connection allows the truss to be assembled in an almost limitless variety of two- and three-dimensional structural forms without custom fabrication.
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Sliding Rail System

Middle Atlantic Products

Designed to offer custom home installers a rotating sliding equipment bay that is easy to install and provides effective cable management, the SRSR has a useable equipment depth of as much as 19 inches, extends a full 19 inches, and rotates 90 degrees in either direction to deliver access to rear connections. The SRSR is for situations requiring flushmount equipment to be built in to a cabinet or wall. Features include a self-centering base and mounting holes. Cable management is possible by using a rear cable in conjunction with integral cable lacing bars on the full-height rear rack rail.
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Device Networking Solution


The UDS100 single-port device server is designed to add network connectivity to any serial device. The standalone UDS100 enables nearly any device with a serial port to communicate over Ethernet networks or the Internet. Equipped with internal Web-based management software, the UDS100 can be configured and remotely managed through any standard Web browser. The product provides network connectivity with a form factor that is smaller than a deck of playing cards.
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Rotary Level Control


The RLC-10R is a flexible rotary encoder-based level control for many remote-control applications. The RLC-10R provides 0 to 10 VDC and up/down pulses simultaneously, enabling it to control RDL VCA products as well as many other industry products with control inputs. The powder-coated steel Ultrastyle faceplate design includes a 16 LED virtual pointer display of relative volume level.
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Connection Box


Expansion of the MultiTasker line has been accomplished through the release of a new four-slot MultiTasker enclosure, the model MT100-106, suitable for table- or rackmounting. This smaller (two-rackspace, high, half-rack-wide) unit allows for implementation of a variety of signal-management functions while still maintaining the configurational flexibility in the MultiTasker system. The MultiTasker four-slot enclosure could hold enough signal-management cards to create a 6-by-1 VGA-QXGA with stereo audio switch and optional scan reduction or a 6-by-2 S-video and stereo audio matrix switch. As many as four signal-management cards (from more than 60 available cards) may be used with this unit.
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Analog Way

The Octo-Plus is an ultracompact device for the rental and installation market for high-resolution A/V presentation display, conference rooms, and boardrooms. The Octo-Plus features eight universal computer and video inputs with fast switching. Each input is fitted with an audio stereo line. It allows the audio to follow your video image or to break away from your video.
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