Fasteners Ericowww.erico.com Caddy fasteners provide a flexible alternative to the horizontal cable tray for high-performance cable installations. The
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Caddy fasteners provide a flexible alternative to the horizontal cable tray for high-performance cable installations. The multilevel cable distribution configuration permits segregation, easier cable pulling (with 2-inch and 4-inch J-hook pulleys), and fewer rod drops. Using two Caddy angle brackets, the Cathba Series and the Afab Series, you can create modular installations by adding Caddy CableCat J-hooks of different sizes, depending on the quantity and location of cables. A variety of configurations can be created based on specific job requirements.
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Power Supply

Extech Instruments Corp.

The Model 382285 DC power supply provides the capabilities of two units combined into one. The voltage (0 to 60 VDC) and current (0 to 1.5 ADC) outputs are simultaneously or independently adjustable. The Model 382285 provides four modes of operation: Tracking, Independent, Series, and Parallel. Outputs up to 120 VDC are provided in Series mode and up to 3 ADC in Parallel mode.
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Access/Camera Control System

Aiphone Corp.

The NDRM rackmount communication access/camera control system is designed for communication between a central master console and remote intercom stations. The NDRM integrates with existing access control and video surveillance systems from one central location. The master station is equipped with selective door release and camera call-up and is expandable to 100 stations with All Call. It's also equipped to communicate with and control as many as 20 locations.
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Belden Electronics Division

Belcoil packaging is available for the New Generation line of multiconductor sound and security cables. Belcoil packaging is designed for contractors in tenant-occupied situations with limited vehicle and tool crib space. The packaging can save space by at least 50 percent over traditional spooled or box packaging, it provides quick and easy setup and payout with little or no payoff equipment, and it allows faster cleanup with less waste to dispose. Belcoil also enables the cable to be dispensed easily, at the desired rate, without tangling or snagging.
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Lowell Manufacturing

The slope-front rack Model L45-21 features side handles, casters, a stowaway door, and two cutouts for external mounting of accessory switches or controls. A roll-out turret is 26.875 inches high to fit under standard-height desk surfaces and counters. Ergonomic design features 12 RU of mounting space on a 15-degree slope for comfortable viewing of equipment while seated. The locking front door is hinged at the bottom and slides into the base for out-of-sight storage.
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Door Control System

Dortronics Systems

The 7700 Series programmable door control is capable of controlling as many as 99 doors grouped into any number of mantraps, making the system ideal for applications such as casinos, banks, jewelry stores, clean rooms, and hazardous areas. In addition, the federal government recently recommended using mantraps as a method of improving air transportation security. The system can be programmed in the field using a laptop computer with Mirror, a communication terminal emulator program. Additional features include relay outputs for traffic lights, relay outputs to control magnetic locks or electric strikes, both simultaneously for redundant secure locking, and universal R-E-X outputs to accommodate manual push-button or card-access systems.
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