Optical Fiber Segment Richco www.richco-inc.com Part No. OFS90-30R is for fiber routing around a 90-degree turn. The design is low profile for tight spacing
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Apr 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Optical Fiber Segment

Richco www.richco-inc.com

Part No. OFS90-30R is for fiber routing around a 90-degree turn. The design is low profile for tight spacing between boards, is made of UL94 V0 flame-retardant material, and maintains bend radius at a controlled 30 mm radius. An expandable feature allows more than one part to be attached to provide a controlled 30 mm radius around a 180- or 270-degree turn. Four pieces assembled provides an excess fiber spool.
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Global Caché www.globalcache.com

The GC-100 home network adapter provides the means for IP-based software to access, control, and deliver services in a networked home to diverse and previously unconnected devices and appliances, such as audio/video, security, and lighting systems. Using an exclusive, modular, mix-and-match hardware design, the adapter can be modified for each installation by sliding an additional module into the GC-100 enclosure. The GC-100 connects Ethernet networks to IR, serial, and relay devices and includes analog and digital functions. The GC-100 replaces the requirement for installers using open systems to piggyback diverse devices from several vendors with one product.
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RDL www.rdlnet.com

Tabletop enclosures were developed to integrate the company's products and accessories. Each enclosure is fabricated from extruded aluminum and steel for strength and durability and is then powder-coated in the UltraStyle design. The front and rear panels are punched to mount the ¼-rackspace Rack-Up modules or the AMS accessory mounting system components. The UC-1 accommodates one RU or AMS unit, front and rear; the UC-2 will accept two RU or AMS units, front and rear.
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Liberty Wire and Cable www.panelcrafters.com

The RackLit Panel Series creates a warm glow in any environment. Drawing on standard electrical power, the low-voltage signs illuminate with an effect that can range from subtle to spectacular. The panels come with a power converter that can be plugged in to any standard 120V outlet, or the panel can be directly screwmounted to a 12 VDC power supply. The RackLit panels can be printed with your company name and logo, contact information, the name of your customer, or his or her business.
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Gepco International www.gepco.com

The 5526GFC series of 110ž digital-audio multipair has expanded to include the 24-pair 552624GFC. With the existing 4-, 8-, 12-, and 16-pair versions, the 552624GFC provides a way to interconnect between digital-audio consoles, recorders, processors, and routers. The 552624GFC features an exacting 110ž impedance, low jitter and attentuation, ease of termination, and flexibility. Pair construction consists of two stranded 26-gage conductors, foam polypropylene insulation, 100 percent foil shield with drain wire, and a color-coded and alphanumerically numbered PVC jacket.
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A/V Switcher

Multiplex Technology www.channelplus.com

The SVS-52 is a broadcast-quality, five-source video and audio switcher with active video conversion. It can be used as a standalone switcher or combined with multiple units for a more extensive, whole-house system. The SVS-52 has five inputs for S-video, composite video, analog audio, and digital audio. Each input and output operates on a separate and isolated pathway.
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Control System

Crestron Electronics www.crestron.com

Providing a level of integration of Ethernet-to-serial conversion is a mini control system, the RMC2e. The RMC2e is a full-fledged IP-controlled A/V system. It features a 2-Series control processor with two RS-232 ports, one IR port, four input ports, 10/100 Ethernet, a built-in Web server, and programmable logic through SIMPL Windows, including SIMPL+. The RMC2e provides total control of any serial controllable A/V device through Ethernet or IP commands. Designed for colleges and universities, the RMC2e is a full-scale control system that supports all Crestron e-Control 2 and Power Applications, including RoomView software for facility-wide A/V management.
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Mounting Kit

Phase Technology www.phasetech.com

The Universal Grille and Mounting Frame Kits fit all three new round in-ceiling models available — the CI-6.1, CI-6.2 and CI-7.3 — and also accommodate a newer model, the CI-6.0. The Universal Grille and Mounting Frame Kits are also offered for the five rectangular in-wall CI models (the CI-10 VI, CI-20 VI, CI-40 VI, CI-60 VI, and CI-110 II). The mounting kits can be placed in locations where speakers may be added at a later time. The frames can be preinstalled, and painted grilles can cover the empty holes.
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Emergency Phone Systems

Viscount Systems www.viscount.com

The EmerPhone dials preprogrammed telephone numbers using either a keypad or a single push button. EmerPhones come in several models, including surface, flush, and OEM housings to be used as elevator phones. Other models include auxiliary relays to open parking gates or front doors. The units can also power strobes or sirens for panic station applications.
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Parasound www.parasound.com

HaloControl software allows a laptop or PC to be used for setup and adjustment of the company's high-end Halo C 1 and C 2 audio/video controllers. The program's Windows-based graphical interface makes it easy to configure all control functions and feature sets and to back up and store custom settings and profiles. For the custom installer, HaloControl software and saved profiles can be taken from job to job to speed future installations. The system owner can also run HaloControl software on any PC to fine-tune performance, add new features, and upgrade software.
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Infrared Products

Russound www.russound.com

Two new additions to the SaphIR Series are the Eye and the Phantom. The SaphIR Eye is a mini flushmount receiver that can be installed anywhere. Available in white, black, or brass, the Eye provides an ultrareliable yet unobtrusive solution. The SaphIR Phantom is a compact surfacemount receiver that, too, can be located almost anywhere. Available in white or black, the Phantom blends unobtrusively, allowing placement where you need it.
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Hosa Technology www.hosatech.com

With glass-fiber cables, you can transcend the 30-feet limit for Litepipe transmissions and start thinking 500 feet. You can up-convert from plastic to glass at the source and down-convert from glass to plastic at the destination. The cables are a two-piece design of solid construction. The glass fiber-cables with SC connectors are the OGL-030, OGL-050, OGL-075, OGL-100, OGL-150, OGL-200, OGL-250, OGL-300, and OGL-500.
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Intelix LLC www.intelix.com

A/V Baluns are a solution for signal transmission, without the tangle of multiple bulky coaxial video and twisted pair audio cords. A/V Baluns allow you to use a building's existing structured wiring system for your audiovisual wiring needs. Combining durability with function, A/V Baluns passively transmit audio and video signals up to 2,500 feet using Cat-5 unshielded twisted pair wiring. While fulfilling security, office, or teleconferencing needs, A/V Baluns eliminate setup time while offering flexibility.
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Flat Headers

ITW Pancon www.itwpancon.com

Mas-Con flat headers with custom-length pins come in straight and right-angle configurations. Mas-Con flat headers mate with a variety of other 0.1-inch pitch connectors as well as with Mas-Con IDC sockets. The flat headers feature custom pin sizes in a range of mating lengths and tail lengths, from 0.105 to 0.685 inches (mating) and 0.120 to 0.140 inches (tail). The rugged header wafer can be broken to fit as needed.
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A/V Switcher

Analog Way www.analogway.com

The Smart Fade is a seamless switcher/mixer with improved title and fading effects. Dedicated to high-resolution A/V presentations (churches, live events, conference rooms, and boardrooms), the Smart Fade combines three functions five video and two computer inputs seamless mixer/switcher, with built-in scaler; an enhanced scaler/line multiplier; and an audio stereo line for each of the seven inputs. Five inputs are scaled to match the resolution of the computer display (up to 1,280 by 1,024). It is possible to cut, fade, dissolve, and make title effects between a video and computer sources.
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Magenta Research www.magenta-research.com

The MultiView Matrix 8×8 is an 8-input-by-8-output full-matrix Cat-5 switch. The MultiView Matrix 8×8 features an LED matrix display to show input/output connections and illuminated push-type buttons. The unit is manually or serially controlled and rackmountable. The MultiView Matrix 8×8 has eight presets for your most often used I/O configurations.
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Surge-Protection Product


Belden Electronics Division www.belden.com

A new addition to the Brilliance line is the Multi-Media Touch Panel Control cable. The composite data/power cables are for analog or digital system controllers and are for all aspects of building management. The 1502R and 1502P two-pair composite cables are designed for maximum flexibility. The data pairs offer noise immunity and are engineered and tested for 100ž impedance.
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Equipto Electronics www.equiptoelec.com

The Quiptron workstations come in a variety of configurations for nearly any application. They can be coordinated with complementary electronic enclosures to create a flexible work environment. The Heavy Duty workstation line is designed for heavyweight capacities and stability for packaging precision equipment. The Heavy Duty line features sagproof underframes to eliminate bowing from equipment weight, multiple cable compartments for added storage, hidden wiring, and more.
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Panamax www.panamax.com

The Max 5510 ACRegenerator (model No. M5510) features an isolation transformer with selectable balanced or isolated power modes to completely isolate digital source components from EMI/RFI noise. With a combination of surge protection, component-specific conditioning, AC regeneration, and energy storage, the Max 5510 ACRegenerator is designed for audiophile or home-theater enthusiasts' power needs. The firewall concept for the four isolated outlets eliminates the transfer of any line noise. There is no interference from the receptacle to the connected digital equipment and no interference from the connected digital equipment back to the other outlets.
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A/V Monitoring System

Tektronix www.tektronix.com

The WVR600 Series rasterizers are flexible, one-rackspace video and audio monitors with high-resolution (1,024-by-786) output to external displays that enables you to maximize space within your facility while maintaining measurements. The WVR600 Series also responds to industry requirements for an instrument that monitors both analog and digital video signals in an advanced, easy-to-use, all-digital architecture. This is accomplished by incorporating several configurations, including two standard definition SDI inputs and two composite inputs as well as options for analog audio, digital AES/EBU audio (including embedded), or both. The WVR600 also incorporates the FlexVu display multiscreen viewing feature, enabling you to view four waveforms simultaneously.
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