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Power Conditioners Furman Soundwww.furmansound.com The Metered Six Series offers upgrades from earlier power conditioner products, especially for professionals
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Feb 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Power Conditioners

Furman Sound

The Metered Six Series offers upgrades from earlier power conditioner products, especially for professionals who desire accuracy when monitoring voltage and current levels. The Metered Six Series comprises six models. Three are 15-amp enhanced power conditioners: the PL-PLUSD, PL-PLUSDM, and PL-8DM; three are 20-amp professional power conditioners: the PL-PROD, the PL-PRODM, and the PM-PRODM. Each unit is designed to fit in a standard 19-inch rack occupying one rackspace, with the front panels made of black anodized aluminum fixed to a rustproof chromate steel chassis for positive ground connection.
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Home Automation Kit

Channel Vision

The C-0900 lets home owners control any accessories — such as the lights, thermostat, or air conditioner — in their homes from most anywhere. You can automate house settings using a wallmounted control pad, your house telephone, or a cell phone. The home automation module snaps in to Channel Vision Central structured wiring panels and features analog and digital input and transmission and telephone, voice, and networking functions. The C-0900 kit also includes a voice and telephone module, the interface to PC and software, and the computer software for the control board.
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The BNC Hex Crimp Go/No-Go gauge is intended for rapid inspection of full-calibration settings on crimp tools. The precision, stainless-steel inspection unit was designed to provide BNC installers with a single tool for ensuring proper cable termination. The gauge meets industry-accepted telecommunications requirements for the proper installations of BNC connectors. The inspection tool is provided for free to industry professionals through the company's Web site.
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Transmitters and Receivers

Extron Electronics

The MTPs are a series of ⅛-rack-width mini twisted-pair transmitters and receivers for composite or S-video and stereo audio (balanced or unbalanced). Part of the VersaTools line of compact products, the MTPs can send and receive composite video or S-video and audio signals up to 1,000 feet over Skew-Free A/V unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable or any other Cat-5, Cat-5e, or Cat-6 UTP cable. The MTP transceivers are designed for integration into new and existing A/V environments and can fit just about anywhere: in racks (as many as eight in a single one-rackspace rack), under tables and desktops, or next to a projector. Because the MTPs are powered products, they provide active balanced transmissions for video and audio.
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Expanding on the Elite Converta Rack series is the ERT Elite rolltop rack. Constructed of cherry melamine with brass-plated hardware, the ERT Elite rolltop rack is a secure, semiportable audio/video control center. The mixer compartment has sufficient area for housing most 32-channel mixers. A locking rolltop cover prevents unauthorized users from accessing mixer controls, whereas two locking pocket doors cover the two 16-space rack bays.
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Modular Plug and Modular Plug Hand Tool

OnQ Technologies

The EZ-RJ45 Modular Plug and the EZ-RJ45 Modular Plug Hand Tool work together to provide the installer a reliable and high-performance termination. You can use the modular plugs and the hand tool to align conductors in their proper location so they are exposed through the top of the connector, which lets you verify the configuration prior to termination. The hand tool is designed to quickly crimp and cut the wires to the modular plugs in one motion.
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Wireless Data Link

Smart Technologies

Smart Technologies introduces a wireless option for the family of Smart Board interactive white boards, which is composed of the Smart Board, Rear Projection Smart Board, and Smart Board for Plasma Displays. The complete wireless package includes two paired wireless radios with power supplies. The company uses IEEE 802.11b technology, the wireless industry standard, making data transfer quick with no noticeable delay. The wireless option eliminates the need for a cable between the interactive white board and the computer.
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Heat Shrink Terminals

Advanced Cable Ties

This line includes heat shrink ring terminals, spade terminals, fully insulated male and female disconnects, as well as adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing. The heat shrink terminals are UL listed and CSA approved. Features include improved mechanical connection from adhesive adhering to the connector and the wire insulation, providing higher strain relief and pull-out strength. The adhesive seal provides harsh-environment protection against water, saltwater, dust, chemical corrosion, and abrasions.
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Two seismic cabinets are designed to protect mission-critical LAN/WAN and voice/data equipment and servers in sites where the risks of seismic activity or heavy vibration can cause equipment failures or loss of performance. Each cabinet is designed to safeguard at least 1,000 pounds of installed equipment and 100 pounds of top cable weight through zone 4 seismic activity. The two 7-foot cabinet models each accommodate 19-inch equipment, and one model can also accommodate 23-inch equipment. Both models are built to EIA 310-D standards and can be adapted for different applications using standard rack accessories.
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Data Communication Cards


The 9672 data port mux/demux cards transport eight channels of high-speed data over a single fiber and are designed to operate in conjunction with the 9961-C and 9962-C option module host cards. Together these cards form a system that supports any combination of as many as 64 channels of duplex audio, stereo audio, duplex data, or duplex contact closures. That flexibility lets you specify the exact combination of option modules to suit the requirement. The 9672 cards are available in simplex or duplex versions and in single-mode and multimode fiber models with transmission distances of up to 62 km on single-mode fiber.
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FireWire Extender


Each FXT-401 set uses duplex fiber cables (sold separately), advancing runs up to 65 feet (Normal mode at 100/200 Mbps) or 165 feet (S-100 mode at 100 Mbps). You use the FXT to connect FireWire gear whenever distance limits arise. Power supplies are included. The FXT-401 is a solution to 15-foot FireWire cables.
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Calibration Procedures

Fluke Corp.

MET/CAL Plus V 7 calibration procedures are for three precision Tektronix oscilloscope series. The calibration procedures reduce performance-verification time to approximately 60 minutes or less, which offers a reduction in downtime. The MET/CAL Plus V 7 is designed to meet the demand for accurate, on-site calibration. With the new automated procedures, technicians can conduct their own verification procedures on the TDS 5000 Series, the TDS 6000 Series, and the TDS 7000 Series oscilloscopes.
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The FC-1ETH is a bidirectional, hardware and software interface system to control all RS-232 controllable machines through Ethernet LAN. The system is composed of an intelligent dongle-type, bidirectional RS-232/Ethernet Cat-5 converter and control software. The system integrates into an existing LAN system, allowing fast and safe IP address definitions, using, among others, a standard TCP/IP protocol.
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Test Equipment


The PT-AMG2 and PT-ASG1 are handheld test products. Both units are ready for portable or bench use from internal battery or AC adapter power. An extruded aluminum and steel case encloses each instrument. The PT-AMG2 offers multiple functions for setting up, calibrating, and troubleshooting any audio system. The PT-ASG1 contains the ultrastable 700 Hz tone generator from the PT-AMG2 with balanced mic and line-level outputs on the XLR connector and -10 dBV unbalanced on the RCA jack.
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