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Cable Whitney Blakewblake.com The Medical Information Bus interconnect cable is ideal in critical situations. The M.I.B. is pre-engineered with a flame
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a/v accessories

Jul 1, 2002 12:00 PM


Whitney Blake

The Medical Information Bus interconnect cable is ideal in critical situations. The M.I.B. is pre-engineered with a flame retardant jacket, meets IEEE 1073.4.1 standards, provides clear, reliable signal transmission, and has superior extension and retraction characteristics. It consists of six conductors for data, signals and power, durable insulation and polyurethane jacketing designed to withstand wear and environmental factors.
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Cable Connectors

Liberty Wire & Cable

New Cable Pro RGB Mini and CCTV compression fit connectors, for both plenum and PVC coax, are now available. Coax cable terminations can be installed in less than a minute, without solder, using the multimedia crimp tool. The connectors are weatherproof and guaranteed to exceed an 80-pound pull test.
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Plenum Coax


Covid's new plenum offering consists of six separate cable series. The CVD 2700 Series Coax transmits high resolutions and frequencies over long distances while maintaining excellent signal integrity. Transmissions may span beyond 600 feet. Attenuation measurements of 2.7dB at 100MHz at 100 feet show performance equal to or beyond that of an RG-59. The bundled cable is color-coded for ease of use.
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Howell Technologies

Developed to protect A/V equipment in home theaters from overheating, the Cinema Fan draws hot air from projector boxes and equipment racks and expels it into attics, crawl spaces and so on. The Plenum-rated version is made of 386 aluminum with a powder coat. The fan can be mounted in positions ranging from remote locations to A/V enclosures.
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Gefen's ex-tend-it DVI Switcher (4-by-1) links as many as four sources, letting users access each one through one digital monitor. It can receive and transport a DVI, USB and audio signal for each source. The cross-platform Switcher can link two computers to a pair of digital monitors, two keyboards and a couple of mice.
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Comprehensive Video Group

The new HR Series Premium VGA/UXGA cables with audio are 100 percent shielded with molded 90-degree right angle HD15 pin connectors on one end. The right angle connection lets the cable come out of a wall plate and stay flush with the wall. It includes an integrated stereo audio cable with stereo miniplugs at each end for audio. Comprehensive Video Group's CVC-2TW/P twisted pair plenum audio cable is constructed of two No. 22 AWG bare copper wires with a No. 26 AWG tinned copper drain wire. An overall shield of aluminum mylar foil provides 100 percent coverage; the cable also boasts a UL rating of CL2P/CMP.
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Multisource/Multizone Controller

ELAN Home Systems

The Z630 now expands to connect as many as 12 zones of a home's audio and video sources, twice the number of the original model. The preamp controller routes audio sources, such as CD players and tuners, to predetermined speaker zones. The optional Z600 communications controller allows homeowners to connect phones to all 12 zones, turning speakers and phones into an intercom system with whole-house paging, two-way door station communications and caller-on-hold features.
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The Architectural Adapter Plate silk-screen panels consist of labeled single- and double-space plates with standard inputs. The silk-screened labels reflect the most often used input connector combinations, enabling clear identification of RCA, 3.5 mm audio, 15-pin HD, 4-pin mini, DIN and BNC connectors. Available in gray, black and white.
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Fiber Transmission Module


Optelcom's SDI fiber transmission modules, which include the company's 9815T transmitter, 9815R receiver and 9815TR transceiver, accept serial digital data that conforms to SMPTE 259M, 294M and 305M standards of data to 360 Mbps. Multimode versions have transmission ranges of 4 km, and single mode models have transmission ranges of 71 km. Applications include in-studio use for transmission of SDI signals from digital video processors, digital recorders and other digital broadcasting equipment and transmission of SDI signals to offsite facilities.
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Power Pack


Koehler-Bright Star's rechargeable power pack provides 12V DC power and uses a sealed, leakproof lead-acid battery. Designed for power tools, lighting, computers, radio equipment and other 12VDC products, the power pack also features a built-in circuit breaker and cigarette lighter socket. The pack comes in a zippered nylon case with a shoulder strap and belt loops, as well as a 115VAC charger. A heavy-duty model housed in a molded case is also available.
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Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Computing

The RF-250 puts two-way digital communication into a full-sized keyboard that includes a gel wrist rest, mouse touchpad and numeric keypad. It operates at a 75-foot distance, making it well-suited for auditoriums, conference rooms and so on. Usable with Windows and Macintosh computers, the keyboard uses RF so there are no line-of-sight limitations.
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