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Switcher Extron Electronicswww.extron.com You can create twisted pair systems with the TPX 88 twisted pair matrix switcher. Routing and switching high-resolution
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a/v accessories

Jan 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Extron Electronics

You can create twisted pair systems with the TPX 88 twisted pair matrix switcher. Routing and switching high-resolution RGB, video, and stereo audio signals using the company's Skew-Free A/V UTP or Cat-5/5e/6 unshielded twisted pair cable is possible. The TPX 88 offers two models: the TPX 88 and the TPX 88 A with local audio out. Each model accepts high-resolution RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, RsGsBs, component video, progressive component video, S-video, composite video, and stereo audio transmissions up to 1,600 by 1,200 with scan rates from 15 to 130 kHz from twisted pair transmitters and routes them through to a corresponding receiver and display.
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Network Device

Phonex Broadband Corp.

The NeverWire 14 QX-201 is a HomePlug 1.0 — compliant device that uses power-line carrier technology to make use of the unused bandwidth in standard electrical wiring. With the NeverWire 14, business or home users with multiple computers can use their existing power lines to create an instant 14 MB Ethernet network that allows them to share high-speed Internet access, share peripheral devices such as printers, and play interactive network and Internet games. Each NeverWire device consists of a modem-size box with two connectors — a power plug and an RJ-45 Ethernet jack. By plugging a NeverWire 14 in to the wall and then plugging the RJ-45 jack in to your computer or hub, you can instantly tap into a 14 MB Ethernet network.
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OnQ Technologies

The Custom Series Enclosures bring added flexibility and customization to structured wiring installations. The enclosures are customizable by adding an expansion plate, a door frame, and frame inserts. The custom frames and frame inserts allow installers and home owners to choose from different colors to fit their preferences. The Custom Enclosures feature a mounting pattern that allows the modules to be mounted on the left, at the center, or on the right as well as vertical and horizontal.
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Conference System

Interkom electronic

The electronic DMC (digital multimedia congress) technology is a single-cable system that combines all requirements of the conference and interpretation technology with features such as voting, identification, information, and communication within the same system. The system comprises the central unit DCU with a modular power converter, terminals DCT, and cabling by the NetRateBus system using 50 or more channels. Each station device is multifunctional simultaneously translating languages. The complete system encompasses a range of variants; the software and hardware installation is modular.
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Optical Node

Blonder Tongue Laboratories

A new addition to the fiber-optic product line is the BOFN-S4S-870-50. The BOFN-S4S-870-50 (No. 7554) is a two-way capable, high-performance, four-output optical node with output capability of +50 dBmV at -6 dBm of optical input. The decrease in required optical power translates to lower-power transmitters. The node is constructed inside a finned, weatherproof aluminum housing suitable for outdoor strand or pedestal installation.
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Snake System


The StarPerformer professional multichannel snake system is available with industry-compatible, Mass-style connectors. The connectors complement the StarPerformer series that already features Veam and Elco multipins. Available in rackmount or stage boxes, the pro units include a 14-gauge rolled steel box with hammer-tone black baked enamel finish inside and out. The StarPerformer series comes standard with Belden wire, Neutrik XLRs, and isolation transformers.
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Control-Room System


The SIP (System Intelligent Processing) transparently analyzes incoming data, video, and RGB to deliver them with maximum efficiency to the display wall. Using the latest-generation TI DMD 0.7-inch chip set, the SIP increases pixel sharpness and image consistency across the display wall. The SIP enhances and ensures controller uptime and capability with improved autoconfiguration that automates the process of signal recognition by the controller. The SIP also upgrades control software by delivering new Auto Color Balance to deliver consistent images across the display wall.
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Media Storage Solution

Russ Bassett Corp.

The ProMedia GemTrac is a flexible approach for storing multiple media formats. The system incorporates two banks of four, five, or six high-capacity sliding storage drawers suspended from and linked by an overhead, smooth sliding track. All major components are preassembled at the factory, and installation requires no more than 12 bolts. The units are stackable to utilize all available vertical space.
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Access-Control System

Viscount Systems

The EnterChek II family of products is designed for smaller installations of as many as 32 doors and for applications in which ease of programming is important. The system is formatted to accept all major card technologies, and the EnterChek II can interface with the company's family of telephone entry systems. The system software is free.
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The ex-tend-it 2×2 DVI Switcher acts as the controlling interface between two cross-platform computers using two digital flat-panel displays. Users switch between the two computers at will, with each computer displaying its information on a dual-screen extended desktop. Computer access is controlled by selection on the switcher unit or by remote control (sold separately). The 2×2 DVI Switcher is compatible with Macintosh and PC computers, used separately or in combination, provided each is equipped with a DVI or an ADC port for the display connection.
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Data Communication Cards


The 9621- and 9622-series option module host cards are designed to transport four or eight channels of user-selectable audio, data, or contact closure information in simplex or duplex single-fiber transmission systems. By specifying any combination of four or eight duplex audio, stereo audio, programmable data, or contact closure option modules, the user can configure the communication link to suit the requirement. The 9621 and 9622 cards are designed to facilitate changing communication functions in the field by exchanging option module types on the host card. The cards are available in multimode and single-mode versions with distances of up to 62 Km in duplex mode.
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