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Surface-Access Solution Extron Electronicswww.extron.com New to the Hideaway Surface Access family is the HSA 200 Series, whose products provide inconspicuous
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a/v accessories

Oct 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Surface-Access Solution

Extron Electronics

New to the Hideaway Surface Access family is the HSA 200 Series, whose products provide inconspicuous access to commonly used A/V connectors. They are designed for easy installation into almost any table surface. When closed, the enclosure fits nearly flush with the table surface, keeping A/V connectors out of sight. Pressing down on the top of the Hideaway enclosure releases a mechanical latch, pivots open the enclosure, and enables the connectors to be accessible at a 49-degree angle to the tabletop.
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Amp/Speaker Connector

Neutrik USA

The Speakon SPX series offers the same reliability as the NL4FC while providing increased power handling, connection security, and flexibility. The connector delivers 50 amps RMS continuous current on all contacts for audio applications. That means the connector is capable of carrying the current load from amplifiers of over 1,000W that are used in professional sound and monitoring systems and is not to be used as a main power connector. Also, electrical contact is made only after the connector is completely inserted and locked.
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A/V System

Xantech Corp.

The MRC88 is an eight-zone, eight-source, multiroom entertainment system for stereo audio and video throughout the home. The MRC88 is expandable to as many as 16 zones. Thirty-five watt amplifiers provide clear stereo sound. Wall keypads are available in almond, black, ivory, or white.
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Nonmetallic Products


The Dual Voltage Box/Bracket eliminates the need and cost of using separate high- and low-voltage boxes. The Low Voltage Add-On Bracket attaches to the side of a previously installed high-voltage box to provide a backless low-voltage outlet. The Adjustable Low Voltage Brackets feature a stud bracket for easy mounting and an adjustment screw to allow for differing wall thicknesses. The one- and two-gang Low Voltage Brackets feature contractor choice of fast nail-on or screw-in bracket installation where only low voltage is required. The Resi-Gard Flexible Raceway and Fittings provide a main chase from the main low-voltage distribution panel to a secondary hub in the attic or basement. An orange Divider for SuperBlue closed-back electrical boxes makes it possible to combine high and low voltage in a single box for applications that require a closed-back box such as placement in a fire-rated wall.
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HRS Technologies

The SR5 series consists of ultra-wide-bandwidth, high-resolution, RGBHV vertical interval switchers. With over 400 MHz of video bandwidth, the SR5-series products are for high-resolution presentation applications, including RGB, RGBS, RGBHV, YUV, and HDTV. The SR5 series consists of two units. Both units have vertical interval and glitchfree switching and feature a front-panel manual switch as well as RS-232 serial control for remote switching operation.
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West Penn Wire/CDT

The RGB/Sync video cable, part number WP82564, is designed with six minimax 25 AWG. coaxial cables. Five of the coaxial cables are for red, green, blue, horizontal, and vertical sync signals, and the sixth coaxial cable is for composite video. This cable also includes four one-pair 22 AWG. with an overall shield for audio distribution. The cables are offered in standard lengths of 500 feet and 1,000 feet on wooden reels.
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Portable Power Supply

Galaxy Audio

The Far Outlet Model 300 S is a portable source of sinusoidal 115V, 60 Hz household current. About the size of a lunch box and lightweight enough to carry in one hand, the FO 300 S is for powering sensitive audio and video equipment without the need for special filtering or processing instruments. Used as an automatic high-speed charger, multiple 12V batteries can be charged simultaneously. When traveling to other countries, the Far Outlet may be recharged without the use of a converter, as its charging circuit accepts a range of AC input voltages (85 to 265 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz) while its output remains at 115 VAC, 60 Hz.
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