Differential Oscilloscope Probe Pomona Electronicswww.pomonaelectronics.com The Model 6731 differential oscilloscope probe is for conducting safe differential
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Sep 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Differential Oscilloscope Probe

Pomona Electronics

The Model 6731 differential oscilloscope probe is for conducting safe differential measurements. It's for making floating voltage measurements while operating general-purpose oscilloscopes. Using a built-in differential amplifier, the floating signal is safely converted and scaled to a low-voltage signal referenced to earth ground. The probe is used on circuits associated with electronic high-power converters, motor speed controls, switching mode power supplies, and other high-voltage circuits requiring isolation.
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Gepco International

The X-Band analog audio cable is available in single-, 4-, 8-, 12-, and 16-pair versions. It is an ultraflexible, sonically transparent, low-noise, and durable balanced audio cable for use in critical studio applications or live sound venues. The X-Band series of analog audio cables features a no-compromise design for the ultimate in sonic purity and noise rejection. The construction of the X-Band series makes it flexible and flaccid, and it maintains ease of termination and will not retain kinks and bends when flexed.
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Peerless Industries

The Vision-Point Pivot Wall Mount and the Articulating Wall Arm/Cabinet Side Mount were created for LCD flat panels. Their clear aluminum finish makes them adaptable for both residential and professional settings. The Pivot Wall Mount is for obtaining side-to-side rotation and tilt with small- to medium-size LCD screens. The LPS model features a 3-inch-long arm and is for smaller screens or when less side-to-side rotation is required. The longer LPL model is 5⅞ inches in length and offers a broader range of side-to-side rotation.
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Room-Control System


SRC-100/200 room-control systems are for typical A/V systems in classrooms, boardrooms, churches, meeting rooms, and training centers. The systems' design offers flexibility in a simple package to manage media presentations in those environments. The systems have straightforward graphical point-and-click configuration that eliminates the need for software programming. SRC-100/200 systems control video displays, computer sources, VCRs, DVDs, document cameras, screens, lifts, switchers, audio mixers, lighting, and auxiliary inputs.
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RCI Custom Products

The MPD-1 is a computer/media interface that allows for interconnection between PCs and display devices at conference and boardroom tables without the need to penetrate the table from the top. It's a noninvasive attachment that installs in minutes from below the table. The MPD-1 is durable with high-quality finish options and is prewired front and rear. It features smooth locking drawer glides.
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Neutrik USA

The EtherCon Series RJ-45 style connectors were designed with audio and video stage technology, DMX systems, and harsh environments in mind. The EtherCon Series offers male cable carriers and assembled female receptacles. The cable end offers a robust die-cast shell as a carrier for preassembled RJ-45 plugs. Female chassis connectors are based on the A and B Series as well the D Series of XLR receptacles with a secure latching system.
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Control System


The IntelliFlex is a window-shade control system designed for maximum flexibility and user-defined control of motorized shades. Any type of input device can be used to control the shades, and the input devices can be changed at any time to suit a customer's changing needs or new technologies without any rewiring. All shade control is done through programming. IntelliFlex controls can use IR and RF wireless remote, wind and sun sensors, PDAs, A/V integrator input devices, and PCs to control and adjust hundreds of shades individually and in groups.
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Rieker Electronics

The RAD2 remote angle dual sensor display was designed for speaker and speaker array positioning. The battery-powered digital LCD box can be matched with a number of sensors, which can then be used interchangeably with the display box to coordinate multiple remote speaker locations. Both the sensor and the display box use standard-type audio XLR cord plug connectors for easy connection. In most cases, the sensors are permanently mounted on the speakers with cables running down to the floor. The cable connector is then plugged in to the display box as needed.
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Active Thermal Management

The Cool-vent is a 15½-by-3½-inch (overall) precision-crafted wooden grille that fits in a 14-by-2-inch rough opening. Available in 26 species of wood, from American cherry to teak, it separates into fan and grille sections. The grille section is given to the cabinet supplier to finish along with the enclosure. At installation time, the fans are attached to the grille and the complete assembly is slid into the rough opening.
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Comprehensive Video Group

The HR Series premium high-resolution DVI-I and DFP cables are digital only and are constructed for the highest-quality digital video transmission. The company's standard DVI cables are dual-link DVI-D format for maximum resolution (up to 2,048 by 1,536 at 60 Hz or 1,920 by 1,080 at 85 Hz). The DVI cables meet all DDWG specifications, and DFP cables meet all VESA specifications. They are finished in X-traflex black matte jacket.
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Chief Manufacturing

The Universal Wall Mounts offer fewer SKU numbers, a lower-profile design, a staticmount option, easy installation of a one-piece wall bracket with lateral shift, and integrated security. The Universal Wall Mounts include the USM Series Static Wall Mount and UPM Series Pitch-Adjustable Wall Mount. Each series consists of two models that fit more than 200 large flat-panel display models. The Universal Pitch-Adjustable Wall Mount has the exclusive benefit of the patented Pull-N-Pitch Adjustment Control that allows smooth pitch adjustment 0 to 15 degrees by hand.
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