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Modular Power Unit Middle Atlantic Productswww.middleatlantic.com The new MPR power module from Middle Atlantic Products can be rackmounted or placed
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a/v accessories

Aug 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Modular Power Unit

Middle Atlantic Products

The new MPR power module from Middle Atlantic Products can be rackmounted or placed on any surface for applications such as remote power resets in computer rooms for modems and other equipment or for machine control in industrial facilities. The module comes in 15A or 20A models with a choice of control options. Tie points for cable management are built in, and each power module has a 9-foot power cord.
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Composite Cables

Belden Electronics

Belden's HomeChoice composite cables are UL verified to Cat-5 structured cabling system standards. HomeChoice cables are designed to wire office or home rooms for computer multimedia and networking, cable and direct broadcast satellite television, telephone services, and security management systems. The HomeChoice line features the 7910A, 7876A, 7877A, and 7878A models, all of which have RG6 coaxial cables certified to 2.25 GHz, copper conductors, and Duobond Plus shields. The 7913A and 7914A have RG6 Quad shields and two Cat-5 unbonded DataTwist UTP cables; the 7914A also features two multimode fibers.
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Made of stainless steel and featuring PVC grips, the multinut plier from EuroTools provides V-shaped jaws to help contractors tighten small nuts and bolts. The plier's long jaws are designed to reach into tight or otherwise difficult spaces, and it requires no adjustments and can be used with one hand. It also can serve as a companion tool for holding down larger bolts and torquing down smaller ones.
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Splice Tray System


Richco's Optical Fiber Splice Tray System protects and stores excess fiber and provides an environment in which splices can be made without damaging the fiber. The splice tray comes in two models: the plain-tray OFST-1-P and the managed-tray OFST-1-M, which has a dark fiber storage area. Each tray can be stacked with other models and covered with a lid (the OFST-1-L). A slot on one of the long sides allows for routing fiber from tray to tray; a splice holder and gripper (the OFSH-6-3.5) fits into the mounting holes to hold splice protectors, couplers, and fiber cables.
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Controller Card

3Ware Inc.

The ATA RAID Escalade 7500-12 controller card can be used for large-scale operations such as e-mail servers, Web farms, digital video, and storage subsystems. The accompanying software addresses the power-on surge problems of high-density drive arrays by staggering the spin-up of individual drives, and it has two levels of administrator access for increased security. The Escalade 7500-12 SCSI feature set includes tag command queuing, scatter and gather, command reordering, parallel seek, and dynamic sector repair.
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Noren Products Inc.

The AcousticLock noise-reduction cabinet provides as much as 38 dBA noise reduction and features Heat Pipe heat-removal technology. The AcousticLock comes in three models: the ACL-SF, the ACL-RC, and the ACL-NC, which offer noise reduction of 30, 32, and 38 dB, respectively. Each model has a triple-layer acoustic barrier, multiple cable channels for organized cable routing, and an internal temperature meter. All units — which can be custom-built — have an inside light for illuminating the rear of the cabinet, a rear-access door, and a double-pane, tempered glass door.
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HDTV Cable

Monster Cable

Monster Cable's HDTV cables come in five models: the DB/3 (DB15 to three RCA connections), the DB15 (DB15 to DB15 connections), the 5BNC (five BNC to five BNC connections), the 5RCA (five RCA to five RCA connections), and the DBNC (DB15 to BNC). All cables are sweep-tested and have high-density double shielding with 100 percent foil and 95 percent braid. Each cable is nitrogen-injected dielectric for high-velocity signal transfer.
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