Cabinet Lowell Manufacturingwww.lowellmfg.com The tilt-out wall cabinet Series L87 is for wallmounting rackmount and nonrackmount electronics in schools,
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Jun 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Lowell Manufacturing

The tilt-out wall cabinet Series L87 is for wallmounting rackmount and nonrackmount electronics in schools, training facilities, retail stores, and anywhere a 3 RU tilt-out wall cabinet with locking security is desired. The series includes surfacemount (L87-5SE) and semi-recessed (L87-5RE) versions with vertical equipment loading so that controls face up, achieving minimal projection from the wall surface. Feature-rich design offers adjustable seven-position mounting rails as well as two adjustable height hold-down brackets for securing nonrackmount gear such as consumer DVD players or VCRs. Each model also includes two internal and three external (framemounted) cutouts with blank cover plates for installing low-voltage Decora-style devices such as on/off indicator lights, switches, microphone connectors, phono jacks, or volume controls.
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Altronic Distributors

The Maxi Mount speaker bracket is able to handle loads of as much as 33 pounds. It uses a two-piece construction and incorporates a swivel assembly to allow angle adjustment of as much as 50 degrees in vertical and horizontal directions. The bracket can be screwed directly onto the speaker cabinet, or the standard 8 mm threaded shaft will screw directly into moulded bosses or T-nuts. No special tools are required to install, and a security screw is incorporated to prevent theft.
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Distribution Amp

Magenta Research

The Split6 DA is a 1-in-by-6-out VGA-through-UXGA (350 Mhz bandwidth) distribution amp designed to distribute a single computer video source to as many as six local and compatible displays or MultiView inputs. The unit is 1U high, half a rack-width, and rack or desktop mountable. All connectors are standard 15-pin HD female, and the power supply is internal. Four switches allow for display ID-bit emulation.
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Premier Mounts

The Tri Stand tabletop mount is for Sony PFM-series plasma displays. The base is designed to complement the beveled edges of the Sony PFM series displays. The stand's base properly distributes the weight of various plasmas for a solid stance on any flat surface. Its backplate can be attached to the central support column in three positions.
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Touch-Screen Panels


Honeywell's Enviracom HVAC environmental controls are integrated into touch-screen panels that allow home owners to manage their heating and cooling systems from anywhere in the home. By adding temperature control to their suite of offerings, Honeywell and CorAccess can now offer home-management system providers and installers with a solution to meet consumer demand for all-in-one controls in the home. The panels can manage other home functions such as security, lighting, and home audio. Touch-screen panels are typically located throughout the home, from the front door to the bedroom.
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LCD Writing Tablet

Alliance International

The Digital Class LCD writing tablet records notes and voices during a presentation. Incorporating proprietary compression software, a one-hour recording of voice and annotations uses 10 MB of hard disk space on average. The Digital Class is a 15-inch electromagnetic LCD that allows you to control computer functions by touching an electromagnetic pen directly to the LCD screen. When used with a projector, the Digital Class, which comes bundled with presentation software, offers an alternative to traditional electronic white boards, because no projector beam hits you in the eye, no shadows are on the board, and no calibration is required.
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Extron Electronics

The IP Tools Series of compact Ethernet-to-serial interfaces with integral Web servers now includes the IPL T S4 and the IPL T S6. The IPL T S4 Ethernet-to-serial interface, with four serial ports on four 9-pin D-sub connectors, can control four independent RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial devices. When configured for pass-through mode, the IPL T S4 can pass through commands from an existing control system and control two other attached devices. The IPL T S6, with a total of six serial ports, provides two 9-pin D-sub connectors and four captive screw serial connectors and can control six independent RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial devices.
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Klein Tools

Two Klein-Kurve wire stripper/cutters are designed for stripping and cutting 10/2, 12/2, and 14/2 Romex cable. In addition, the tools cleanly shear 6-32 and 8-32 screws as well as strip, cut, and loop 10, 12, and 14 AWG solid wire. Model No. K1412 has 14- and 12-gauge precision-ground stripping slots for quick removal of the outer jacket of 14/2 and 12/2 Romex-type NM-B non-metallic-sheathed cable. Model No. K1210 has 12- and 10-gauge stripping slots for 12/2 and 10/2 Romex cable as well as 12 and 10 AWG solid wire.
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Middle Atlantic Products

The 26-inch-deep version of the AXS line of slide-out equipment racks has the traditional AXS features that allow entire bays of equipment to roll out for service and installation and also has a deeper frame to accommodate greater equipment depths in space-restricted situations. AXS systems can be placed against walls or back-to-back while permitting quick and easy access to the rear of equipment. The racks can be ordered in rack frame heights from 32 to 41 spaces and can accommodate as much as 650 pounds of equipment with proper weight distribution. The AXS series includes accommodations for topmount fans.
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Smart Technologies

Digital Vision Touch (DViT) is a technology platform for touch-sensitive displays. DViT technology uses proprietary digital cameras and software to determine the contact of a finger, a stylus, a pointer, or another object on a display. Cameras, situated in each corner of the display, communicate position information back to a digital signal processor that determines the exact point of contact. No special pens or tools are required to interact with the display nor are special materials required on the touch screen, making the image crystal clear.
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The ex-tend-it PS/2 extender uses a single Cat-5 cable to send a PC, an SGI, or a UNIX-based keyboard and mouse to as much as1,000 feet from the operating computer. It is geared to those who have already extended their video and need to use the keyboard and mouse from a remote location. The ex-tend-it PS/2 extender complements the Cat-5-1000 and Cat-5-5000 extension solutions, which send analog monitors or projectors as well as USB peripherals to as much as 330 feet from the computer. The PS/2 extender is designed for presentations people and those industries in which extended computer peripherals are mandatory, such as manufacturing, education, aerospace, and medical.
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Monster Cable

The M Series M500DVI is a reference DVI interface cable for all-digital videophile-quality HDTV pictures. The M500DVI's signal conductors are embedded in the center of a nitrogen gas — injected dielectric, creating uniform, microscopic cells that align the conductor in the center of the cable, even when it's bent. The result is a consistent 75ž impedance for maximum signal strength, consistent performance, and transfer of digital data between components. The M500DVI features shielding for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI.
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