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Micromodulator North American Cable Equipmentwww.northamericancable.com The enhanced Cabletronix CT-AMM micromodulator is designed for commercial-grade
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a/v accessories

Nov 1, 2002 12:00 PM


North American Cable Equipment

The enhanced Cabletronix CT-AMM micromodulator is designed for commercial-grade head-end systems. The CT-AMM is a professional-quality, fully agile micromodulator providing an audio and video modulated RF carrier from 54 through 806 MHz on any CATV channel from 2 to 125 and any off-air channel from 2 to 69. Any standard video source can be used, including satellite receivers, demodulators, VCRs, LaserDisc and DVD players, and TV and security cameras. The CT-AMM employs highly stable synthesized frequency control.
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AristoClass 2.4.3 is a software solution for computerized classrooms and provides full classroom interactivity over LAN. You can demonstrate concepts by broadcasting any screen in the classroom to any other, black out student screens with the Dark function, and transmit files to and from student computers. Communication methods include two-way text exchange, two-way audio exchange, a messaging system with file attachment, and a student-feedback feature that shows you what programs each student is using. The Digital Blackboard tool permits you to highlight elements on the screen by magnifying, circling, and so on.
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Hirose Electric

The TM21 series of modular connectors with LED indicators are compliant to Category-5 E standards. The TM21 plug and receptacle are protected against EMI. In addition, the indicator lights in the LED's receptacle housing do not use integrated LEDs to further reduce the amount of EMI. The TM21's contact structure and plug system have been tested in accordance with EIA/TIA 568A and exceed the requirements of Category-5.
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Power-Quality Monitor

Power Standards

The PQ1 Power Quality Relay announces when disturbances on the power line are damaging or disrupting commercial sound systems and home theaters. Less than one-tenth the size of traditional power-quality monitors, the PQ1 has a simple interface: AC power in and relay contacts out. Contractors and technicians can use it as a diagnostic tool, or it can be built in to larger automation and control systems as part of a remote diagnostic system. The PQ1 Power Quality Relay detects all common power-quality events: voltage sags, interruptions, voltage swells, and high-frequency impulses.
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Multiunit A/V System

Aiphone Corp.

The GF audio entry security system has video door entry and a digital directory. A visitor who is looking for a resident can call him or her by pressing the first letters of the person's name on the digital name-scrolling module. The built-in video camera allows the resident to see and communicate with who is at the lobby entrance and unlock the door to allow the person access into the building.
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Comprehensive Video Group

The CVG-FW4×4 is a passive, 6-pin FireWire 4-by-4 switcher. It has four 6-pin inputs and four 6-pin outputs. The CVG-FW4×4 provides isolation between inputs and is for signals up to 400 Mbps. It does not require any power source.
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A/V Switchers


Two new Precis Series matrix switchers, the PR-1208HT and the PR-0804HT, come in 12-by-8 and 8-by-4 I/O sizes, respectively, and feature whole-house routing and distribution of component video and HDTV, S-Video (Y/C), composite video, digital audio, and analog stereo audio with digital volume control. The digital-audio section of the switchers supports Toslink and S/PDIF connections and also converts between the two.
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Gepco International

The 5526GFC series of 110ž digital-audio multipair has been expanded to include the 24-pair 552624GFC. In conjunction with the 4-, 8-, 12-, and 16-pair versions, the 552624GFC provides a way to interconnect between digital-audio consoles, recorders, processors, and routers. As with all other 5526-series products, the 552624GFC features an exacting 110ž impedance, low jitter and attenuation, ease of termination, and flexibility. Pair construction consists of two stranded 26-gauge conductors, foam polypropylene insulation, 100 percent foil shield with drain wire, and a color-coded and alphanumerically numbered PVC jacket.
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The MX2100AV is a two-in, two-out VGA through QXGA and audio switcher. This compact table- or rackmountable unit is for switching between two computers, with output to two projectors or one projector and one local monitor. Both video outputs are fully buffered, and both offer full video equalization, capable of compensating for cable lengths as much as 300 feet (91 meters) on super-high-resolution coaxial cable. Switching control can be executed by the front-panel push-button control or by manual remote capability through the use of a momentary contact closure.
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S-Video Balun

NHC Communications

The VideoEase S-Video/Audio balun for the audio/video and structured cabling market lets one S-Video signal and two unbalanced audio channels be replaced by standard Category-5 twisted pair in a point-to-point audio/video connection. Used in pairs, the S-Video/Audio balun allows as much as 1,000 feet (305m) to be achieved through Cat-5 twisted-pair cable. It also allows three coaxial cables to be replaced by one Cat-5 cable. The S-Video/Audio balun is totally passive and requires no power supply.
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Termination System

Liberty Wire and Cable

The CoaxMaster system includes a solid-steel, 360-degree radial-crimping tool, a range of coaxial cable connectors, a stripper, an installation case, and an installer's holster. Formerly marketed under the name Cable Pro, the product line features a more durable tool and an expanded complement of connectors and related accessories. The system is designed to terminate RG6, RG59, RG11, and minicoax RGB cables in less than a minute without soldering or crimping a center pin. The complete line of connectors will terminate coax cable with BNCs, F connectors, or true 75ž RCAs.
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DVD Player


The DPS-8.3 THX Ultra-certified DVD player is compatible with nearly every digital disc format, including DVD-Audio and SACD. The player is equally suited for use as an audio-only or A/V source component. As a reference quality DVD video player, the DPS-8.3 features an array of parts and processing, including a 108 MHz/12-bit D/A converter and internal decoding for DTS and Dolby Digital. The unit's two progressive scan component video outputs, including one set of BNC connections, include reverse 3:2 pull-down, which removes the unwanted video artifacts generated in converting film-based sources to video.
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Lighting Controller

Lutron Electronics Company

The HomeServe is an expansion to the HomeWorks whole-home lighting-control system. Equipped with the patented Radio Frequency technology, the HomeServe creates lighting control possibilities in the luxury-home market, bringing the control options of the HomeWorks system to any installation at any time. It offers maximum decision-point flexibility in that it can be specified during design, during construction, or years after move-in. In addition, the HomeServe can control any light source from a variety of control types: a wallmounted keypad, a tabletop keypad, a car visor control, and a cell phone or computer.
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West Penn Wire/CDT

The RG6/U quad shield (Part No. 6310) is for outdoor direct burial CATV/MATV applications. The cable consists of an 18 Awg. copper-cover, steel-center conductor, gas-injected polyethylene insulation, quad shielded coverage, water-blocking tape material, and an outdoor polyethylene-rated jacket. The 6310 offers a gelfree outdoor water-resistant cable design. This coaxial CATV cable features a water-sealable tape.
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