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Cadac Appoints Bob Thomas as Managing Director

Cadac Electronics Plc has appointed Bob Thomas as its Managing Director with immediate effect, heading up the company as it expands its digital product base, alongside the acclaimed analogue range of Cadac live performance consoles. Formerly MD of TEAC(UK),

Cadac Appoints Bob Thomas as Managing Director

Dec 2, 2005 2:55 PM

Cadac Electronics Plc has appointed Bob Thomas as its Managing Director with immediate effect, heading up the company as it expands its digital product base, alongside the acclaimed analogue range of Cadac live performance consoles. Formerly MD of TEAC (UK), Thomas now takes up this new post, as Clive Green formally retires after more than 37 years at the helm.

The appointment comes at an exciting time for Cadac, as Thomas explains:

“Throughout my audio career, I have known and respected Cadac products. Cadac is world famous for its sound quality and absolute commitment to putting audio performance before all else,” says Thomas. “It is therefore a great thrill to be invited by Clive Green to take over at a pivotal time for the company, with the first digital products now shipping in numbers and a ground breaking digital desk in advanced development. The prospect of leading one of the original great independent British desk manufacturers was something I couldn’t refuse. The prospects for the future are excellent, and there is great potential for expansion across the new digital line-up, as well as the traditional analogue products. My focus will be to build on the elements that has made Cadac such a great name over the years?it’s engineering excellence, product innovation and absolute regard for audio performance, matched by a skilled and dedicated team that believes so completely in what they do.”

During 2005, Cadac has continued to expand its 19in. digital product range, which now comprises the F16 DC Master Interface Unit, the M16 Remote Controlled Microphone Amplifier, the X16 MADI Interface Unit, and the D16 Digital Mix Matrix. The rack-mounted products are increasingly featuring in a wide range of Broadway and West End shows, providing additional facilities alongside Cadac consoles as well as non-Cadac equipment. The emphasis is on providing enhanced operational scope and flexibility, together with the hallmark Cadac audio quality.

The M16 Remote Controlled Microphone Amplifier is rapidly gaining widespread acclaim as a top quality, highly versatile remote mic amp, capable of operating seamlessly with all types and marques of console. The M16 integrates 16 of Cadac’s classic mic pre-amps into a 19in. rack unit, providing 3 active splits per channel plus a MADI interface. It is designed to address live, broadcast and recording requirements, integrating directly with the D16. Up to 16 x M16 units can be controlled within a single system, and a remote control option is available, via the Cadac RM16 Remote Control Unit, or via Cadac’s industry-leading SAM software.

The X16 MADI Interface Unit is a 1U rack-mount system, capable of receiving up to four optical MADI (Multitrack Audio Digital Interface) streams, from Cadac’s M16 Remote Controlled Microphone Amplifiers. Each MADI stream received from an M16 consists of 16 required audio channels (Ch1-Ch16). The X16 combines these channels to provide a single combined MADI output stream, in both optical and coaxial formats. This output stream comprises a maximum of 64 channels (at 48kHz sampling frequency), or 32 channels at 96kHz sampling frequency.

The D16 Digital Mix Matrix is a powerful and reliable digital engine that delivers the hallmark Cadac audio quality in a compact 19in. rack unit. It provides a fully featured 16×16 audio matrix, designed for operation either as a standalone audio processor (for smaller scale performances, fixed installations and high quality broadcast/recording applications), or as an expansion mixer for existing audio consoles.

The D16 is equipped with 16 line-level analogue inputs and outputs, with each channel providing Cadac’s renowned 4-band parametric EQ, high and low pass filters, compression and gating dynamics control, plus adjustable level routing to 16 output mixes (Pre EQ, Post EQ or Post Fader).

Designed for direct interfacing with the D16 Digital Mix Matrix, the F16 DC Master Interface Unit enables the DC Master fader control of internal virtual faders from a single or multiple D16 devices, controlled from any current Cadac Live Production Console. Cadac has focused on providing the maximum control flexibility with the F16, enabling every fader within the D16 to be assigned to any of the DC Masters available on the console. This allows any number of D16 input or output fader levels to be controlled. In addition to its ability to interface directly with any Cadac console, the F16 can also provide D16 fader control from any third party console that provides access to its VCA control lines.

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