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Charlotte, Home of Your Future Good Fortune

The NSCA Expo offers everything from seminars to sound products and a little Charlotte fun. It seems we were just on the East coast, but it's been four

Charlotte, Home of Your Future Good Fortune

Mar 20, 1997 12:00 PM,
Mark Dundas

The NSCA Expo offers everything from seminars to sound products and a little Charlotte fun.It seems we were just on the East coast, but it’s been four years. The 1993 Expo in Orlando was a very successful event, and Charlotte is shaping up to be the same. My last visit to the Carolinas was a real treat. It’s a place as beautiful as my home state of California, yet so different in a historical and cultural sense. I think the attendees who have not visited the area before will be intrigued by the diversity and charm of this region. Those of you unfamiliar with the term “southern hospitality” will quickly learn the definition as you enjoy this city.

We have planned social events, theme parties and tours that allow Expo attendees to experience this unique destination. The “Contractor Caper” features a racing theme because Charlotte is the Winston Cup Stock Car capital. Another industry-wide event features a southern-barbecue and beach-music theme. The Carolina Panthers football team has recently put this city in the spotlight with its valiant effort in the NFL playoffs. One of our most popular events is the tour of the Panthers’ new stadium, giving attendees a behind-the-scenes look at what is being touted as the most technically advanced stadium in the country.

I’m convinced that when you look at this package consisting of a new venue, the best education program ever and the world’s best products on display, this event will be a must-attend business trip. NSCA Expo is an exceptional value with affordable education, accommodations and travel costs. The Expo committee has made it a top priority to select locations that provide a total package of value and quality. Expo ’97 meets that criteria and more. Don’t delay in making your plans. We are already starting to fill up classes and tours. The surrounding hotels are also close to capacity. This year’s NSCA Expo promises to be a really popular and well-attended event. Make sure your badge and hotel registrations are in.

Exhibitors and attendees alike keep saying, “I’ve never been to North Carolina.” Our initial estimates indicate more than one-half of the total attendees will visit Charlotte for the first time. Surprising to me is a statistic I found showing that more than 5.6 million people live within a 100 mile (161 km) radius of Charlotte, making it the fifth largest urban center in the country. Yet few people in our industry have been there; it’s bound to be a refreshing break from the normal convention circuit.

As you make final plans for this year’s Expo, give yourself a little treat and spend some time after the conference to enjoy the area. Drive east to Myrtle Beach or west to the Blue Ridge mountains. Either direction has a host of wonderful attractions and historical places to visit. I know we are all busy, but this opportunity is just too good to pass up. I encourage you to attend the Expo and to hang out afterward to find out why they say: Nothin’ could be finer than to be in Carolina.

Dundas is 1997 Expo chairman.

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