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Community Professional IHP-3594

to it.

Community Professional IHP-3594

to it.

Peer Reviewer: Chris Dietze, owner and audiovisual systems design integrator, Clear Sound, Philadelphia area, Pa. Clear Sound is a professional audiovisual systems design, installation, sales, rentals, and production company serving the Delaware Valley and surrounding areas since 1976.

My Pick: Community Professional Loudspeakers iHP-3594 and other models in iBOX Series.

List Price: Ranges from $1,249 to $2,165.

What I Like About It: The iBOX series loudspeakers are easy to mount and deliver the classic Community sound. Community loudspeakers have a real hard driving mid-range, and there is a lot of “horn” to it. Community apparently saw a developing market gap for a premium, arrayable trapezoidal cabinet and launched a strong effort to fill that gap and take the market share. The iBOX series has premium drivers, excellent horn technology, and some of the best passive crossovers that Community has ever produced. The speakers are well engineered, with plenty of heavy-duty mounting points, and have good fit and finish. There’s definitely good value for the money here.

I Would Change: We like this box so much that we could use it in other applications if there was a powered version (with amplifier) or portable iBOX with handles.

Where I Used It: Lower Merion School District, Welsh Valley Middle School and Bala Cynwyd Middle School auditoriums. The job was commissioned by the school district and included two middle school auditoriums that now offer audio systems based around Community’s iBOX systems. Welsh Valley’s system utilizes two iBOX iHP-1296 two-way loudspeakers, augmented by three iBOX iHP-3594 three-way systems. Bala Cynwyd uses a similar system, replacing the iHP-1296 boxes with iHP-1244 for a tighter coverage pattern. Bala Cynwyd’s system is augmented with three Community CPL-27 two-way cabinets, as well as a selection of Community’s Cloud6 and Cloud12 ceiling loudspeakers.

My Results: In the iHP-1200 series we used the iHP-1296 and the iHP-1244 loudspeakers. We also chose the iHP-3594 from the 3500 series. The designer had specified the iBOX as the main system for the auditoriums, and it really was an excellent choice. This was my first iBOX install, and I’ve been impressed with the quality and the clarity of the boxes.

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