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Custom Fenders at NAMM

The Custom Fender Shop brings its must-see custom guitars to NAMM. Reasons to visit.

fender custom shop NAMM

Every year, people look forward to the Fender Custom Shop reveals at NAMM. This year, Fender Custom Shop’s Yuriy Shishkov has come to NAMM 2020 with a bejeweled Stratocaster inspired by a Fabergé egg known as the Imperial Coronation egg, made for Tsar Nicholas II in 1897. (It’s also the priceless egg in Oceans 12).

Shishkov, who has made other noteworthy custom Fenders including the Music Repeater Telecaster based on an 18th-century pocket watch, and the Kodak-inspired Masterbuilt Prestige Studioliner ($450,000).

Shishkov calls the Coronation Stratocaster his “most complicated and intriguing project” so far; it was 16 months in the making.

The guitar features gilded silver artwork, a gold-leaf Guilloche pattern on the wood, custom-fabricated diamond eagle medallions, and neck and lattice-like diamond patterning. The $560,000 guitar is bejeweled with diamonds and comes with a limited edition reproduction of the Imperial Coronation Egg.


It’s not the only Custom Fender Shop guitar at NAMM.

custom fender shop NAMM

The “Sugar Skull” Strat by Master Builder Ron Thorn and painted by Pamelina – is a curvy $33,000 guitar inspired by the Saleen 1 sports car. It’s hollow carbon fiber body with an alder block and maple top.


custom fender shop NAMM

Fender is also celebrating the 70th anniversary of the introduction of the Broadcaster to NAMM, a guitar that was later renamed the Telecaster.

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