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December 1996

December 1996


There when you need itIn a poorly designed fall-protection system, everything looks fine – until a worker’s life depends on it.

Rocky PaulsonPaulson is president of Stage Rigging in San Carlos, CA.

Fall protection seems to be one of today’s entertainment industry hot buttons. Articles are being written on the subject, heated debates have popped up…

Seeking superior sales helpThe standard methods of finding new employees might produce great quantities of applicants, but low-quality salespeople.

Ted TateTate is president of Tate & Associates, a sales training and business consulting firm in Me

The big question clients often ask is how to hire good salespeople. They want to know exactly what to look for, but no one strategy nor formula is the…

Whose law is it anyway?Because the entertainment rigging industry is almost universally unregulated, purchasing controls are mandatory in case of rigging accidents.

By Andrew T. MartinMartin is president of ATM Fly-Ware, Carson, CA.

The entertainment rigging industry is almost universally unregulated. In the United States, a few laws originate from worker safety legislation, and some…

Can the roof hold the rigging?No matter how good a job you do flying hardware, if the roof can’t hold it, you fall flat on your face and all your work lands on the ground.

By Bill ChristensonChristenson is a regional manager for Palos Verdes Engineering.

As contractors, we are often asked to add audio and visual arrays to buildings not originally designed for them. How to hang the arrays is well established,…

Do you truss me?When you have thousands of pounds of equipment hanging over your head, this is no time for sloppy design and slapdash maintenance.

Ian ColesColes is president of Total Fabrications, Ventura, CA.

The concept of the box truss has been around for many years; it is an efficient use of materials to create high-strength, low-weight structures. Box trusses…

Suspending a loudspeaker safelyEven if your loudspeaker looks secure, take care to make sure the hanging hardware has been certified for that purpose.

Andrew T. MartinMartin is president of ATM Fly-Ware, Carson, CA.

Do you know that you are the responsible qualified professional if you specify, install or instruct someone else to install a loudspeaker in an overhead…

Hanging out in Las VegasThe renovation of downtown Las Vegas brings sparkle and entertainment to “Glitter Gulch.”

Frederick CurdtsCurdts is senior vice president and vice president of engineering at Signal Perfect

Imagine a graphics display board four city blocks long with 2.1 million multicolored lights. It is suspended 100 feet over your head, integrated into…

Systems integration appearing nowAt theaters, homes and offices near you, systems integration isn’t the wave of the future; it’s the wave of today.

John StiernbergStiernberg is principal of Stiernberg Consulting, Woodland Hills, CA.

Systems integration is not a new phenomenon; in just two years, it has moved from leading edge to mainstream, providing electronic contractors and consultants…


The S&VC Staff

Crucivocabularian winners from S&VC’s crossword puzzle contest printed in the 1996 Contractor’s Product Source have been chosen. Allan Soifer of AJS Communications…

An interlocking control systemA facilities management system interlocks the pieces of the system-control puzzle at Legoland to ensure a safe and entertaining day at the park.

Simon ForrestForrest is with Phoenix Communications in London, England, and was bid consultant and

As you walk through the gates of Legoland, you’re greeted by a dinosaur made entirely of plastic bricks. It peers over a rolling hillside toward Windsor…

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