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December 1999

December 1999


moXi Creative launched

Cindy Holst

Tony Cruz announced the launch of the company moXi Creative, a design house based in the San Francisco area. The company will emphasize front-end conceptual…

Lenbrook acquires NAD Electronics brand

Cindy Holst

The Lenbrook Group, a Toronto-based company, announced the purchase of the NAD Electronics brand trademark and associated intellectual and marketing properties…

3M enhances warranty program

Cindy Holst

3M Visual Systems division introduces a warranty program for its line of multimedia projectors. The enhanced value warranties include three offerings:…

Midas announces U.S. service centers

Cindy Holst

The Klark Teknik Group has announced an initiative to introduce Midas service centers into six areas in the United States with the promise of more to…

CEA exam approved as prerequisite for CET exam

Cindy Holst

The International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) accepted the Certified Electronics Associate (CEA) exam as a qualification for…

ISP partners with AMP

Cindy Holst

ISP Manufacturers representatives and AMP have joined forces to provide a sales solution for distributors and installers in the Southeast region of the…

Loft Marketing is contact for Aphex Systems

Cindy Holst

Loft Marketing is the press relations contact for Aphex Systems. Loft Marketing was chosen to provide industry specific news, stories and position papers…

Sensormatic extends warranty

Cindy Holst

Sensormatic Electronics has extended the warranty on its Robot and American Dynamics brand multiplexers to five years. The warranty applies to duplex…

THX announces specification

Cindy Holst

Lucasfilm THX has announced a specification for electronic cinema projectors as part of the THX Theater Program. The company has also announced plans…

Telect signs agreement with PHAST

Cindy Holst

Telect and PHAST have joined forces to bring high-quality A-V equipment to the home automation market. The PHASTLink license agreement provides PHAST…

Communications Specialties improves website

Cindy Holst

Communications Specialties, Inc. has redesigned its website at The site offers a user-friendly interface, access to product specification…

King expands facilities

Cindy Holst

King Safety Products, St. Charles, MO, is adding 60,000 ft superscript 2 (5,574 m superscript 2) to its plant, warehouse and headquarters facilities….

Sound Alignment-Systems announces certification

Cindy Holst

Sound Alignment-Systems (SA-S) has begun a correspondence training program leading to certification on the use of the Sound Alignment System. The kit…

IMMAD ECVS acquires UK and Singapore systems integrator

Cindy Holst

IMMAD ECVS has agreed to purchase 100% ownership of Ian P. Kinloch and Co., a United Kingdom based systems integrator, and its wholly owned subsidiary…

Christie Digital Systems debuts

Cindy Holst

Electrohome Projection Systems will now be known as Christie Digital Systems. Electrohome was acquired on November 1, 1999 after approval of the deal…

BARCO announces organizational changes

Cindy Holst

BARCO has announced organizational alignments in its Daylight Display Systems (DDS) group. Curt Petty has been promoted to market business manager for…

Adastra Electronics moves

Cindy Holst

Adastra has moved to Containerbase, Barton Dock Road, Manchester, M41 7BQ. Contact the company by phone at 0161 749 9009, by fax at 0161 749 8181 or e-mail…

AutoPatch joins PHASTLink Partners Program

Cindy Holst

AutoPatch announces inclusion in the PHASTLink Partners Program (P3). AutoPatch has joined the program with interest in simplifying the interaction between…

Telex granted patent

Cindy Holst

Telex Communications has been granted U.S. patent #5,883,804 for Modular Audio Processing. This digital audio and control infrastructure, which supports…

Renkus-Heinz appoints PR firm

Cindy Holst

Renkus-Heinz announces the appointment of Strategic Marketing Partners as the company’s acting public relations agency. Strategic Marketing Partners provides…

Acromedia Systems launches division

Cindy Holst

Acromedia Systems Incorporated (ASI) launched a fiber optic division. ASI vice president Jeff Lasley heads the fiber optic division. ASI, as a Siecor…

Video Projections

HDTV: getting ready for what?

Peter H. Putman

It has been a few months since I visited the topic of HDTV, and depending on your point of view, either a lot has happened, or not much at all has happened…

Security Trends

LONG-RANGE: RF and cellular communication

Steve Filippini

The standard home has a small, recessed enclosure on the side of the building, usually located near the garage, that provides and protects the telephone…

Book Reviews

A THOROUGH LOOK: at the subject of acoustics

Mark R. Gander

Charles Salter and Associates, Acoustics: Architecture, Engineering and the Environment, William Stout Publishers, San Francisco, May, 1998; hardcover,…



Jared Blankenship

In modern systems contracting, it is rather unusual to find a contractor who participates in only one, narrow segment of that industry. In fact, it is…

Audio and MP3

Robert J. DiCamillo

MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) audio and video have been with us now for more than 10 years. The MPEG group was formed in the late 1980s to create…

Public domain

Sam McDonald

Supporting digital broadcast standards for the Connecticut Network ensures a system design that will survive the implementation of HDTV.Digital technology…

Being there

Harry Spielberg

Every A-V designer who has worked on more than a few projects knows how many things can go wrong as the design for a high-tech presentation space – or…

Bright opportunities

Jerry Colmanero

As an A-V systems contractor, your customers may ask if you can do lighting, which may pose either a dilemma or an opportunity – to be or not to be a…

False prophecy

Ted Uzzle

Millennium fever spurs crazy new-age predictions, and disbelief seems permanently suspended. S&VC’s editor emeritus exposes some of the predictions he…

Long overdue

Jack McLean

The classic definitions of a wide range of facilities are now being altered dramatically, thanks in large part to the development and deployment of new…

Media savvy

Chuck Shriver

We interrupt this program to bring you a news bulletin just in to our studios. We do not hear those words often, but when we do, we stop whatever we are…

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