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December 2007

December 2007


Top Tech of 2007

By Jack Kontney

2007 marked another banner year in the evolution of the technology that drives the AV industry. As always, new products abounded in the audio and video categories, while digital signage and life-safety systems evolved, along with the software and control systems to handle it all. With the convergence of systems technologies continuing unabated through IP control…

Technology Showcase: Document Cameras and Visual Presenters

By Bennett Liles

The role of the document viewer has expanded and morphed into that of a multifaceted presentation center, and the technology’s name has evolved right along with it. From the overhead projector to the document camera to the visual presenter, the device has leaped from the table to the ceiling, added digital storage…

Technology Showcase: Assistive-listening Systems

By Bennett Liles

As sound systems have grown increasingly sophisticated in their capabilities and control options, installers and operators have also reached a new level of understanding of the importance of room acoustics and the methods of electronic distribution…

Installation Profile: Dawn of the Giants

By Jay Ankeney

Panasonic entered the record books about a year ago with its 103in. high-definition 1080p plasma display, officially known as the TH-103PF9UK. With a diagonal measurement of 103in., it was…


Sabine Phantom Mic Rider

By John McJunkin

In thinking about devices that automate various processes (and therefore theoretically “replace” the people who formerly handled those processes), I always remember the 1958 Disney treatment of the story of Paul Bunyan…

Sharp NoteVision PG-F320W

By Jeff Sauer

One of the clear trends over the last couple of years, as illustrated by Sound & Video Contractor’s annual Projector Buyers’ Guide, is the move toward native widescreen projectors…


Picture This: Brilliant Lights

By Jeff Sauer

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree has been a tradition in New York City for more than 75 years. Actually, this is the 75th year for a tree at Rockefeller Center. In 1932, the second year of the tradition, there was no tree due to construction…

The Retail Signage Situation

By Michael Goldman

One afternoon while filling up my car, I attempted to distract myself from the painfully expensive cost of fuel by watching a little TV at the pump…

Security Watch: Electronic Article Surveillance

By Steve Filippini

I was in a clothing store recently because my wardrobe was in serious need of attention. (Curses to the individual who came up with business casual for…

Associations Focus: Conference Call

InfoComm International, the trade association serving the professional AV industry, has the fastest-growing association-owned tradeshow, according to Tradeshow Week Magazine…

Expert Column: Universal Mounts

By Eric Mancini

Has this ever happened to you? A friend or a client needs a mount for a flatpanel display or projector. The type of display or projector is inconsequential — it could be a new model or a warehouse special that has been pieced together from three different SKUs and sold as a complete unit…

POV: Government Relations Update

By Richard E. Reed

Just more than two years ago, InfoComm’s Board of Governors decided to re-create its government relations program. The goal of this program is to track legislation that is important to the industry and report back to impacted members…


The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Appliance World, Denver

By Dan Daley

There’s an irony in having a home theater integrator install a home theater in a place that sells home theaters — a kind of picture-in-picture tableau where more than the usual considerations have to be kept in mind…

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Richard E. Lindner Athletics Center, University of Cincinnati

By Laura Dixon

UC’s new George and Helen Smith Museum, located in an atrium in the Richard E. Lindner Athletics Center, is the product of a unique team effort by Chicago design firm Perkins+Will, Michigan-based fabrication firm Xibitz…

What’s New

What’s New: Video Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

FogScreen has introduced the FogScreen One (pictured), a 3.3ft.-wide floating projection screen that seamlessly links with additional FogScreen One projection units…

What’s New: Audio Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

Allen & Heath’s three new small-format, USB-equipped mixers include the ZED-420 (16 mono and two dual-stereo channels — pictured), the ZED-428 (24 mono and two stereo channels), and the ZED-436…

What’s New: AV Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

The Extron Electronics MTPX Plus series twisted-pair matrix switchers feature dynamic skew compensation, RS-232 control signal insertion, local audio/video inputs and outputs, and level and peaking compensation…

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