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Diving in

The residential market poses unique challenges that seem to require a similarly unique approach, and according to S&VC's 1998 Reader Profile Survey, 29%

Diving in

Aug 1, 1999 12:00 PM,
Jared Blankenship

The residential market poses unique challenges that seem to require asimilarly unique approach, and according to S&VC’s 1998 Reader ProfileSurvey, 29% of you are already meeting that challenge by integrating sometype of home theater installation into your current job mix. Further, 26%work in security and alarm installation, and 15% work in residentialautomation. That is prudent because these numbers are on the verge of asignificant, dramatic increase.

With today’s robust U.S. economy, the money to drive the market is there;bolstered by healthy stock portfolios and larger paychecks, people areeager to bring their home entertainment into the twentieth century. To dothat, however, they will need a guide – someone far more technicallyproficient than a clerk at the local home electronics retail store. Evenfor an A-V professional, the constant influx of new technologies – DVD,HTDV, plasma displays – can be difficult to track. For the averageresident, on the other hand, they can be utterly confusing. To serve theconsumer adequately in this capacity requires not only an intimatefamiliarity with the technology, but also the knowledge to make theequipment function while often maintaining the lowest possible profile.

In this month’s issue of S&VC, you will find some of the tools necessaryfor finding the clients who are willing to pay for your services,establishing their technological requirements and meeting them. For thoseof you testing the residential installation waters, the time may soon comefor you to jump in. The market is just right.

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