DPA d:vote 4099

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The 4099 is a lightweight, miniature supercardioid condenser specifically designed for instrument usage with a functional range of instrument-specific mounts, including new drum mounts; comprehensive stand mounts are available, too. As such, the d:vote 4099 range is among the most flexible condenser instrument mic ranges available in the industry. True to the source, the d:vote 4099’s sound is dead-accurate. It is designed with either of two different microphone sensitivities: normal for the guitar, sax and violin versions, which handle 142 dB before clipping; and a high SPL version for trumpet, which handles 152 dB before clipping.




Shure SM81

This rugged industry-standard small-diaphragm cardioid condenser offers a two- setting bass roll-off, -10 dB pad and very accurate “studio worthy” frequency response. The SM81 handles a lot of SPL, is easy to place, whether on a specific cymbal, as an overhead mono mic, or as a ...read more


Earthworks PianoMic

An acoustic piano can often be a difficult instrument to capture in live settings due to a number of factors, especially the inevitable bleed of surrounding instruments. The PianoMic, a stereo omnidirectional rig featuring small-diaphragm Earthworks condensers, is a de facto ...read more


Shure KSM141 Stereo Pair

One of my favorite small-diaphragm condenser mics ever, the KSM141 is recommended here as a stereo pair because it is of very high quality yet relatively affordable. Its switchable cardioid or omnidirectional patterns make it most useful in virtually any application, studio or ...read more


Sennheiser MD 421

Commonly placed on toms, this unique cardioid dynamic works nicely on most drums of all types, as it reaches low frequency-wise and provides users a five-position bass roll-off switch. It sounds great on guitar cabinets, too. After all these years, the jury is still out the ...read more


Shure KSM9

The flexible KSM9 with switchable supercardioid/cardioid patterns is designed and marketed as a handheld vocal condenser mic, but is a whole lot more than that. There’s no reason why this mic shouldn’t be used anywhere around a drum kit or percussion setup, as well as on horns, ...read more


DPA Microphones d:vote

DPA Microphones d:voteApr 26, 2012 11:59 PM DPA d:voteDPA Microphones has introduced the d:vote range of instrument microphones. Building on the 4099 instrument clip mic series, d:vote has enhanced the shock mount to provide even better absorption. In addition to the shock ...read more