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February 1997

February 1997

Book Reviews

All about electricity

Ted UzzleUzzle is editor of S&VC.

Charles W. Dale, Ed.D., Basic Electricity & DC Circuits, Prompt Publications (an imprint of Howard W. Sams), 1995, x + 901 pp., paper, $34.95. Cletus…


Of application features

Keith ClarkClark is public relations manager of Eastern Acoustic Works.

Application features appear in all our trade magazines; they fill several annual issues of this one; they’re quite popular with both readers and the publications….

What did he say?

The S&VC Staff

It’s funny to see how people react to a bad sound system in, say, an airport; after a while, no one even listens any more. The announcer could be offering…

Business News

The S&VC Staff

Denon chooses J.B. Stanton J.B. Stanton, NY, NY, is public relations agency for the consumer products division of Denon Electronics.Belden expands Belden…

Cooperation is keyA quartet of input created the ideal system for theLee Greenwood Theater.

By Jack McLeanMcLean runs a public relations firm in Iowa.

The word that best describes the audio system at the new Lee Greenwood Theater is one not always at the top of the list when one is discussing sound design:…

A Cluster of SoundThe Oakdale Theatre went from tent to full-scale theater, and its sound system followed suit.

By Sam McDonaldMcDonald writes for the sound contracting industry.

The new Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT, serves as an excellent example of the multiple challenges of modern sound-reinforcement system design. The…

A is for AlarmYou have to know alarm system basics yourself beforeyou can safely sell one to someone else.

By Howard E. FriedmanFriedman is a protective technology consultant based in Bayside, NY.

Throughout history, humans have sought to protect their life, property and possessions. In early societies, guards, watchdogs, traps and even noisemakers…

Regenerative Electroacoustical Feedback EqualizationTuning out regenerative feedback is a simple procedure that is now possible using a common test tool.

By Paul D. HendersonHenderson is a 15-year-old home-schooled student who plans to pursue a career i

Electroacoustic feedback suppression is the key to increasing sound-reinforcement system performance. Electroacoustic feedback is caused by excessive…

Rockin’ the ChapelUnique design features considerably reduced the acoustical problems of this fan-shaped, glass-walled auditorium.

By David KahnKahn is principal consultant at Acoustic Dimensions, Mamaroneck, NY.

An engaging, high-quality and nonthreatening worship style integrating music and drama helps Perimeter Church in Duluth, GA, fulfill its mission of attracting…

Magic in the SoundAt magician Lance Burton’s Las Vegas theater, sound envelops the crowd, disappears and reappears.

Keith ClarkClark is public relations manager at Eastern Acoustic Works, Whitinsville, MA.

Many magical feats are done with mirrors. At the Lance Burton Theater, home of magician Lance Burton, at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas,…

Festival of FoolsWith “surround theater,” this Disneyland stage show engulfs visitors in sight, sound and motion.

Greg DeTogneDeTogne is a free-lance writer based in Libertyville, IL.

“When it all plays, it’s monumentally huge. So says David Hatmaker of “Festival of Fools,” a 28-minute stage show at Disneyland that uses one of his latest…

It’s Intelligible, Charlie BrownRemember the “wha-wha, wha-wha” sound from your high-school days? The screech of feedback? This installation proves that even schools can have high intelligibility.

By Brian BlackmoreBlackmore is director of marketing services with Altec Lansing, Buchanan, MI.

School days – football games, homework, school plays and the prom. And do you remember how much feedback the principal would get during his speeches at…

A System to Learn fromThree-channel audio gives a college auditorium the flexibility to be both lecture and concert hall.

By Gregory A. DeTogneDeTogne is a free-lance writer based in Libertyville, IL.

Like those in search of ultimate knowledge from a Tibetan guru, facility managers, audio designers, contractors and engineers come from everywhere to…

Certified peace of mindTo cut through the confusion surrounding myriad ordinances, nothing is more convincing than the UL mark.

By Eduardo BertagniBertagni is manager of research and development at Sound Advance Systems in Sant

Contractors and system integrators face the difficult task of maintaining a safe working and installation environment at all times, but if their equipment…

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