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February 1999

February 1999


RAISING your hourly service rates

Alan Kruglak

History is replete with allegedly crazy people who, in actuality, were not only sane, but also actually changed the way people think. In the late 15th…




John “Bruno” Wayte joins RCF, UK, as the sales manager of the newly formed special products division. Gary Kephart has been named president of Furman…

Business News

Cindy Scullin

CSI establishes office in Asia In order to better serve existing CSI product resellers and to take advantage of growth opportunities in Asia, Communications…

Video Projections

LASERS: the next wave?

Peter H. Putman

A benefit of writing about large-screen electronic display technology is that I sometimes get a chance to look into the crystal ball. To be sure, I have…

Clean Signals

UNDERSTANDING and controlling RF interference

Bill Whitlock

Interference is not hard to find; it is actually difficult to avoid, especially in urban areas where the wireless revolution is well underway. By definition,…


Fitting the mood

Jack McLean

Steve Wynn’s new $1.5 billion Bellagio Hotel, occupying more than 120 acres (48 hectares) of property along the fabled Las Vegas Strip, is among the most…

Containment policy

Toni Flosi

Landmarks abound throughout the greater Los Angeles area, but to the sports fanatic, none carries the fame or history of the venerable Rose Bowl Stadium,…


Michael Stocker

I saw the envelope in my stack of mail. I had expected its arrival; in fact, I had anticipated it for years as I watched this client’s business become…

Changing times

Gregory A. DeTogne

In the dawn of the wireless world, audio professionals approached each day with a strong measure of apprehension. Although the passage of time and evolution…

Branching out

Ted Tate

When I started out in business, I spent one Sunday afternoon at the family dinner table debating whether or not I should join an organization. I recall…

Digital dharma

Dennis Bohn

Among the many definitions for dharma is the essential function or nature of a specific thing, and along those lines. The audio industry has been radically…

Status Check

Mark Waldrep

DVD-Video hardware and software arrived in a big way last Christmas. The new format dominated the consumer electronics retail market, selling more than…

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