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February 2000

February 2000


DOING BATTLE with the large company

Alan Kruglak

One of my favorite pastimes is to write down quotes from well-known people. The ones worth remembering condense a powerful, complex idea, which may be…


Harman agrees to acquire Crown

Cindy Holst

Harman Pro Group North America, Northridge, CA, announced that it has reached a preliminary agreement to acquire Crown International, Elkhart, IN. Once…

SoundTube increases plant size

Cindy Holst

SoundTube Entertainment has more than doubled the size of its manufacturing facility to accommodate increased sales. SoundTube Entertainment is based…

Shure opens Asia office

Cindy Holst

Shure opened Shure Asia in Hong Kong. Tom Anderson has been appointed the managing director of the Asia office. Shure Asia is located in Unit 701, 7th…

Blonder Tongue signs letter of intent

Cindy Holst

Blonder Tongue Laboratories has signed a letter of intent with an international designer of communications systems for hybrid-fiber coaxial networks to…

Hafler introduces virtual-reality studio

Cindy Holst

Hafler unveils its virtual-reality website at Hafler’s VR Studio is a collection of virtual-reality movies that support 360 Degree views…

TASCAM opens research center

Cindy Holst

TASCAM has opened the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in Silicon Valley to take advantage of engineers to help design and write software to control digital…

Sederta enhances product line

Cindy Holst

Sederta announces the expansion of the SedNet real-time product line with the release of an IEEE-1394 stack and IP over 1394 protocol module. Developed…

AKG launches e-boutique

Cindy Holst

AKG Acoustics’ line of headphone systems is available immediately to U.S. consumers through an e-boutique at….

Philips Semiconductors and Stream Machine develop joint design

Cindy Holst

Philips Semiconductors and Stream Machine have reached an agreement to develop a digital video reference design based on Philips Semiconductors’ TriMedia…

NexSys and MediaMatrix integrated

Cindy Holst

An integrated system solution has been completed between NexSys and MediaMatrix. Incorporated into the solution is the provision for NexSys amp level…

EVI Audio functions move to Telex headquarters

Cindy Holst

Telex Communications announced that corporate functions within EVI Audio, Buchanan, MI, have been relocated to Telex Communication headquarters in Minneapolis…

Sennheiser distributes Innova-Son

Cindy Holst

Sennheiser Electronic distributes and markets Innova-Son digital mixing consoles and related products in the United States. Based in France, Innova-Son…

Apogee becomes public corporation

Cindy Holst

Apogee Sound has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Bogen Communications International. The company, now Apogee Sound International, designs and manufactures…

Vidikron sold to investors

Cindy Holst

Vidikron Technologies Group has sold Vidikron of America to a group of internationally based financial investors. The company is now independent, fully…

BARCO sells Visual Structures

Cindy Holst

BARCO has reached an agreement with Da-Lite, Warsaw, IN, to sell Visual Structures, Inc. (VSI). VSI manufactures mechanical structures for rear-screen…

360 Systems expands facility

Cindy Holst

360 Systems, Westlake Village, CA, acquired a second building adjacent to its corporate headquarters, allowing the company to relocate its manufacturing…

Atkinson announces website

Cindy Holst

Atkinson Dynamics launches its website at In addition to providing information about the company, the site provides information…

Sennheiser builds facility

Cindy Holst

The first Sennheiser manufacturing facility in the Western hemisphere is under construction in Albuquerque, NM. This 45,000 ft superscript 2 (4,180.5…

UStec introduces guarantee

Cindy Holst

UStec introduces a 15-year guarantee on connectors and cables in its tecLAN home networks. The UStec tecLAN system performance guarantee ensures that…

QPS adds distribution partner

Cindy Holst

QPS, Tempe, AZ, has completed a distribution agreement with Pinacor. Pinacor now offers the QPS Que! CD-RW and DVD-RAM storage products for PCs to its…

BARCO and Runco announce partnership

Cindy Holst

Barco and Runco have signed a long-term contract. Over the next several years, BARCO will supply Runco with large-screen projection systems adapted with…

Klark Teknik and Stardraw team

Cindy Holst

Klark Teknik announces a partnership with Stardraw to develop products. A result of the collaboration is Klark Teknik remote control software, which runs…

JVC announces name change

Cindy Holst

JVC Professional Computer Products division has changed its name to JVC Digital Storage Systems to reflect the digital storage products it will offer…

CEA Lifetime Achievement award winners announced

Cindy Holst

At the 2000 International CES, chairman of Casio Computer Toshio Kashio and TWICE editor-in-chief Robert Gerson, were honored with the first Consumer…

Bash and Production Arts move

Cindy Holst

Bash Lighting Services has moved to a facility it shares with Production Arts. The address of the shared facility is 7777 West Side Ave., North Bergen,…

Lucent product uses Sigma Designs chip

Cindy Holst

Sigma Designs announces that Lucent Collaborative Video (LCV), developed at Bell Labs, the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies, is using…

Video Projections

IS THE VCR an endangered species?

Peter H. Putman

Some amazing video display devices have been coming into my office lately, thanks to the digital signal revolution. Ultralight projectors and digital…

Clean Signals

PITFALLS IN audiophile systems

Bill Whitlock

For most designers, technicians and users, system interfacing and grounding practices are considered a black art. These columns are intended to increase…

Security Trends

THE BASICS of fire protection

Steve Filippini

The goal behind any security system is to keep your stuff right where you left it. If you leave home with a $2,500 personal computer on the desk in your…


Reaching the Top

Jared Blankenship

The parallels between mountain climbing and managing a business in the A-V contracting industry are many. Among the most noteworthy of their shared traits…


Gordon Moore

In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, successful interaction with a consultant is critical to an installation’s overall success.There…


Ted Tate

Operating a successful business means staffing it with the right people, and although finding them today is more difficult than before, they are out there.In…


Gary Eskow

Helping the end user finance the installed system will not only yield higher quality, but it will also increase customer loyalty.The stock market looks…


Jared Blankenship

The NSCA commissioned Frost & Sullivan to research the size of the audio industry, and the findings have a significant impact upon the A-V contracting…

Multichannel film today

Michael Karagosian

Whether residential or commercial, a detailed look at the modern cinema’s various digital audio formats will lend depth to your theater installations.Multichannel…

Easy does it

Joyce Jorgenson

The YMCA is an organization that rapidly took on global proportions, one whose strong presence was felt through two world wars and can trace a fellowship…

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